Friday 10 April 2009



find it

hard to



it creates




only be





truthseeker said...

that's so true.. people are scared of the void because they don't have divine

truthseeker said...

thankyou for being an expression of the divine.. we need this

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your Luminous feet. Your Divine Grace fills all void. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

Yes my Lord
avoiding creates a void
needs to be filled with Divine

the void creation is the most beautiful oPPurTunity to tune to You Divine

one needs to be honest, have a straight forward approach for that

the defeate in the system, emotional breaks
are not necessarily bad, they are neccessary to move toward You
unless ofcourse one is Mira like which none is anyway (She was a sweet excePTion)

Yes i gnow of the void
i gnow of that better than most people which is actually a shame but anyway that is the way, reality

the only hoPe being constant Praise of Divine
of killing evil within & moving constantly towards You

You are the most benevolent being
most charming attractive male on the PlaneT
more fast than a suPerman or Flash
what you are transcends those beings bounds & leaps
infact no comPare is possible
You are the greatest liveliest (not imagination of some comic creators)
grandest being of the now & of Time as such

You are far far away for me but i see a ray
a NewSun ray that is guiding me
says i am the Praise from You to Divine
the only thing that hold my life now & makes it bearable to an extent

PsingulariTy said...

You are an incarnation of Divine
You remove void for all who aPProach You

You are P avaTar

Unknown said...

The divine play of words is beautiful and amazing as always. Only you can fill the void and then, there is no need to avoid!!

Unknown said...

to the Divine, i bow.

sarah said...

You make such imPorTant PoinTs
nothing else can fill the void

ki vernee said...

wow ! What a beautiful point ! i bow !

Ajay Kapoor said...

Thanks for sharing such clear expressions, an important point. I bow.

veena iyengar said...

very true..

undecided said...

I bow. so True. When someone steps away from the matrix they're in, without Divine, one does not gno what to do. aeioum

nicolas said...

so beauTiPhull! you are the solution to all problems! you are the most important of all beings! you are the real avatar of divine
only you can bring real evolution here and beyond!
i bow to you supreme lord

Gita said...

OMP so many realizations r hitting with this Plog, a great eye opener, makes way for much to discover ahead... this void definitely needs to be filled & yes Divine is the answer : ) so grateful for saving so many lives from this void , only You can fill this void, one bows to You the ever eternal One