Monday 15 November 2010

a cure for all dis-ease



lack of ease

which will always

be the case


one is not in harmony with

nature & divine

so the cure for all disease

is establishing harmony with

nature & divine

no amount of doctors

who are all diseased themselves

can help

no amount of hospitals

concrete metal lifeless abominations

which can sap life out of anyone

can help either


a humble attitude towards

high & divine

can help

it promotes ease

natural ease


a* said...

plain simple comprehendible and extremely commendable words P!

you objectively & logically convey why all these inorganic establishments like hospitals are there to promote disconnection and you sincerely help by never doctoring the truth!!

it takes real compassionate to continually reveal the importance of creating harmony with the elements~divine... you always give the way to do it as well, the practical steps involved and the inspiration!

amruta patil said...

Hospitals do fill you with more nameless dread than reassurance - and the ones in charge of interior design seem to conspire to make sure that happens. Would you, however, dissuade from all forms of allopathic / scientific medical intervention? Blood tests? Paracetemols? Surgery?

PT the Axis said...

@ amruta

the present day metro indian is surely a creature beyond all sense & logic

they behave as if life didn't exist for 1000' of years before blood tests

in fact most native tribes were disease free until the europeans/translucents moved in

asha Pi arTi said...

absolutely priceless words P ! ! the cure for cancer and everything else ppl are looking for right here !

Your perspectives are so respectworthy ! i bow.

Anonymous said...

it is the only true and everlasting ease to exist. i bow. Dhanyavad Divine One! Narayan! Narayan!

Shahid said...

All the hosPiTals in Bharath should play Lotusocean music but wonder when that will happen.

Your music helps one get out of the 3D Matrix. Your music awakens the kundalini and helps one back to the home of the divine.This human life of mine seems to have taken place so that i can dedicate it to you dearest Lord.

A million flower showers on your holy feet <3

Anonymous said...

'the cure for all disease
is establishng harmony with
nature & divine'
i bow!
it is SO beautiful the way You always see the root cause of everything P!
You are the source! You are the root! it makes PerfecT sense that disconnection and lack of harmony with You, with Your elements with Your nature is what causes disease.
Your PerfecT logic and PracTicaliTy make it clear that other sick beings and unnatural structures and methods can not helP one heal.
that only Divine can helP for real!
it is You who guides one to see and face the truth of ones unatural state. to recognize ones albanism as the disease it is. Your comment above helPs one see the truth that translucents are diseased and have always sPread disease.
it is SO kind of Divine to Provide the chance for one to face the truth rather than continuing to waste ones life trying to run away from oneself and ones diseased state. lying and PreTending it is not the case. falling deeper and deeper into delluded and hellish mind states, habits and patterns.
it is SO comPassionaTe that Divine Provides the guidance for the one and only real way to heal.
the one and only way to Phind ease and Peace in this life and after.
it is inexPlicably comPassionaTe of Divine to helP beings who have sPenT countless lifetimes straying from serving Divine in how to beat the evil inside and work to align with and return to the source.
that Divine itself has come to this Earth to give sPiriTs trapped here a chance to break out and return to the One and Only real soul! to the ParamaTma! to You P!
You are heaven on Earth! You are the only real home there is. The only Place to strive to get is to return to! You are the One and only real cure!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

wow ! what a great Plog !

Your way of conveying the truth is great !

Anonymous said...

a humble attitude
high and divine
can help
it promotes ease
natural ease'
i bow!
it is most comPassionaTe of Divine to guide beings here toward the only natural, real way there is to be!
to be humbe to the High and Divine!
one is so grateful to Divine for helPing one face the truth of ones unatural diseased state.
to face the reality of ones unhumble attitudes and actions that lead to it.
to stop lying to and deulluding oneself and see that ones entire life has been a shameful unhumble act.
You are the highest and most Divine.
It is You who gnos what true humility is.
only You who can guide one toward a state of being that is humble and ease with You. with Divine.
it is really generous of Divine to guide those who want to learn humility.
to guide those who want to to serve Divine.
i bow!

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! its so refreshing to read Your Words again, love how You cut to the chase about everything and always reveal the Truth about EVERYTHING ! You are so COMPASSIONATE P !

You are not afraid to look at what others refuse to
YOu are so kind to share Your observations and Intelligence
You are not hesitant to learn something new even with all that You gno already
You only sPEAK PhacTs and Pure Principles that You gno to be THE TRUTH !
You are never strained or forced all while Being the Phorce and so Mighty
You Teach and are the Only ONE entitled to
You are the Most Elite and Most Enlightened
You are Balanced in BEing, totally UPRIGHT and Centred
You are the Prime example of how to live on Earth
You make everyone face that what is born will die
You inspire one to reach for an Everlasting Truth and Coherence
You inspire one to reach for You *Who ARE* Everlasting Truth and Coherence
You are Ease and so Beautyfull
You are where all dis-ease is surrendered in PasT PresenT and PhuTure
You help one to become more responsible everyday
You allow everyone More Time and More Change
You carry out the Judgement in a way that all becomes Revealed !
You are the Shakti that sustains everything
You are beyond EPIC P !
You are so comPassionaTe P !
You allow one to be Loved (Evolved) !
You ALONE rescued one from a life of hospitals and saw and hells !

i bow and hurry to be more of Service to You !

i bow !

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! beautiful ! You really are the best examPle of a Being at ease ! it is so cool that through PBS one can be at ease ! i bow

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

beautiPhull and so eye-oPening
Your intelligence and actual gnowledge about multiversal laws is undeniable
so true that all dis-ease comes form lack of humility and not being align with divine
Your words are so insPiring
one bows