Thursday 24 September 2009


it is significant that

the root of the word 'Significant'

lies in the star constellation

Cygnus ( real spelling - 'Signus' )

also known as

The Swan


The Northern Cross

Cygnus X-3 bombards earth

with high energy cosmic rays

called 'Signets'

which is the root of the word

Signature ( Signet-ure )

even the word 'Sign'

comes out

the term Signus

which was The Sign

to look for

in the night sky

after all

its where Cosmic Signals came from ...

the fact that

devi's (goddesses) like

Saraswati & Laxmi

are portrayed

riding swans

is no longer insignificant

and no you would not find this

information anywhere in a book

or anywhere else on the internet


starchild said...

your video is a masterpiece of light, knowledge, beauty, sound..and your words are priceless diamonds from some immortal treasure chest...

asha Pi arTi said...

two years after You have written this people are still searching and groping in the dark, when all the answers are right here with You ...

You go so unnoticed by the busy unhumble ones of this world ... a true Phantom of Truth and Compassion :)

* bowing to the Significant Loving Shakti of the PT Avatar *

sarah anne said...

It's so true, nowhere else teaches the significance of Cygnus! It is so refreshing to be exposed to real knowledge!

pinx said...

such Profound & higher gnowledge not to be found elsewhere !

Your writings are the PerfecT blend of Science and Spirtuality - indeed You show very clearly that the two are intrinsically connected !

the Significance of Signus You have made so lucidly clear! what a great PoinT that Devi Goddesses such as Laxmi & Saraswati are portrayed riding swans ! You connect all the dots to form a crystal clear picture like no other can !

and what a sublime musical soundscape which accompanies this video ! sounds to accelerate one's DNA, sounds to beam one upwards to higher realms ! You have an aweing & humbling connectivity to the cosmos ! You understand its functionings so well & all is but a play in Your hands !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are incredibly generous to share information only You are Privy to. This is indeed a MasterPiece of the highest from the True Master. i bow at Your most significant feet. dhanyavd P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

its a magical existence !
You have oPened one’s eyes to this truth !

You have given new meaning to the existence of gods & goddesse ! suPer charge sols that are ever benevolent & helPful onto one, if one aPProaches with humility

one wants to get out of here, ‘out of 3D matrix’ & start liPhe for real !

only You are the one who has generated real interest in individuals & the collective to look at the night sky in a True sense

You show where heaven is ! no one ever did ! they only said its uP there !

You have shown the difference in vedic jyotish & western astrology so clearly ! no one exPlained it as clearly as You do ! You are The PandiT there is, in everything ! its too Phunny world accolades PeoPle for fleeting moments of non geniusness & shuns the real True Master genius of the multiverse itself !

Your Presence here is SigniPhicaT beyond what mere words can exPlain ! one is not sorted enough, doesn’t have anything any near a full PersPecTive ! no being in the multiverse can see the true extent, mighty most benevolent intent of Being You, of Being P !

You are the one to definitely bow to ! one has committed so many wrongs but one realizes atleast where, with whom & how IT is ! You are suPer consciousness, Please Phind it in You to forgive ones wrongs that one constantly commits, one intends to change ! one wants to only serve You ever ! one wants a way for only that as a liPhe !

PsingulariTy said...

You are the single most imPorTant PersonaliTy in the world here
You are PT, ParamaTman swarooP

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You are the most soPhisticated and significant etymologist the world has ever seen !!!!

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so smart ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

Your music is so beautiful that it makes one want to hold on to the moments of utter loveliness and beauty forever..within Your music is sanity and everything beautiful and wonderful one ever wanted ..Your music floods the mind with its beauty..the tune lingers and lingers ..this masterPiece of Yours is so beautiful that it leaves the most uPliPhTing aftertaste
it just goes on Playing in the mind
Your music gives one a natural high that one doesn't want to get out of
the thoughts that follow when Your music leaves the mind even for a second are most deplorable and ghastly ..
Your music is so much PuriTy that when the mind wanders away to other thoughts the ghastliness of those hideous thoughts is even more crushing
everything else in this world except Your PuriTy and greatness is shameful and crushing
one cannot bear with the cheapness of ones being
the PuriTy of Your sounds is all that should exist in this is all evil..
You are the best musician
You are such beautiful lightness of being
Your music brings with it such beautiful lightness of being
..oh the beauty of Your music is unforgettable
Your sounds are most ethereal, transcendental and beautiful
Your sounds are beyond beautiful and oh so magical..
Your music makes the rivers and the sky glisten and gleam
Your music is heavenly
Your song is the most beautiful Prayer
i bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Only Your liPhe/exisTence is signiPhicanT on this PlaneT and you are the one and only to have all the unmatchable good qualiTies rePresenTed by Sygnus the swan.

You are the God of wisdom, learning, sPeech, and music .

You = SaraswaTi Devi

You are self going like Devi SaraswaTi.

i bow to you o greaT brahman.

Ajay Kapoor said...

So true only you know the true meaning of Cygnus, thank you for sharing this. I bow.

nicolas said...

magnificent! you are the most significant! what a revelation! only the divine avatar can reveal such Profound important Truth in these times!
you are TruTh
you are Beauty

i bow to you supreme lord

Paramtrishna said...

The most magical piece of music... sound. Only possible from the higher & divine. And what enlightening words... and great info on Cygnus and Saraswati tattva! So interesting as always. Praise to you!

Nithya said...

such a PuresT Gnoledge ...
you bring everything from the roots...which no one could even if they try ...
its really a lottery for a being like me...
you are always amazing and interesting ...
never ending a muse ment ...

i bow to PT...

Ankeeta said...

So amazing… You are the all gnowing One

gopa said...

Most enlighTened One, the significance of everything is gnown to you, including the word 'significance' itself. Your PerfecT sight sees the connection of all things. You see the connection between the goddesses and the stars. You gnow the significance of the goddesses riding the swans. All the secrets of the multiverse are clear to you. You gnow the meaning of all names, the imPorT of all words and the why's and how's of their existence.
Limitless fount of gnowledge, you bring true light to this world. You are the real scientist rooted in truth and PracTicaliTy. You gnow what has been, what is and what will be.
One bows to you with humility.

Rashmi said...

Shiv Narayan

Guru PT, significant is mahatvaPoorN महत्वपूर्ण - something imPortant worth of attention. You are most worthy of attention for Your Precious qualities

so beautiphully you illuminate us about cygnus constellation and its connection to swan, Goddess Saraswati / Lakshmi, swati nakshatra, significant, signit is amazing that cygnus constellation lies above aquarius sign... it is so significant and aPT

Your words/teachings are significant
Your actions are significant
Your intent / Will is significant
Your manifestations are significant
Your foresight is significant
Your Presence is significant
Your judgement is significant
Your Protection is significant
Your Love is significant

The swan is known for its discrimination that separates milk from water
You have the best discernment to separate right from the wrong

the swan in water doesnt get its feathers wet
You are in muggle world but not an iota of muggledom has gotten to You. You are ever so Pure

swan is a sophisticated bird and lives in clean waters 
Your habitats are so clean and Pure

swan is hamsa 
You are the ha and sa Phire

You are significant to only those who want to evolve and get closer to You
only those who seek You sincerely are significant to You

bow to the One who is most  mahatvaPoorN महत्वपूर्ण  - One who has maha tatva (महत्व) - great essence and who is PoorN (पूर्ण) - comPleTe in every way

Gita said...

Divine PT You are the most significant for us, You unbead the words so Beautifully and extract the essence of each word smartly... You have the energy of the goddess saraswati and You so generously share it with the deserving. it is true we would not Phind this anywhere on the internet or any books, the Gnowledge lies within You! It is amazing how everything has a scientific meaning and it amuses one to hear about these cosmic energies... the Multiverse is surely filled with wonderful things unknown to us and have an interesting history to it... You make our lives Phun... so grateful to You Divine One!!!

veena said...

P~You are the all gnowing one with the Power of the third eye.
One bows down to your Gnowledge
Like the Cygnus-you are here raising the vibrations of Bhoodevi
You have all the Shaktis inside you
You Personify Beauty and Grace
You are so Elegant
You are the Aquarian Hero
You are here to remove ignorance.
You are the most significant one.
One bows to you