Sunday 12 December 2010

fantasy entering a new zone

the fantasies

keep on rolling from the west

falling straight into

the zone of the ultraridiculous

lets look at the lead character

of a TV series called

Stargate SG 1

called Colonel O'Neill

he is an

average stereotypical american

junk food eating

beer drinking

servant of their system

he however has extra powers -

can barely stand straight

can't string 2 sentences together

always ready for alchohol


blank-look giving


unco ( uncoordinated in mind, body & soul )

he is portrayed


saviour of earth (many times over)

an evolutionary breakthrough for homo sapiens

carrying genes of the ascended ancients

famous across the whole galaxy as a great being

the one who everyone seeks the approval of

the one whom women want

the one who can assess & react to any situation

the list goes on and on ...

each episode

springing from a

crazy-cannot handle reality of ones own state-collective-mind

this kind of fantasy

may keep them going in

their boring blissless lives

for a little while

but in the end

it will all implode

into the painful patheticness

which is the reality

one becomes 'higher'



disciplined devotion to divine

a fact not-yet registering

within their collective psyche


a* said...

:) these sentences are priceless ' of ultraridiculous' that is just so funny... you really know how to infuse every word with humour honesty and Punch!

and you're so thorough with your observations and revelations of this planet's inhabitants... these are indeed the scriptures for now!

JacLee said...

The truth in the P-logs are life changing. P is the true savior of the multiverse. i bow!

sarah anne said...

This is such an accurate analysis of the pathetic state of the collective unconscious of the west, demonstrated by fantasies which make the reality worse.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for so generously PorTraying what disciPlined devotion to Divine is and the True imPort of develoPing this way of being. i bow at Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

duniya ke jeevan mein
teharte saye sare
hai jane, unjane
kah hai aate
kaha chale jate
koyee na jaane
to phir, is mahal mein
mujhe nahi hai rahna
ParmaTma ki chaya
ke hi oor hai chalna

ek PurushoTam
kan kan jinka
ati sundar roop
dekh akash danya
vayu bhi danya
shakti itna bhara
unka kamuk roop
jab dekhu unhe
kaise ko na javu
bavuk kaise ho na javu

gahre gahre rang bhare
kaisi hai ye lehrein
bavara, madhosh bane
panchi, ud ud jaaye
kitni madh bari lehrein
prakash mein dhule huey
Param Pavitr PT lehrein

sarah said...

Your Philms and Presence really help it register that Your life is far better than any fantasy these genepools can concoct. Your PleasanTness and soPhisTication are beyond imagination.

Unknown said...

i bow

bindu ravikumar said...

Beautifully written /\
To disciplined devotion to divine! /\
I bow /\

ki vernee said...

what a beautiful PoinT ! You really guide beings out of the realm of fantasy and into the world of reality ! i bow

Unknown said...

Yes, like all PT's interviews , plogs etc , PT shows the importance of serving and concentrating one's attention on divine ... this shows the strength of PT's basics ....

So enlightening to hear/learn from PT who seems to preach what he practices ...


Anonymous said...
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sarah said...

You are so sweet to Provide a way to go higher !
You are the real saviour !
PerfecTly coordinated and discerning !

Anonymous said...

i bow to divine.

irisha said...

'carrying genes of the ascended ancients

famous across the whole galaxy as a great being

the one who everyone seeks the approval of

the one whom women want

the one who can assess & react to any situation'

Right now on this Plane You are the only one i gno who has these qualities
You are the saviour, the only Hero ����