Sunday 3 August 2008

peace - needs saving from the peacifists

just another bizzaroness of these times -

so much talk about *peace*

without any talk about *selfishness*

as if a peaceful society can exist with

conflicting selfish interests

john lennon is singing

*give peace a chance*

after guzzling down loads of chicken & beef

maybe the peace to peacefully

kill a cow or a chicken

violence, gnoingly & ungnoingly,

is the main tool used to breed peace

people talking about *love & peace* everywhere

especially in *bars*

as if those are places designed

to further *peace*

alchohol than would have to be *god of peace* ...

the game continues


asha Pi arTi said...

'bizzaroness'... so witty :)

You invent new words to describe these times because it really is unprecidented madness enveloping people... the clouds are clearing though thanks to You !

miragegirl said...

Narayan Narayan !

if the interest was Divine, was You
world would be so much better

for then the unlimited pure qualities in you
would inspire one to behave better
for ones own evolution

You are the greatest
the One who leads by example
the One who is Perfect
Avatar for the now
Kalki with a sword riding a horse !

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Peace can only start from seeing that it starts from P. Not from some nautanki and drama about giving Peace a chance.How can these lost souls be talking and pretending to be peaceful when its all just pretentious natak to get others to think they are soooo good.And the funny thing is they themselves believe they are not fooling anyone and are really making a good cause. That can only be delusional.Those are the wannabe peacemakers with only fame , name and money on their impure mind. Only a few handful people on earth can see it and they too must understand that they have to bow to the divine if they genuinely want peace for themselves and the generations to come.

miragegirl said...

aap apne naam ke anusar Pra~shant hai

is duniya main dukh mitakar sache roop se shanti pahlane vale sirf aap hi hai

aap ke janm se bhudevi ka bhoj kum hona suru hua tha

aap itne swachand uuch vibrations ukth vaktiv hai ki aap jaha hote hai vaha mausam main aacha badlav aa jata hai

aap har yug ke har avatar hai

aap sare batoon ke jad ko samajte hai

aap Param Pujaneeya hai

aap ParmaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

WAH ! WAH ! Brilliant words !!

what You PoinT out is top notch truth !! once again You have so eloquently expounded upon another "bizzaroness of these times" love Your wording !

You have made so many excellent PoinTs ! talk of peace whilst guzzling down loads of chicken & beef ! so true ! what hypocrites beings are ! they must surely consider butchery a peaceful activity then ~ indeed the word peace needs to be redefined !

love Your PoinT about talk of peace in bars also ! certainly wont take long for that talk to be unless drunken brawls somehow fit into notions of peace as well ! indeed alcohol would have to be *god of peace* lol You are brilliant ! Your wit is suPreme !

truly it is absurd ! until beings change their way completely there can be no such thing as peace in their lives !

ease with P is true Peace ! and that encompasses a very different way of being !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

Lol. :) Your humorous and Precise PerspecTive invites all who read Your words to open ones eyes and see things as they really are. dhanyavad P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

You are the NewSun

You are the Lord of light
You are the Lord of day & night
You are the Lord of vedicness
You are the 'sPiiriTual Lord of the multiverse'
You are the Lord of Peace
You are the Lord of the real Peacefists, the rishis

You have Garud as Vahan. a Garud PennanT adorns Your chariot literally.

Anonymous said...

wow ! what an interesting asPecT of the game You show ! GoD is someone who wholistically furthers something

You are the Lord of multiverse
Garud Narayan

You are GoD of Peace, You are PrashanT, PerfecTly Peaceful !
wow ! no low vibration of any sort in You
awing !

Anonymous said...

You are peaceful. The state of your mind is the definition of peace.

Unknown said...

Your message is of peace, your words spill peace which not everybody can understand!!

Unknown said...

P is so intelligent and witty!

Unknown said...

i bow to PT the Axis.

Unknown said...

i bow to the Peaceful.
i bow to God.

Unknown said...

:) LOL ! No one can put things into words like you do! Your wit and humor are unparalleled!
"as if a peaceful society can exist with
conflicting selfish interests"
It is so true! There are only the talks of a utopian world but no intention and action to build one!
I bow at your divine feet!

ki vernee said...

You are the most logical and witty Being ! You are the most gnowledgeable Being !

Anonymous said...

You are so extremely right
how can anyone spread peace with their wrecked mind..You oPen ones eyes to the absurd state of this world..
You coin awesome and Phun words for the english language 'bizzaroness' You are delightfully charming and unique. You are extremely intelligent. You are brilliant .You are so awesomely witty.

Unknown said...


ki vernee said...

You are so Phunny ! Your level of logic is infinite ! Peace with P is the only Peace ! i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is so true.. the very people that talk about peace have no grounding themselves eat flesh and drink alcohol in this state how can they talk about peace. I bow..

Gita said...

Peace seems so distant for me (us) right now.. We need you we need the divine !!

WE bow !

Kṛtti kā said...

Your words come to mind - "Ease with P is the only Peace"! Words Like Peace, love, humility can be learnt from You and only You for You are the Prime examPle of all these virtuous qualities!
How could one ever come to gnow of these absurd pretence without Your Amazing Penetrative PerspecTives!?! Ashamed to have ever been part of this irrational devolving madness.

Your words are Paramount ! Bowing to Your unparalleled wit, humour, crystal clear clarity, coherence n suPreme intellect!
/\ /\ /\

veena iyengar said...

very true..people are not ready to listen to the truth these days..
It doesn't fit into their lifestyles..
Thank you..

sarah said...

this is a gem of truth and clarity

undecided said...

I bow. No person can sing about peace while they themselves are using un-evolving beverages and consuming violent meat from innocent creatures. There is only hypocrisy in that mindset. You bring true Peace, PT. aeioum

NavdeeP said...

Bows!! Bows!! To the higher being who is saying truth and only truth.
After so much reading and applying other things it's only your words and music which never create any conflict in me.
Before this I was living totally confused life.
O Supreme!! Thank you for showering your pnowledge on me.

NavdeeP said...

O Divine Being!!! So much truth and clarity is spreading through your plogs.
Only you can talk about silent violence otherwise it's nowhere exist everything is fine in today's world.
I thank you for opening my eyes and helping me to know the real truth. Bows to your feet.

lana_33 said...
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

You are the one and only PacifisT. It's amazing how beauTiPhully u live upto ur name.

Others just talk the talk but they don't walk the walk.

Only you walk the Talk.

ki vernee said...

You are the most sincere Being ... who really does actions to bring Peace back on earth ... i bow

Unknown said...

P's ease is Peace ... i bow

Unknown said...

You are the embodiment of Peace ... it is no wonder Your name itself means very Peacephul ... You are the Peacephul Warrior ... i bow

Franco PT said...
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Norlha said...

Such a profound and enlightening perspective delivered so brilliantly and so perfectly !
The way you articulate, and make us understand things are so cristal clear,
There can’t be any other way PerfecT way to make us understand this profound perspective
OH LORD [P] I bow I bow !
It makes so much sense now , how our each and every word and action have to resonate , before we blindly use these Pure words like love and peace ...etc
There was no other perfect way to put the word like you do,
WOW! I bow to you LordP
I humbly bow to you!

nicolas said...

wow so true! peace cannot exist with so much meat eating and killing! this is a brilliant PoinT!
you are Perfection! nothing escapes your divine eye!
i bow to you supreme lord

nicolas said...

wow so true! peace cannot exist with so much meat eating and killing! this is a brilliant PoinT!
you are Perfection! nothing escapes your divine eye!
i bow to you supreme lord

nicolas said...

absolutely brilliant PoinT! you restore sense so effortlessly! you are the most amazing of all beings!
there is no one that has your level of beingness! you are suPreme!
you exPlain things so clearly and simPly!
you are the mosT Powerful of all beings!
i bow to you suPreme lord!

Gita said...

P only Your methods leads to Peace which is so wonderful & great, nothing else has the solution to bring peace back excePT for the beautiful multiversal laws & Vedic existence which You have been teaching us!!! one bows to You the Master of all!

sarah said...

You are so brilliant and clari-Phi-ing. the disgraceful behaviour and tormented states of pacifists is too much for one to deal with. luckily the multiverse dishes out just desserts automatically. what a PerfecT system ! so insPiring to raise ones state and stop messing up also, as that is the only thing that creates vulnerabilities.

Nithya Gopalan said...

Peace can haPpen only with you (Pease)
You always sPeak out PhacTs !
You are the Truth !
one humbly bows to the ParamaTman!!!