Tuesday 29 September 2009

eye brow eye(i) bow

the upper eye brow & lid

has to bow

it is the

first step

in the important

business of

proper agreeance

jaw follows

then neck

spine after that

a body language

fast disappearing off

the face of this planet


stardolphin said...

cos we live in an age where there is nothing to bow to

religion, royalty, politics, celebrity etc have all proved themselves unworthy, so the habit has died out thankfully

for there is nothing to respect or look up to

only the divine and those of higher ascendance are worthy of a bow

PT the Axis said...


if one seeks the higher one will find
even in this age and time

no one is sincerely seeking it and their body language gives it away

starchild said...

thankyou for explaining the lost courtesy of bowing which gives correct attitude.."to know how to bow with grace and humility".. reading your blogs it becomes clear how it is so important to know that especially for these times..

asha Pi arTi said...

Wow beautiful description of the truly humble way to show respect !

and Your comment is too cool... so true.

* bowing to the Truth of PT *

pinx said...

this is such a beautiful teaching ! the body language of humility so clearly defined ! such precious education You are giving on how to behave in front of the Higher & Divine ! such a beautiful series of humble & fluid body movements which You have so eloquently described !

& very insightful and striking statement in Your comment here "no one is sincerely seeking it and their body language gives it away" ~ so true ! what an excePTional Point !

eye (i) Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for Your graceful illustration P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

grateful to You for Your PracTicalities !
they make one better
they show Proper behaviour
PracTicalities for ProPer living

miragegirl said...

such sweet rePlies You give !

PsingulariTy said...

You are MahaVishnu
You are The Aeioummm

Unknown said...

You teach everything with a simplicity, great higher knowledge teaching with so much in depth clarity!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

so kind of You to describe proper behavior !! without Your guidance and help one would be so lost as to how to be !!! Your presence alone deserves all the bows !! what a beautiful way to word it !! i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! i bow !

Unknown said...

This is a very beautiful Plog ! And also a sweet reminder (with a very serious PoinT) for inculcating basic preliminary step/quality/habit to have a correct conduct. :)
Your Plogs are ultimately edifying! Such necessary basic manners which were suppose to be there in one naturally have to be taught, indeed it is Kaliyug, there is evil within! Dhanyawad for your comPassionaTe teachings, for one can now atleast gnow ones laziness/mistake and work towards being a natural being!
Your writings are the ultimate giPhT to the beings! Every thing you do/have done is ever evolving, and yes it is what love should actually do! You have such great comPassion and love for everyone... It is awe inspiring! You say the most profound things in just few words with such simPliciTy and grace! You are truly the saviour of the sPiriTs here , dhanyawad for your benevolence to come down! You are a bright beautiful PrisTine lotus standing up above in this muddy swamp.
I bow at your auspicious lotusfeet! /\

sarah said...

only You can teach how to conduct oneself gracefully and properly

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your Vedic wisdom is beauTiPhul. You found the lost vedas.

You are the God of Pure wisdom.

i bow to you lord Narayan.

Ajay Kapoor said...

You have shown eye brow eye(i) bow with such clarity, you have a great style at putting across concepts which is easy to understand. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT.

nicolas said...

this is so beauTiPhull! what a helP-Phull explanation!
everything you say is sacred, one can only bow to you
you are the highest of all
you are the best that walks the Earth
you are the lord of the universe
you are a never ending awe

i bow to you supreme lord

Ankeeta said...

Shiv Narayan ParamaTma swarooP PT, i bow at Your beautiful lotus PheeT... such a relevant Plog, Phull of gravity and value... You are the real higher and divine... everything You teach us is in one's own benefit and to be implemented and cherished like the greatest treasure... Your teachings are Amrit for one's life, body mind and sPiriT, from yesterday to eternity...