Sunday, 15 June 2008

'Proper Crossing' CropCircle Story


miragegirl said...

Narayan Narayan !

you explain it so simply

its a P and a T, its a proper crossing

its like teaching a kid

the sounds remind of revolving around an axis , your beautiful Axis video comes to mind...

of the kurma avatar, tortoise supporting the mount mandara

all your videos in sequence

or the blogs in a sequence form an unfolding beautiful story in itself

miragegirl said...

Narayan Narayan !

listening to the sounds is so exhilarating

indeed Sound is everything

everything is always right in front of one

it seems to be a matter of what one makes of it

the intent what the knowledge is used for...

anyone who has seen a motor rotating can tell it produces energy as heat, its also scary starting at one as there is a foreboading of its imminent collapse if it continues on and on

or even simply if one rotates round and round they can't sustain and they would collapse if they insist and continue, lol, but that's cause they are not coherent in themselves

but if one rotates around a proper axis, it is a proper intense collapse, a purification

in a superficial way its like a star field screen saver except it doesn't come at you instead goes out, converges and is on super fast forward

there is so much to You...

so beautiful...

pinx said...

A Proper Crossing ~ a P and a T ! ♪♫♪♫ Prashant Trivedi ~ a Proper Crossing

what a beautiful story ! there were so many Proper Crossing formations that year ~ all sign posts leading to You !

and a very enrapturing sonic ritual You created to illustrate the Proper Crossing nature ! what a swirl of colour and sophistication, rhythmically and melodically. the 7 notes coherently arranged, You always deliver the most beautiful musical sentences. enthralling & hypnotic, an ancient sound, mystical in nature, magical in import.

I Bow to the Proper Crossing !

Anonymous said...

i bow. PT does it again and again and again! Your Plays induce mind blowing effects that release one from scattered incohernce. dhanyavad for sharing the highest quality light and sound to exist on this PlaneT P. dhanyavad for so generously documenting your many multidimensional impressions for all to see and experience. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The ProPer Crossing !

wow ! another ProPer Crossing circle ! next You said 'get out of the cube'
a ProPer Crossing showing the way to 'out of the cube' !

shining bright, showing you the light, a NewSun at a height
You see ? see & be free ! to the Se(a) & be free, C (not cocaine !) 3 ! Tri~ness, "Praise the TriVedi"

Anonymous said...

Your most vids are live extemPore jams
You have close to 700 vids on YouTube wow ! how grand You are to create so much music

it is only effortless with You You are a grand musician !

better than beethoven, mozart etc for sure
its strange that in the same world that You are Playing music, there are others Playing group orchestrated violins, literally & figuratively

Anonymous said...

Your explanations of the crop formations show your knowledge. You are very intelligent.

Unknown said...

Wow its so huge and looks so beautiful, only your intent and music could create such crop circles!!

Anonymous said...

Only you have been able to ProPerly cross the divine left and right channels and because of this you ProsPer as a human being and this ProsPeriTy is ever lasTing because it is divine ProsperiTy.

Anonymous said...

Your saound and inTenT, both are Pure, crysTal clear and the most beauTiPhul.

Franco PT said...
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