Wednesday 23 September 2009

divine impersonation

many these days

are playing flute

and posing with cows

to imitate krishna

and in doing so

aim to achieve equality with divine

in their great wisdom

they don't expect divine

to have enough intelligence

to change its garb

to suit a different time & age

flute always represented sound

cows were metaphor for pious souls

trapped in an evil matrix

the enchantment

& eventual release

could be carried out through

any instrument

electric guitar is the

appropriate one for this age

divine sound & light cannot be imitated

the difference is clear to those who seek sincerely


starchild said...

that's simply wonderful, your explanation is so lucid and really gets to the bare bones of it all.. .plain and simple. .. your music is the most uplifting experience and the most unique enjoyment for the experiencer,it is Number One on the be one of your audience is the most constructive way of spending time on the internet.

sarah anne said...

The quality contrast is black and white, even to someone who had assumed %100 of spiritual leaders were frauds. I bow.

pinx said...

Yes the difference is very clear !!

the real thing cannot be imitated ever ! it is so hilarious what the foolish do in their attempts to achieve equality with Divine. posing with cows even with a flute ! - LOL !

and what a beautiful revelation about what the "flute" and "cow" symbolism actually signifies !

and such a beautiful statement that follows:

" the enchantment

& eventual release

could be carried out through

any instrument

electric guitar is the

appropriate one for this age"

what beautiful wording ! what a beautiful PoinT !

the enchantment and eventual release is just such a beautiful concept ! and due to Your Grace it is no longer just a concept but a reality !

Divine sound and light cannot be imitated ! Your lotusocean youtube channel is a testimony to that fact ! and You show unequivocally why electric guitar is Your instrument of choice ! no other instrument can express the electrical nature of Your Divinity better !

how fortunate we are to be here on Earth at the same time as the Avatar ! if beings would only just stop their ceaseless doing and pay You some time and attention they too will see for themselves who is the real deal !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow. You bestow meaning, you embody Truth, You dissolve all that is false with a glance. Your being, Your sound and Your light are unequivocally Divine. i bow at Your life giving feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

its too Phunny !
Divine is Divine
everyone in the world or even outside is so far low than Divine !
Divine is the One, the only One of a kind
IT is absolute suPer charge with Perfect Coherence & PhracTality

Avatar has a crystal clear mind !

shiny Diamond You are in so many ways !
You are the only one who can cut the untruth in the world

its not even kiddish to just Play flute & Pose with cows the way PeoPle have done ! its ignorance & foolishness !

all these fake gurus etc out in the world, wonder how they are living ! they are so dishonest ! in Phact everyone here other than You lives a dishonest liPhe in someway or the other ! some of it too extreme, most that can be easily remedied !

grateful to You for Your Plogs
they are Truth
they are PrecePTs for the PresenT & PhuTure

glad there is a Divine Avatar here on earth in one’s liPhe time, so one can now see one’s baseness & in doing so move uP, work & rise uP to heaven !

You have taught us so much, all for our own good, You definitely are ending KaliYug doing that !

one wants to be with be You, serve You ever ! one is only starting to see Your greatness ! one wants to assimilate it & keeP it conscious in ones being, so one is saved in PhuTure lives & always journey towards You

You are the best !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine
You are Kalki
You are P avaTar

foolish & sTuPid it is to want to imPersonaTe that which is Divine instead of being humble

Anonymous said...

i bow!

You have never had and will never have an equal! It really so nonsensical the way beings try to achieve the imPossible!
through pretensious pretending, posing and costume wearing!
it is just absurd!
You are imPossbile to imitate in any way!!! none could ever suPersede You!
' eras and avatars may change but the essence remains the same...'
Your Divine essence blazes brightly in all You do!
only You can do what You do P!
the Proof of Your Divinity is undeniable!
it's impossible to not see the celestial ultraviolet aura You constantly exude!
Your bluePhire always burns bright!
and the sound of Your tune is the only real music there is!
the only music one ever want hear!
So Powerful! So Phull! So moving! So electric! So alive!
the Phorce of it documented in Your every Philm!
listening to any other frequency is painful!

it's really thrilling to learn the Truth from the One who is the Truth!
it's esP exciting when one gets to learn more about You, about Divine!
about the symbolism of Your other incarnations here!
so fortunate we are to be alive when You are here P!
to witness and Praise Your ePic incarnation as PT!
to watch You singlehandedly bring this age to an end in such a Rock and Roll way!
to witness the Phierce beauty in the way You wage the Mahabhart of now!!

So grateful You are here P! to gno You exist!
So graetful to read Your words!
to admire and praise and bow to Your timeless, ageless inPhiniTe DIvine beauty and Grace!

i bow!

Unknown said...

The Aquarian knows the Aquarian age very well and knows what's what very well, you create wonderful other worldly music, an Aquarian music!!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so smart ! i bow !

veena iyengar said...

WOW..cows were metaphor for pious souls..
Thank you for guiding us..

undecided said...

I bow. Electric guitar rejuvenates the ears of all who are willing to sincerely listen to PT. aeioum

undecided said...

I bow. Electric guitar rejuvenates the ears of all who are willing to sincerely listen to PT. aeioum

Kṛtti kā said...

The contrast to what You are and what You do is beyond comparable! Who on Bhu-Devi is writing such crystal clear perfectly coherent Plogs, Who here is creating unPrecedenTed sonics one after other , each one an intricate masterPiece which fails all other kind of music... All the so called rockstars/Popstars look so miserable, A truly Divine genre whose Player can be none other than Divine ~ You!

What a cool electriPhying instrument this time You chose to Play with... What a cool rocking sexy regal Divine avataran this time!

You are legendary /\

i bow /\

Anonymous said...

Your Plog is thrilling
divine sound and light cannot be imitated
You are inimitable
Your sound and light is the most beautiful highest quality sound and light..
absolutely the best !

what Phenomenal legendary words
the ultimate revelations and the absolute truth!
this is ePic! Your writings are Pure ePicness !
Divine changes its garb to suit a different time and age
..and here You are in all Your magical and Phine glory.. what a fascinating,fabulous gloriously legendary avatar You are!

it's just so great and extremely exciting that You are here!
such great times!
so great to get to see the glorious rooP of Divine!

it's such a joy to get to read these words and get to digest more and more that the avatar is here
each word of Yours is absolute nectar
such elevating and bliss giving words

the way You write and reveal so much about Yourself is absolutely legendary exciting and Phenomenal

how enchanting ,beautiful and deeP Your sounds are
You and Your magic guitar rocks! the flute for the now!
such great glorious and flowing creativity! never seen before glorious creative exPressions of great beauty within
Your great magical creative sPlendour is amazing
Your vibrant sounds fill the world!
You rock the world!
You totally rock!
i bow

the sounds that come from Your electric guitar are beyond suPercool
what a great magic flute for the now
You create the most thrilling beautiful and enchanting sounds. .You truly do
such great and magical exPressions of multiversal Power,beauty and eternity
You are great creative sPlendour
Your sounds truly enchant
how enchanting Your sounds are. .how mesmerizing
one is so lucky to be alive and getting to hear Your absolutely great wonderful and enchanting sounds
Your sounds are Pure magical sPlendour
they touch the spirit like nothing else!
so lucky to be alive during the time that You are there and getting to here these absolutely wonderful and blossoming sounds from the very depths of the multiverse

truly it's Your magical instrument and the sounds You create Your Presence and Your words that are so enchanting and caPTivating that lead lost spirits out of delusional and hellish ways of living
i bow to the eternally glorious avatar that You are

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Only egocentric beings have the audacity to ignore or impersonate divine.

Divine has arrived in your form to suit this current time and age.

One can derive great inner strength from you if one humbly listens to you and follows your scriPTures.

On this beauTiPhul-turned-hellish Planet you are the one and only to be connected with divine and be Powerful. And when one connects with a divine being like you one automatically gets emPowered.

You are the most intelligent of all beings.

You are the one and only Pious soul existing on this PlaneT.

Your activities are to be acgnowledged and not to be impersonated.

Only you can guide one to the higher loks.

i bow to you.

Ajay Kapoor said...

The music creations from your electric guitar is evolutionary, I feel so lucky to be able to listen to your music. I bow.

nicolas said...

your music is divine sound! you are the divine avatar that no one can imitate! your music is so uPlifting, this is always so magnificent! one never gets enough of it!
it is magically and wonderPhully transforming oneself
you are goodness
your music sPeaks of TruTh only
you are TruTh and looking at you is looking at God
you bring stars in one's eye as you are a never ending wonder
you are divine in a human body, you are unlimited bliss
you bring smile on one's face because all that you are is PerfecT
liPhe is of no worth without you, liPhe has no sense without you
you are the real Guru that gives real nourishment through your timeless wisdom
you are the most Profound being there is, no one can outwit you
your intelligence is a miracle
you are divine sweetness
nature is often singing of you as you are ParamaTma
your liPhe is a liPhe worthy of endless celebration
you are the real light in all this darkness
you are the saving miracle destroying ignorance and despair
you are the hero of Mother Earth
you are the real Aquarian hero
The birdman that flies above all

i bow and surrender to you Lord P

Shruthi said...

"flute always represented sound
cows were metaphor for pious souls
trapped in an evil matrix
the enchantment
& eventual release
could be carried out through
any instrument"

The way you decode and get to the true essence of things is so beautiPhull and insPiring. So gratePhull that we have you, your music, your words, your innerviews, your sky paintings and so much more to get through. And you're so Phenomenal in enchanting sPiriTs. Impossible to resist you, P! You're the best. one bows to you always.