Tuesday 5 June 2007

InterNet & InnerNet

it is true that internet has made life easier through allowing easier access to goods, people, and information, but its limitations and down-sides usually go unnoticed

there is also an etheric library of essential universal data through which all of biology functions & communicates ... for convenience's sake we will call it 'InnerNet'

our DNA is directly hardwired through this vast network which actually stretches beyond our planet, up to our Sun and other Suns ( also known as Stars) & other realms/dimensions

one major downside of the technonet is that it can/does interfere with the more important biologic InnerNet

the InnerNet allows only relevant information to reach an individual while the interNet provides all sorts of irelevant data along with the relevant information

innundation is the result of this excessive information bombardment on individuals who are not ready to sort and arrange this data

it is akin to pouring an ocean into a pond

innerNet is a more sophisticated data transferring sharing system because it only allows access to data/info (also known as insight and knowledge) which an individual deserves and is ready for
indulgence in InterNet is overriding the InnerNet, creating a techno-borg-slave instead of a free-biologic-galactic being.

not all individuals on the planet have the requisite mental, psychological & emotional preparation to arrange/ sort (also termed discrimination) huge amounts of information provided by the internet

this excess overflow of information clogs up the InnerNet channels making them separate from the sea of life

it than does really become a Net which seperates the fish from the sea of eternal consciousness ...


yati said...

This is very interesting, very interesting. Etheric library sounds tantalising, and internet dull in comparison.

ShivaYaShive said...

excellent blog in its every bit with marvel combination title.thank u so much for this gem

Anonymous said...

The only way to make the inner net pure is to surrender to ure will and allow u to lead the way to the outernet .It is our only connection as the microcosm to the macrocosm as the divine is the unification of both.Thankyou for shining your Perfect light and guiding us out of the matrix.

miragegirl said...

You have supreme knowledge

you show everyone the truths PhiT for the PresenT that can help better one

like this Plog you have written on internet and innernet

its both a warning and imparting of truth for what it is

so that one can benefit for the better

you are worthy of all P~raises

the truths that you impart shine brilliantly in this dark world

pinx said...

WOW ! what a P-specTive !! Your words are Divine ! Your words are enlightening ! Your words are essential reading !

"there is also an etheric library of essential universal data through which all of biology functions & communicates ... for convenience's sake we will call it 'InnerNet'"

what an enticing prospect ! what a superior form of data storage and transference ! "essential universal data" ~ yes essential is a key word ! as opposed to the vast amounts of very meaningless & PoinTless data that clogs the internet, and clogs our minds !

such profound words of wisdom about the crucial differences between the internet and innernet ! You have made it so clear what the pitfalls are of the former and what the limitless advantages are to the latter !

I Bow to the One who helps us access the Innernet !

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i bow. Your consice exPlanaTions of universal functioning are eye opening P. dhanyavad for the many glimpses into the ultimate gnowing You embody and are in constant inner communication with. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

So true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your gnowledge, Your insights, Your words are ePic beyond ProPorTion P!
You deliver inPhormaTion in the most mind blowing way!
You sPell out the innerconnectedness of everything from one's DNA to other realms, dimensions, worlds in the most logical way and clearly show how trapping and limiting the internet!
You are the living examPle of how the inside out way is the only real way!
i bow to the caPTain of the sea of consciousness, the One who is a Truly Phree-biologic-galactic-being!

Anonymous said...

Your Proactivism flowed from an other world in the form of internet incePTion many years back here
how its changing the PresenT world by being a medium to aPProach You is Your benevolence bestowed on this world & its inhabitants

it is quiet an unbelievable thing to people if one suggested that Divine is here
its taken as an imPossibiliTy (even by indians who are aware of Divine's Previous incarnations here)
Your LotusOcean maniPhesTations enhance the innernet connectivity amongst entities
'The Coming' is revolutionary !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Lord of Innernet
You are The Lord of Internet as well

You are Divine. You are everconnected sPace & Time, You are 'comPleTe full PhracTality', You are the most beautiful !

the concise meaning of internet essentially boils down to being three w's as www. its showing that the one who is the best amongst those here has Tri~wictory over all else on the internet. wictory PhracTal Tri-ness ! You have turned the stuPid evil web meaning into most sane wormhole. so now the wormhole is available for everyone world wide if they want to choose to ascend. its not just "browsing" anymore, its more real. it is "choosing" ! choosing Vedicness, LotusOcean way of liPhe, choosing You, choosing to break out of 3D !

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the most scientific & useful Bulletin Board System (BBS) in the world. Your innernet defines & proves the existence of space and time and their interconnectedness.

You are grand ! You show what real magic is. To some its quiet real in this life time itself. They are the blessed ones.

Meghhnaa said...

Simply marvelous, Etheric Library of the essential universal data->inner-net.
You are the modern Guru :-)
So true, one cannot and should not try to download the entire data on the internet and hence clog the divine system we are bestowed with all the unnecessary data.
If each and every moment of our lives we adhere to the maintenance of the inner-net, we all will become divine radiating beings.
PT you are undoubtedly the "Ray of Light" -> " The Savior" -> "The Divine Encyclopedia"

Unknown said...

This is what happens when an Aquarian, A Mercurian speaks... truth is being revealed in a scientific way. Yes, internet is filled with lot of extra garbage to play with people's mind and the interference is quite prominent all over the world. This post is enlightening to all the souls. You're a true saviour of this era! The existence of etheric library of universal data is not known to everyone, thank you for letting us know about it, I would like to know and learn more about it, thank you so much for this blessing!!

Unknown said...

P is so informative and truthful. One is so grateful to have P to decode all information so one can understand! (I bow)

Unknown said...

i bow to the sun.
i bow to the stars.
i bow to your divine wisdom.
i bow to your phacts.
i bow to your blogs.
i bow to the Sol.

Unknown said...

You have explained it so clearly. One needs to use internet wisely and make use of it to evolve oneself. And Plogs are are definitely the place for the right information and learning.

bindu ravikumar said...

Your writing is so elegant so sophisticated, has so much insight. It's just a delight to read them :) I've become your fan.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


asha Pi arTi said...

WOW !! 🙏

such amazing words to re read tonight !

this is the most beautyfull description so clearly from One who gnos :

" there is also an etheric library of essential universal data through which all of biology functions & communicates ... for convenience's sake we will call it 'InnerNet'

our DNA is directly hardwired through this vast network which actually stretches beyond our planet, up to our Sun and other Suns ( also known as Stars) & other realms/dimensions "

You are so kind to be here and share Your coherent comPassionaTe beautyfull Blue Phire words !!!!!!!

You are the Best P !!

i bow 🙏

ki vernee said...

You are so discerning ! i bow

ki vernee said...

beautiful ! i bow

Unknown said...

You've described it so eloquently.The world is clogged with excessive data and so are our mind. It's hard to filter what is needed for our growth and what is blocking it, as there's so much irrelevant information.

Thank you for your blessings��

Gita said...

Thano you ! makes a lot of sense.. one question though, is it possible to explain how the overflow of the information from the internet clogs up the information in the inner net?

Anonymous said...

wow such great and amazing words!
You exPlain so wonderfully and amazingly!
so so so PhascinaTing You words and Your teachings are!
You make all the sense and more!
You have such great gnowledge
You are amazingly gnowledgeable, sensible and right!
this is is such a great way of PuTTing it!
You give such an amazing definition of the innernet
Your words are so wowing
You are so beyond brilliant and genius
i bow

veena iyengar said...

Thank you..Thank you..

Anonymous said...

Internet is the most useful when used for knowing pt's innerviews. 🙏aeioum

Anonymous said...

wow such PhascinaTing gnowledge!
You have true gnowledge of this world and the beyond!
so exhilarating and PhascinaTing!
wow what a Plog!
You have the greatest overstanding
You overstand it all
i bow

undecided said...

I bow, perfect example is when people report and teach about Veds yet have not bothered to read the texts themselves and thus begin to spread fear mongering information....or when people take Ved information and alter it to fit their own ego's version of it, creating a "new age" distorted view. Let's get straight to the PoinT and bypass all that unnecessary information floating around in the "Ida" net. Lotus Ocean is the only portal to get through this diluted ocean of wrong information! Aeioum

lana_33 said...
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NavdeeP said...

Truth and only truth you will get over here. I could relate this to me as I tried to get internet info which was without a proper guidance
It was such a suffocating experience for me.your plugs and music lighten up a new light in me . You know the techniques how to make knowledge or I can say the pearls of wisdom available for everyone and how to prepare those beings to absorbs that into them.
O Great Guru. I bow down and touch your feet .

Unknown said...

Your level of discernment is unmatched ...You have what it takes to sort through all truth and untruths ... i bow

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

You are the one and only being to have beauTiPhully realisTic insighTs.

Franco PT said...
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nicolas said...

what a profound P log!
this is a very important distinction! your explanation is magnificent! your gnowledge of the multiverse shines so beauTiPhully through your words
i bow to you ShivNarayan

jagatsevak said...

i bow to the Pure gnoledge of your Teaching. This P log is Precise, clear, highly coherenT and logical.
You are the ocean of connecTivity to all realms and dimensions ... and beyond.
You are the only One who can show the PaTh through the mire and muck of the technoneT.
it is in one's besT interest to Phollow you.
the InnerneT is alive in You. You sPeak from direcT experience. direcT gnowing.
You are the Supreme Jagadguru.
i bow to you Shiv Narayan