Friday 8 August 2008

888 Story


miragegirl said...

the One with crystal clarity
tri as in Trivedi
the One who has manifest on the 3-D plane

the One who holds Shudarshan chakr
the One who is like a lotus flower
with soft lotus light about him
with eyes like lotus petals
and softness in demeanor as one

the One whoms all can infinetly spin around to infinite

it is all you
the supreme
the real One

miragegirl said...

wow !

your voice seems to come from heavens itself !

its a sacred space with your sound envelope

Anonymous said...

It is incredible.All one's life one hears random info about numbers in numerology and then one comes along a new enlightened way to look at numbers. 8 as sign of the savior is heartening.A Diamond is the answer is yet another seemingly simple but proof of the refined crystal clarity of an obviously tuned mind.The 8 petal is a divine Proof of flower Power.How can one not be infinitely spinning onto the infinite when exposed to such Perfect Transmission.

miragegirl said...

aap sare ankh hai

aap sare rang hai

aap main panch bhut phure samaye huey hai

aap sarv shaktisali "6th element" hai

aap ne patharon se Excaliber bhi nikala hai

aap jaha bhi hote hai vaha Three-ness fractally dikayi dete hai

theen zebras, theen pataron par lakere, theen jaalprapat, teen kamal, teen badak, teen hiran, teen vriksh, teen guitar par knobs, har tarah ke teen yukth sanket crop formations main...

samanya symbols tho yeha vaha sare hai par PT symbolism sabse shub, sabse gehra hai

aap ka bird tribe emblem,
aap ka Quetzacoatel, aap ke dwara utpat ki gaye dwani, kamal, 6th elements...

ye sub aap ki hi leela hai

aap Param Pujaney hai

aap ParamaTma hai

sirf aap ke margdarshan se hum hamesha hamesha ke liye axis ke charo aur sahi tarah se ghum sakte hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

very ePic story !! an enthralling delight to behold !

Crystal Clarity ~ Sign of the Saviour ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! You are the One with Crystal Clarity ! it can be see in all that You are and all that You do ! "a Diamond is the answer, crystal, crystal, clarity ! ♪♫♪♫" - love how groovily You say this !! such a cool and catchy rhythm, one cant help but dance & sing along ! You are the sparkling Ardra Diamond ! the One with Crystal Clarity ! the Saviour ! Infinitely spinning onto Infinite ! again such an ePic play ! "Infinitely spinning onto infinite ! ♪♫♪♫" what a sound ! Your guitar and voice are reverberating as if You are playing in the most vast of auditoriums ! so very impressive ! a collosal wave of sound ! sounds which could only emanate from the One !

∞ I Bow to the Infinite One ! ∞

Anonymous said...

i bow! You are infinitely multifaceted. Your Phracticality is awe inspiring and breathtaking. Your brilliant luminosity is the PuresT treasure to behold. Witnessing Your ceaseless magical Plays and the ePic resPonses is stunning, each and every one unique and Powerfully mystical! i bow at Your Divine feet, the feet of the True saviour. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Saviour !

'time uP is the answer. crystal clarity'
'crystal clarity ~ sign of the Saviour'

judgement day is May 21. they stamPed the first croP formaTion on 3rd of August to show Triness & went on to show that You are the Saviour with a grand 3rd 8 on 8.8.8

'infinitely sPinning onto infinite' caPTain PT

talk about the stories of the west where three women weave hay into gold. their hands & noses ugly and outstreched through weaving and they helP a maiden become a queen. who is ugly? isn't it them ? evilish ! twisted fools writing twisted stories.

Anonymous said...

Your have a grandly resounding voice!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Saviour !
the real One.

Anonymous said...

You are such a rock 'n' roll genius who is effecting so many croP formaTions

a lot of PhracTality in Your liPhe, not something anyone can duPlicaTe even if they want to PreTend and Pose as a saneT

Unknown said...

P is such a diamond!!

Anonymous said...

i love magic and CroP circles are Pure magic.

Your Pure sense of discriminaTion/discernmenT is so crysTal clear like the diamond in the croP circle.

You emit the rays of Pure discriminaTion/discernmenT which hellPs the earThlings to see the TruTh.

You rhyme the words very beauTiPhully.

You are beauTiPhul like the croP circle flower of 8.

On this PlaneT only you have a h-eightened sense of awareness.

Your simPliciTy and ProfundiTy of Thoughts is so amazingly beauTiPhul.

Your exisTence rePresenTs the higher aspecT of no. 8 that is gnowledge/ProsperiTy/wisdom.

You simPly rePresenT everything that is higher and divine.

Franco PT said...
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