Wednesday 28 May 2008

PoinT inside the Time which is All the Time


miragegirl said...

Narayan Narayan !

its Divine leela that's most beautiful and captivating

the play of beautiful northern lights seem to prode one toward how exhilarating Divine leela is

we are just ripples indeed flowing into the sea that is You

and its not just the ripples, the whole river is too, the natural course is to flow into the Sea

and you take us to the real PoinT as well, the PoinT where one has to get to

where the choice is very clear, where no force can drag one anywhere else but keep connected to You, where nothing else matters

its a circle with a center as well,
going past the sun, into the real lite

there is Divine and then the evil, evil is too phunny

Divine is exhilarating

amazing video, amazing coherence, amazing sounds...

miragegirl said...

Narayan Narayan !

You show your leela in such a beautiful way !

Asha said...

You make the most Beautiful Films !!!

a drop = drip = flow = flood of Praise to make the journey towards You smoother and more Phun !

miragegirl said...

aap ka bahut sundar maan hai

aap asani se atyanth madur sangeet banate hai

aap ki avaj mantric hai

aap main "sari agni Phires samaye hai

kas tarike se neel agni joh shiv aur vishnu ke neel rang ka karan hai"

aap ki aankye kamal ke komal pankudiyon ki tarah hai

aap main brahmand ki samast shaktiya leen hai

aap Param pujya hai

aap ParamaTman hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

this is one of the most touching & PoeTic & moving & beautiful & captivating & insPiring pieces of all time !

we are all just little rivers, flowing to the sea the sea that is P !

*hand on heart* ! this touches one to the very core ! Your words are truth ! You are the PoinT which we all need to get to ! the choice is really clear ! Your words evoke an intense longing to merge with Divine ~ Divine which has manifest in the form of You ! what a time this is ! what a Point inside the time !

Your guitar play beckons one, entrances one, captivates one. Your voice inspires one, moves one, enraptures one ! such beautiful imagery You have chosen also ! You insPire one to be a goPi ! surrendering to Divine eternally !

♫♪♫♪ love Your funky outro ♪♫♪♫ Divine truly rocks ! a repository of so many amazing qualities !

flowing to the sea that is P ! there can be no greater Peace in existence than to attain merger with the absolute - and get to the PoinT inside the time that is all the time.

I Bow to the absolute manifest in the form of the PT Avatar !

Anonymous said...

i bow. what a sensational PoinT filled with the most soothing sounds and sweetest visuals. Your Divinely mellifluous voice sets ones sails toward Truth and ever so gently guides one into the sea of P's PerfecT consciousness. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The PoinT

a point to existence is so grand that it makes time cease. it is a grand PoinT which the absolute PhracTal inhabits. Wow ! that is Divine ! Divine has 'PerfecT Time body'. so it is that it gnos everything, the All Gnoing One, it sees everything, the All Seeing One. 'lets get to the PoinT' You say, 'where the choice is very clear' , wow ! PerfecT tuning. embedding in the PoinT. You are CaPTain PT of the shiP of Truth going to The PoinT ! You have existed as grandly as You are always in the PasT, now in the PresenT & so will in the PhuTure. Your glory & grandness is absolute & constant through Time. You are all Avatars. You definitely can only be Divine ! so very grand !

the PoinT in a literal sense is where all the Avatars before have walked. the PoinT that You inhabit. gathering of the saound at one PoinT, god of earth ! grandness forms a cone & sPreads to heaven, Projection into heaven ! wow ! what a velocity reaching the High PoinT of the cone ! into another dimension

amavasya is darkness, not to be feared, takes one to real illumination ! Dark Sun ! black hole, worm hole ! You have comPleTe True gnowledge ! Time lord ! Omni-verse lord

'come here and see'. "when all else is asleeP, Time is awake".

Anonymous said...

You are Profund. You awe one !

Anonymous said...

Your activities are so intensely evolution oriented. You are grand !

Anonymous said...

You are Profound. You awe one !

Anonymous said...

You have an awesome sense of humour !

Unknown said...

The sea, the animation, your golden words and music creates a beauty which carries a knowledge, simply wonderful!

ki vernee said...

All are meeting to the great big sea which is P !

Ajay Kapoor said...

I bow.. You music captures ones attention to provide insight into the Divine. The music was mesmerizing and loved how the group played so well together. I want to keep listening. Amazing sounds.

Gita said...

Take us to the point where there is no time.. I bow!!

Anonymous said...

very angelic saounds!

Your choice of words are always very beauTiPhul.

You are the one and only creaTive genius and suPreme arTisT PresenT on this PlaneT.

Franco PT said...
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