Friday 11 September 2009

instant ascension

after instant coffee and noodles

there are many out there

who are seeking

instant enlightenment and evolution

the newagers are saying its possible

without any bowing down or discipline

since the demand & clientel is rising

charlatans are appearing out of every corner

its all just a few bucks away now

the new way they call it

goes without saying that

none of it involves surrender to the divine

its all fueled by

the jealousy they feel towards those who are higher than them

the root of this whole phenomenon is

the drive to (quickly) reach that exalted state

to restore parity

the final aim is to become equal to the divine

in a crash course

no penance required

no changes in attitude required

just some pretension and currency will suffice


Shahid said...

"Instant enlightenment,
crash course,
just some pretension and currency will suffice" LOL
Thats some reality check.

Most of the Gurus today look at you only after you have paid them.So a few months back when I asked you how much you would charge to teach me,
I was expecting some huge amount
to be paid.But what you said really touched my heart and sets you apart from all the Frauds
in the market today.
You said,"I need ONLY Humility."

starchild said...

humility has never been elucidated upon in the way that you elucidate it.. you read that word all the time in the scriptures without ever really knowing what they're getting at in our modern context.. you provide an explanation of it which one can finally begin to grasp..i have never seen anyone do that ever..

JacLee said...

There is no doubt that P is the Real deal... i bow

Asha said...

Pow Wow words... You blaze the truth cutting out nonsense with Your multiedged sword of Truth... super cool Plog !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

wow P! i bow!
Your words comPleTely slay every false notion Pushed by the new age atrocities!
You Provide such a necessary PersPecTive into the reality of what so many are busy aimlessly selling and buying in this world!

it makes one sick to have ever participated in such pretentious acts in the so called 'vedic yoga centres' and 'traditional medicine communities' and to have been foolish and egoic enough to have thought one was actually evolving when the reality is one was spiraling down...

the comments here recounting conversations with You are so telling... all one needs is humility... You are so beautiful P!

one is ever grateful to have been confronted by Divine and shown the huge error of the Path one was on. LotusOcean eyes are the only True way to see oneself and this world.

bowing constantly to the recTiPhying Truth of PT.

miragegirl said...

that’s a Phunny title P ! lol !
to think of ascension instantly in the now is vile & vulgar
beings are dishonest

one is so low ! i haven’t seen others being any better, at least for most ParT
so much Penance is required ! to come/be on track, so much Penance is required !
i hoPe to be devoted to You & rise in Penance towards better virtue

in light of all this, how very grand that You had become the Enlightened One at such a young age ! You Truly are the One, a rePresentative of Divine incarnate on earth, Divine himself !
how charming, benevolent Divine is !
how ultimately beautiful !
how very caring to existences !
uPholder of righteousness ! there is law & order in the multiverse
it answers to all the atheists, People who ask why there is so much suffering out there, P~ain & torture are not Divinely ! they are hellish ! hell created by evil within !
to move towards Divine, one has to kill the evil & become harmonious with the Divine will !
grateful to You for Your Plogs ! they are the Truth ! so beautifully written, so charming You are !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Enlightened One
Your wrath at the current world situation is meaningful
its dangerous for PeoPle not to realize the Peril of their 'no change required' attitude

You are Kalki with The sword ! great Your battle has been & will be to comPleTion ! wictory ever to You !

Anonymous said...

the west has come uP with 'slow eating' movement to savour every morsel of what one intakes. its Phunny that they are the ones to talk most about instant ascension as well

while it is true that one needs to eat ProPerly, small amounts chewed well, its humble that way (grains are concentrated essences, resPecT is due accordingly), one should be able to understand that gobbling stuff will not give instant energy, it gives a stomach ache

wanting instant ascension would give more Problems than stomach ache for the low levelness of beings here. its quiet an unhumble wanting. its just ego.

glad that there is One in this world who is absolutely sane, The saneT
Your Truth Plogs are comPassionaTe benevolence bestowed on one and all

Anonymous said...

i bow
so grateful for Your a Truth P!
so grateful to learn that the only way to change ones lowly state is through humility, disciPline and Penance.
You are the highest and most Divine!
equality is such a twisted lie!
the humiliation one experience at having ever been so foolish makes one want to curl up and die.
You have never had and will never have an equal! all bow to You! to not do so is the most unnatural thing one could ever do.
one is so ashamed for ones unhumble attitude and behavior P!
to have ever sought to quickly and instantly raise ones lowly state.
to have filled ones silly little mind with new age thoughts and books and ideas
to have been so foolish to have not understood who You were immediately and behaved appropriately.
to have never taken the the time to learn proper humility and resPecT for Divine.
so grateful to You for allowing one the time to do so now
so grateful for the chance to slow down and bow
to be ProPerly cooked and PuriPhied by Your EYE
Your Love is the only True Love that exists
So grateful to read Your words, to watch Your Philms, to fill ones senses with Your sounds, and to admire Your Pictures and bow down to all You do. to Praise You is the only Truthful thing one can do!
so grateful for the chance You Provide for one to do meaningful actions in this life.
for the chance to learn how to use this body and mind to be of service to Divine
to do anything else is pain torture and hell
Your comPassion is beyond comPare P.
so grateful for Your kindness and patience in helPing one rise above ones foolish stupidity
i bow

Unknown said...

hahaha very well said. Spirituality is the new trend for many out there. You have the knowledge of truth, spirituality and different realms or dimensions, many more I think, the real Guru!!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You make the best points ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

You are so wise
You make so much sense
You know what's going on in this world
You have such great overstanding
yes people can get so frivolous talking about instant ascension
one is so ashamed of considering all that nonsense
only You show one the real Vedic way
all frauds seem to suggest one can ascend instantly
only You help one identify bad attitudes that one has to give up
You exPlain everything so beautifully and wonderfully
You tell one so clearly what one has to do
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

"after instant coffee and noodles
there are many out there
who are seeking
instant enlightenment and evolution"

You are so eloquent so witty so Phunny and so bang on PoinT! When the highest of the beings have had to do severe penances, we foolish people think there's a shortcut to ascension requiring no real humility no disciPline!
Even You too did the Tapasya, You lead by example, You have already figured it all out at such a young age and only You gnow how to break free from this matrix... You are so comPassionaTe to guide and teach beings how to evolve and break free!
It is only You who has shed so much light on every thing that's wrong and everything that can take one out of that wrong! Your Powerful words disPel ones ignorance, imParts sense clarity n PracticaliTy!
Your Plogs lets one get closer to reality! You are the only Guru! You are the only one who gives true PicTure of ones state and the world that one lives in, You educate on what's evil and what's Divine to the minds that worship evil in the name of Divine!
You give eyes to finally see, All the artis/chalisa/Prayers/odes start making sense now that one has come across You, Only Divine comPassionaTely gives what's truly imPorTant to live and evolve!
Your comPassion, generosity nd mercy is unlimited!

i bow /\

veena iyengar said...

I bow..

undecided said...

I bow. Everyone wants to create their own legacy without bowing down to the phorces that make this multiverse function. aeioum

undecided said...

I bow. Everyone wants to create their own legacy without bowing down to the phorces that make this multiverse function. aeioum

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i bow and surrender to the one and only higher/divine/evolved PTavaTar.

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is so true so many beings after instant enlightenment and evolution without any basic grounding. You are the Enlightened One. I bow.

sarah said...

Your suPerioriTy makes people so uncomfortable , everyone is programmed to believe there can be some kind of equality.

it is really great that You helP everyone become acclimated to the reality and the facts: there can only be One, and the first steP towards getting closer to the One is to mind the gaP.

nicolas said...

wonderPhull PoinT! your Practicality is so great! you are the one who gnos all
your logic has no flaw, this is amazing
you dispel so many misconceptions effortlessly, this is impressive
your words are really cleaning up the mess of this world, this is magnificent to witness

i bow to you all gnoing one