Saturday, 12 September 2009


education is a big word

in this world

when none is actually happening

the so-called educators

going under the accepted social term 'teachers'

gno nothing themselves

but have assigned themselves the role

to set up curriculae, tests &

environments for learning

under the banner of change & improvement

one encounters jokers

who aim to breathe life into

this fundamentally faulty & dead system

where instead of evolution

jobs & fitting in is the key

they consider themselves

experts on what is good for kids and others in general

without being sure about

what is good for themselves

the fact is that

in countries like india

where education is the buzzword

it is way more difficult to talk sense

with an educated person

than with an uneducated villager

belief in temples is dying but

the belief in

schools, colleges and universities

shows no signs of abating

education in its current context

is simply a conveyer belt

to churn out slaves for a borg system

all its grandiose institutions

consuming enormous resources

are no different from waste landfills

this pseudoeducation doesn't tackle

any real issues like

life or death

what else is there anyways


Shahid said...

"education in its current context
is simply a conveyer belt
to churn out slaves for a borg system"

Wow..I wonder how Indians would react if this above and entire comment appeared in the Indian newspapers?:)

Very well written PT Brother.

Was just wondering it would be great if schools/colleges in India
had only enlightened masters/Siddhas/Avatars as
teachers,wouldnt that be great?

Hats off to you once again.

PT the Axis said...


yes it would be better if
more evolved souls teach
but they won't require these silly school/college concrete buildings

they would just require
trees and huts

starchild said...

real education is reading your blogs... and the great thing is, it's a school which everyone can attend if they want to...

Anonymous said...

i bow.

miragegirl said...

Plogs educate one Truly !
they oPen ones sight to the reality

truly there is no education going on in the current ‘education’ system in the world
it is comPeTitive, crazy mad world !

miseducation, misinformation are ramPanT ! You are the All Gnoing One giving a way out of this world through gnowledge

You are the most benevolent being here !
You are Divine, charming, gorgeous, classy, virtuous, Pure, ultimate, absolute Divine !
You are a True seer, a True Guru !
You are that which the heart leans toward
You are the best there ever is !
You are the ultimate suPer consciousness
that is grand, scintillating, Pure, full of light, light itself, transcendental over the existence itself !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Guru
Hermes Trismestigus

Unknown said...

In India, it is one of the biggest business. During admissions high amount of donation is being paid, classes or tuition charges are quite high, students commit suicide, they and their family get stressed about getting good result or at least pass the exams and stressing about paying the high amounts to the people who don't even know how to talk. So, people pay to the evil system to buy stress, slow death and suicide. Medical and engineering field cases are more worse. After graduating they start running to get a job, another SYSTEM SLAVE TRAP. But, they never question it what this is all about, they are happy with what they are doing because they are a good follower and like to follow the system, it affects so many lives badly, in fact the whole world. But, are they really educated? that's the main question. You know it very well and that's why this post by you makes so much sense, its simply MISEDUCATION that they are selling!! Plogs i.e PT logs are lightening and shows the truth on every apsect!!

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

so true
there's no education at all
it's all miseducation
yes You can clearly see what's happening
it's such a sorry state
yes it's just a massive time waste
You just gno what's going on
You have all the answers
the education You give is the real education

education in its current context
is simply a conveyer belt
to churn out slaves for a borg system

You are so absolutely right
You gno the state of this world so well
i bow

veena iyengar said...


undecided said...

I bow. You perfectly shed light on any subject so that disciples can truly learn for the first time in their lives. aeioum

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are the one and only Guru of this world.

Only you breathe liPhe into dead beings by giving the nectar of realiTy.

i bow to you who is the one and only divine teacher of this world.

Ajay Kapoor said...

You are absolutely right, you have shown how the teachers themselves gno nothing not even the basics required from a being. I bow down to you Lotus Pheet.

nicolas said...

magnificent PoinT! this is so imPorTant!
people think they are getting educated but they are just trained for slavery
your Perception is so amazing! i am always so impressed of how you see the bigger picture and at the same time all the small details!
P is Paramount

i bow to you lord of the universe