Friday 25 September 2009


in today's society

getting upset

in interpersonal dealings

is seen as a natural reasonable response

no one thinks twice about it

it is seen as one's birthright

almost like spitting

on sports grounds

when one gets UpSet with someone

one is actually setting themselves Up

above the other person

and judging them from that higher ground

like most words

the word Up-Set clearly carries its meaning within itself -

Setting oneself Up

i.e giving oneself a higher evolutionary status

this is all OK if that is actually the case

but if it is not

one is just setting oneself Up

for a fall


starchild said...

your words are supremely entertaining whilst at the same time containing supreme depth of vision and truth...a vision that would not be accessible to any of us otherwise...

asha Pi arTi said...

You are so compassionate !

This Plog is so witty and so so important !

... and it is so reassuring that past present and future... You are always shining highest and brightest and enlightening all the darkness !

* bowing to the Patient Loving Saviour of our Souls *

sarah anne said...

this so clearly states the relationship between science and language. people complain that life isn't fair, when often they should be complaining that its too fair.

even in my own, extremely limited way, I've noticed that if/how much a person falls apart after messing with me somehow, is generally an accurate barometer of if I deserved it, or the degree to which i did, or vice-versa.

pinx said...

most brilliant wisdom and insights You always share !

this is such a great teaching ! what a supreme analysis of the word 'UpSet' and all that it entails ! that it actually means "setting oneself Up i.e giving oneself a higher evolutionary status" is such an insightful revelation ! that is precisely what is happening when beings get upset ! it makes so much sense that one will only be setting oneself up for a fall if daring to get upset with the higher ! what a clear warning to us all !

what a great and inspiring scriPTure ! reading Your words gives such clarity on all things ! Your scriPTures are all any spiritual aspirant need ever read !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

miragegirl said...

Pure PrinciPles of nature You clearly exPlain

world is filled with evil where everyone gets uPset with everyone else ! its a constant grind in hell !

in Your world there is no room for being uPset ! You are uP there, where no one else is !
Grand Master !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Highlander

Anonymous said...

the most natural resonable resPonse is to bow to You!
i bow!
You are so brilliant P!!!
Your blaring higherness shines through in everything You do!
You are clearly the only One in a PosiTion to be uPseT!
You were born Divine! It is Your birthright to be uPseT! You are the only One with any real birthright and claim!
You are the One who abides on the highest ground there is!
You are the most evolved Being!
You are the only One here with a full deck and eyes to see clearly!
The One who has come here to judge!
that this goes unrecognized by beings here shows what a hell this Place is!
You are SO generous to share Your judgement for all to read, to hear and to see in Your Philms P!
to give beings a chance to come to their senses, glimPse Your overwhelming Divinity and bow down!
to give beings here a chance to serve You, to align with Divine, to have a chance to really imProve ones state, to follow You to realms beyond the endless pain, boredom and depression of this world
Your incarnation here is mst signiPhicanT event to ever take Place!
only You can helP one rise and set one free!
i bow

Unknown said...

Wow you always throw a different view with a different angle and with so much insight!!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! beautifully put ! i bow !

ankita said...

You're very kind to save beings from an ignorant society
its just so stupid to get upset when one is not really up
very kind of You to save beings from wrong habits that are so full of stupidity and senselessness
You make so much sense
You are the only One really uP and the only one to surrender much Proof of Your blaring shining higherness is there..You are clearly the highest being
You are never wrong
every action You do is correct right and PerfecT
Your intentions are so Pure and Your comPassion is so immense
..getting upset with You is clearly wrong behaviour
giving in to a mind that is heavy and has always brought one down is height of stupidity when You are here on earth and Your intentions are so Pure and Your mind takes beings to heaven
very kind of You to give beings a chance to learn to surrender instead of clinging to the minds tenseness
You are the One who takes beings towards freedom from misery and You are the One who helps beings take stePs towards real well being
You are the only One high uP
i bow

NavdeeP said...

You pnow each and every situation which is rising in modern society.
And you have witty and exact reply for that situation too.
Your replies does not leave any mark of further questioning.
Reading your blog is itself a meditation as it clears and answer many many doubts.
Bows!!! Bows!!! Bows to such a higher being on the pane-t earth 🌍.

Anonymous said...
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ankita said...

You are so kind to help beings out of the brattiness, audaciousness and wrong intentions that make beings get upset when they are not up at all! You are so kind to help beings see that its s uch stupid illogical foolishness to get upset infront of a being who is Divine Pure and always uP and free from hell

ankita said...

You are the PiPer that leads beings to reason ..the One to follow
You are the One with the highest evolutionary status and the only One to bow to at all times ..You are the saviour and its only listening to You and following You that is really freeing
You take beings towards sanity
You take beings towards freedom, coherence and lightness
getting upset with You is worse than hitting ones own feet with hammer for You are all the caringness kindness comPassion and DiviniTy
You gno whats good for one and You are so PerfecT as a result of Your immense clarity wisdom and suPreme righteousness
You are the most beautiPhul being and every action You do is correct and beautiPhul
You have suPremely Pure intentions
i bow

Anonymous said...

PdicTionary is all about the True meanings of words unlike oxfraud dictionary.

i bow to you my shiv narayan.🙇🙏

Ajay Kapoor said...

You are the master of the english language, beautifully put. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT

nicolas said...

this is beautiful! one should never get upset with a higher being! your intelligence clarifies the world's ignorance!
i bow to you all gnoing one

nicolas said...

what a brilliant crucial PoinT! you are the best that walks the Earth!
you are the highest of all! your words are so comprehensive and bring out TruTh so wonderPhully!
your PerspecTive is the divine PerspecTive! you are the divine Phorce

i bow to you lord of the universe

ardral said...

wow !!! you PuT amazing PoinTs. i bow (/\)(/\)(/\)

ankita said...

there is no reason to get upset with You because one is not higher than You are and one doesnt gno what is good for one like You do. .surrendering to You wouldn't bring pain. will bring haPPiness. .and You want PermanemT bliss for beings.. not just something temporary. ..
getting upset when one is not really uP is the stupidest thing to do...
and that will take one to hell.. .
surrender will not take one to hell. . there is no chance of surrendering to You ending up in sorrow and heart break
You are the only One trustworthy
so kind of You to tell beings about the laws of the multiverse ..and that they have to be followed no matter what is going on around ...You give beings a chance to learn how to not break the natural laws. .a beings evolution doesn't depend on the amount of time they get to spend around You or the amount of video calls and nice treatment they get.. even those beings have to learn how to do PBS when all that nice treatment is not happening for them. .even they will have to learn to stick to Pure PrinciPles no matter what.. very kind of You to helP beings understand that its about sticking to Pure PrinciPles whether one is liked or disliked kind of You to bring change for the better ..You are so comPleTe, whole and sensible 🙏
so kind of You to save beings from the unnecessariness of whining and wingeing when one can always Praise instead of getting stuck in the complications of the mind
You are so helPful
so kind of You to take beings towards sanity and well being
i 🙇 bow

Ankeeta said...

PAramaTma swarooP Narayan, You are so kind and comPassionaTe, Your gnowledge and wisdom vast and inPhiniTe as the ocean... one bows at Your clarity, wisdom and insight.... one is lost without You, You are the real Guru the real navigator, that leads us on the right PaTh