Sunday 5 April 2009


people when quizzed deep enough
often say they don't know
why they behave like they behave
or did what they did

since everything has a reason
no matter how much one deny's it
there is an explanation
it lies in hivementality

very few individuals walk this planet
very few souls are able to
step out of
the hivemind

even if they see something wrong
in the hive
they are fearful to point it out
for the fear of being excluded
this repeated lack of
leads to a confused blind state
which makes it impossible to see
things as they really are

hive provides
comfort & security
very similar to a beehive
or a sheepherd

sheeps get very fearful
of being left behind in the herd
so one carries on
following hive parameters
no matter how absurd or illogical
to make sure one keeps pace

the fact that the sheep-herd
destined for factory knives
is overlooked
in the momentary security
the general umbrella for
self indulgent nonsense it provides


Shahid said...

"hive provides
comfort & security
very similar to a beehive
or a sheepherd

sheeps get very fearful
of being left behind in the herd"

Great observation PT Brother.
You are truly the FIRST UNIQUE DIVINE Individual I have met on this Planet.

miragegirl said...

you see the world for what it is
and put it as Plogs to help everyone see the truth too

you really help everyone around

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for the many Profound Truths You share and glimpses into Divine insight You ignite through Your Divine words, sounds and light. one grows increasingly grateful to have been asked to leave the hive on many occasions throughout ones life. i bow and i Praise the refuge of Your Divine feet. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. this is such a wake uP call to run from the false security and comfort of the herd and the hive lest one is comfortable with the destiny that awaits the decision to stay which You so clearly and kindly convey! Your straight uP Truth is the most delicious and necessary nectar for ones mind P. You are the One who walks this world as a comPleTe individual, authentic and free. i bow at Your legendary feet. dhanyavad for the oPPorTunity to Praise You. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

have no mind for the hive mind
i shall kill the hivemind !

being from hive that i was part of
i have atleast the oPPurtuniTy to not sPeak the crazy low emotional talk that passes for language there
not to eat the red chillie laced food that is the root of that low emotional talk
away from exuberance of needless money & shopping
away from just marry someone settled in America outlook
away from kachra
away from bhains milk

all becasue of Your comPassioanTe words, Your comPassionaTe helP
i am grateful to you for that

so much wrong with the hive, so much more wrong ...

Mira was not part of a hive in doing what she did
hive kills sPiriTs and facilitates extreme self indulgence
when work is to kill self and become selfless in praise of Divine like Mira did

You are comPassionaTe in showing all the dangers in the world

one is definetly a part of a horror movie out there !

miragegirl said...

hivemind says red chillie ladened food is the way, concrete overPasses are fine, in PhacT more the concrete more the 'Progress', call centers are okay, let everyone grind 9 to 5, round the clock, they can have money & You gno what is 'in orbit', don't be silly, the answer is not a PlaneT, it's a mall & you gno what, lifestyle is just a shoP

PsingulariTy said...

You are GarudNarayan
the One with most Pure, Powerful mind that always makes right decisions with full gnowledge of the consequences that would follow

Unknown said...

In one single post, you could write about so many things. You're dazzle one with your uniqueness, a true unique perception!!

Totally agree, anything and everything has a reason behind it-
"since everything has a reason
no matter how much one deny's it
there is an explanation"

Unknown said...

to your Phacts, i bow.
to your Phorce, i bow.
to your Presence, i bow.

Anonymous said...

it's such a beautiful thing to come across You
You write so awesomely
You're so very beautiful..what a wonderful and beautiful being You are
You are so much knowledge and brilliance
You are so very awesome
it's so awesome to get to read Your Plogs
i bow to You o beautiful being

ki vernee said...

beautiful ! You are so smart and make the best points ! You are so kind to teach one how to detach from the hive mind ! i bow !

Gita said...

Very True ! AEIOUM

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such an impacting PLog, such a great comparison. You show how it is. You are so much knowledge and brilliant. I bow.

veena iyengar said...

so true..
i bow..

undecided said...

I bow. We are all sheep following the wrong shepherd. aeioum

veena iyengar said...

so true..
I bow..

nicolas said...

really true! that is a very important PoinT! you really make all better effortlessly! your words are always so Phull of sense! it is so refreshing and rejuvenating for oneself!
you are the best of all P
i bow to you all gnoing one