Monday 14 September 2009

legal & organized suicide

in muggle world

goodness statements like

'its not good to laugh at

misfortunes of others'

are sported about like divine laws

but how do these misfortunes come about

in the first place ?

in the parts of the world

populated by a certain race

most of them come through

meaningless activities

like skateboarding, bmxing,

mountain biking, binge drinking,

motor racing of a zillion types,

bungeejumping, speed wrappling

stunt jumping, daredevil shows,

high wave surfing and

numerous other society sanctioned activities

legal ways to attempt suicide

where injury is not a misfortune

but a fortunate option

organized torture

to quell the

divineless boredom

they don't want all this to be laughed at

just encouraged


starchild said...

could the truth be any more plainer than your words of wisdom... you are the sacred witness of all that is really going on in this world..

sarah anne said...

Participation in legal organized suicide is considered a sign of status by so many teens. No one in their hive even cares enough about them to point it out, let alone offer an alternative. I bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You effortlessly unfold and discet PercepTions which are comPleTely overlooked in hive mentality. i bow at Your Truth Provoking feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

it is like suicide indeed to be cutoff from Divine
Praise of Divine melts any boredom one may feel
Divine is ever beautiful, comPleTely blissful, charming, graceful, Truthful, Pure & much much more
Divine is every Hero, a hero who is One of a kind & has all the good qualities one can ever imagine & more
You P are Divine
You are more than any suPerficial suPerman hero they have created, being able to fly into any world, realm, dimension at will, to whom all charge flows, who is the comPleTe absolute unimaginably great grand charge
You are the real He~man, You are so Martian, You are so so beautiful ! You have a sword that is ever active, You are comPeTely awake ever!

PsingulariTy said...

You are Rishi PT
the Sane One
who sees things as they are
the All Seeing One, the All Going One

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your logic is suPreme P!
You have the most brilliant way of PoinTing out how inane the muggle outlook and mode of functioning is.
it is really sweet how Divine finds genuine humor in the idiocy of beings here (self included) and the ways Divine uses it to educate!
it is really comPassionaTe all the ways Divine Provides for one to develop intelligence and work to evolve beyond a hellbound muggle state of being.
i bow!

Unknown said...

People do stupid kind of stunts which leads them to unfortunate events like accidents or death, many kids and teenagers are mostly up for it without giving a second thought. You always reveal what's wrong with people in a very simplified manner! aeioum

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You have the most relevant PerspecTives to everything that happens. so kind of You to not encourage it. You are the most intelligent merciful Being.

veena iyengar said...

WOW..I am seeing things from a different perspective..
thank you..

undecided said...

I bow. When one puts themselves in those situations, one cannot feel bad because they exactly gno the consequence. aeioum

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"organized torture to quell divineless boredom" 😂

Your choice of words reflect your quality of PerfecTion and they always and always have an effecTive imPacT on the readers.

i bow to you.

Ajay Kapoor said...

Beings put themselves at risks of injury by meaningless activities which is encouraged by society without gnowing the consequences. You gno is all. I bow.

nicolas said...

wow such a good PoinT! your words are shining over the darkness of oneself! this is a brilliant P log!
your Presence here is a miracle! the event horizon is here, you are a divine genius

i bow to you all gnoing one

Ankeeta said...

so true! ParamaTma swarooP PT.... You are always right, You are the One who gnos and gnos that He gnos... i bow at Your beautiful lotus feet