Monday 9 June 2008

Proper Crossing ~ PT Live at The 01Jun08 Musical Crop Circle


miragegirl said...

joh bhi aap kahte hai woh tarah tarah se such sabhit hota rahta hai

aap Quetzacoatel hai jinki coat ranjon se bari hai

aap Pahan hai jinki raah Hopi dekh rahe te

aap PT hai joh is duniya ko par karne main sab ki madat karte hai

aap main duniya ki saari sakthiya leen hai

aap madur sangeet banate hai

aap Param kalakar hai

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

this is such a great sound ! groovy & intense, it just drives on & on. a blaze of electricity surging & pulsing ~ this music is alive ! a very fitting soundtrack to accompany the musical crop formation ~ You show what real music is ! & You reveal the true nature of the crop design once again, as only You can !

so many "Proper Crossing" formations that year after Your play ! indeed indicating something ~ proper crossing ~ PT ~ Prashant Trivedi ~

i surrender to the Proper Crossing !

Anonymous said...

i bow. what a ProPerly Psychadlic Play! No drugs necessary. Your Divinely imPromPTu sounds invoke the most Profound unfoldings! dhanyavad for shining Your Pure light on what life is really about. dhanyavad for Providing the Proper Crossing. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Music Maestro !
with a 'timeless muse within'

what can be round with a straight ray emitting out (like ankh)?
a straightforward Sun (Sun in Krittika)

with three rays emiting out in PhacT ?
a Sun with 3 rays, a Sun Tri~ness (PT was born on 21, 2+1 = 3 ), a NewSun with Tri~ness (TriVedi, Third Eye)

why only three rays? its a Dark Sun (born in darker skin tone race), three rays are grand illumination as needed for the 3D Plane ( LotusOcean Plogs, YouTube, facebook ) through which one can see the NewSun (NewSun himself can always be seen in Person as well)

hindi is Your mother tongue. ankh in hind desh is number. the language & the number 21 Phits the ankh symbology as shown above as well

ankh is P & T combo, so the medium of Your commincation being English also assembles itself

You are the NewSun born on 21 with Your third eye oPen, with Sun in Krittika, who sPeaks hindi, who communicates in English, who is PT. You are The ProPer Crossing ! You are The Ankh !

Anonymous said...

Your Muse is ultimate ! the animation PuTs a new sPin to how grand You are ! You sPin in Time as a ProPer crossing. Lord Narayan !

wow ! where the croP formation occured looks like a mirror P . mirror P and You on the other side Playing music.

Anonymous said...

You are a stunningly gorgeous "Proper Crossing".

Unknown said...

Your music has a language of its own and nature responds to it so beautifully!!

ki vernee said...

P is the Proper Crossing !

Ajay Kapoor said...

Wow you have clearly shown the "Proper crossing" great intense music. I bow..

Gita said...

Your so sincere dedicated and too Perfect..

Help us cross over properly into the higher realm !

I bow !

undecided said...

I bow. PT, you're our only hope! The only Proper crossing there is. aeioum

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how you always execuTe such exTraordinary Plays in one take.

Your Play is always full of Phorce and beauTiPhul/electriPhying saounds/inTenT.

Franco PT said...
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