Tuesday 7 April 2009


honesty is another one of the many

important words

twisted beyond recognition

honesty has nothing to do with

not stealing bread and jam from the supermarket

or paying your bills in time

or not lying about the cookies you ate

honesty is actually about

being straight about one's state

something like this

honesty is about getting to the point

without this real honesty

one cannot hope to evolve

it is the first step

on the ladder out of hell

honesty allows one to seek the divine

or something higher than itself to

help it out

it is said that

there are many confused people out there

what i would say is that

there are many dishonest people out there


miragegirl said...

aap hamesha sach hi bolte hai

aap ne honesty such mein kya hai ee dikaya hai

aap imandari ke mahatv ko bata rahe hai

agar imandari se apne haal ko koyee dekhe to voh

"allows one to seek the divine

or something higher than itself to

help it out"

aap dayalu hai

aap ke shud ghun hai

aap Kalki hai

aap Hari hai

aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You show one what honesty is in a dishonest world. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your transcendent feet. dhanyavad for guiding one to take the first step and learn how to honestly take a look at ones state. You are the True PoinT and only honest reference in this twisted world. i bow at Your immaculate feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You get to the PoinT like no one else P. You are so articulate!
You clearly show what honesty is
'getting straight about ones state'
and that this is the crucial 'first step on the ladder out of hell'
how logical it is that when one see one state and the state of this world with honesty one is guided to seek something higher than oneself to helP it out of hell, that one is guided to seek the Divine, to seek You! There is none higher and more Divine than You P! without You one would not recognize ones confused dishonest state and see the hell of this world, the hell that is being alive in 3D. that there is no chance in hell!

i bow at the feet of the One and only True savior, the real chance and only way out!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Honest One

Anonymous said...

i bow in shame for being such a dishonest being
You are the only PerfecT and Truly honest ONE here
You are the only ONE in a PosiTion to helP
i bow in gratitude for Your constant kindness in guiding one to face the Truth of ones state
for Providing real hoPe and direction to escaPe ones hellish state
i bow

Unknown said...

You're the truth speaker and honest one!! You take off the veil in each post of yours so effortlessly!!

Unknown said...

to the Higher, i bow.
to the Divine, i bow.

sarah said...

You are the best guide and the best example
all the matrixes encourage pretension
You are so Pure that You never succumbed
You practically the benefits of honesty
You are so miraculous

ki vernee said...

that is so true ! You are so right ! the world would be a different place if people were more honest ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

yes so true
one is so dishonest that one can't perceive things correctly and then one has the habit of complaining about others when the complains could be wrong
yes truly only You can get one to consciousness from the unconscious wicked state in which one does actions through ones egoic state
only You teach one to not bother about the evil within and without and just put ones attention on the beauty and grandeur of higher and Divine
You make it so simPle, beautiful and easy!
Your Plogs are Phenomenal!
You make life so beautiful and worth living
You show a way out of the excess weight of the mind
i bow

Gita said...

Honesty is so rare these days... honest ppl cannot survive in the muggle world and their new motto is "being honest doesn't take u anywhere" this shows that we live in a world built by evil...

Its so hard to survive in the current world we are in , I pray to divine that we be released from this cruelty soon :(

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Ajay Kapoor said...

You have raised such a great point. Honesty is rare these days. You always speak honestly to show the other beings the truth. I bow.

veena iyengar said...

so true..
I bow..

undecided said...

I bow. In my honesty I cannot see real happiness in the maya illusion genepools have created. I can only find the bliss in something higher than myself. aeioum

Kṛtti kā said...

Honesty needs to be cultivated about oneself / one's state !
You give the ultimate PhacT-check !

ki vernee said...

You are the most honest Being ! You are so right ! there are a lot of dishonest beings in this world ... honesty gets one closer to the Divine ! 7 bow respectfully

ki vernee said...

You are the most honest Being ! You are so right ! there are a lot of dishonest beings in this world ... honesty gets one closer to the Divine ! i bow respectfully

Kṛtti kā said...

You are the most truthful n honest being. You are so kind to helP anyone who comes to You with honest seeking.
i bow /\

ki vernee said...

You are absolutely right ... there is definitely lots of dishonesty out there ... i bow respectphully 🙏🧡🕉

nicolas said...

You are the mosT honest of all! Your divinity is very impressive and one can only be impressed by your being-ness!
i am so glad that you are PresenT on this PlaneT!

i bow to you, all gnowing one

nicolas said...

this is so true! you are so right about this! honesty is so important!
i bow to you supreme lord