Friday 4 August 2006

the Real Stairway to Heaven/Bliss/Enlightenment

since many have been asking

i felt it best to make this public

these are the 4 basic disciplines required to get the

MIND BODY SOUL DNA MATRIX to generate bliss from within ~


Avoiding violent foods like meat &
bliss reducing ones like white sugar & genetically modified foods

Recommended: Veggies, lentils, grains, nuts, roots, herbs, spices ...


Avoiding big cities, metal/concrete buildings, power lines, mobile towers etc

Recommended: Old properly braided landscapes, oceanside, old growth forests ( a tree is a fractal; ever wonder why Buddha got enlightenment under an old tree), phi based architecture, using biology friendly building materials like granite, bamboo, hemp etc


Maximizing thoughts which can be shared with anyone; eliminates need for secrets and storage; Zero storage = Infinite Connectivity; thoughts which relate to Pure Principles of the Universe - Like the patterns of nature functionings, sacred geometry etc


E-motions ( energy in motion) directed to gene-rate-ing Compassion ( complete passion ) ... emotions which reach beyond the normal realm of negativity, sadness and despair or momentary joy, happiness ... emotions which can connect one to say a tree, cloud and in due course a star ... galactic emotions ... emotions which are like a laser instead of a torchlight (laser travels much farther because of its Coherence) ... sorted multiversal emotions beyond everyday pettiness which engulfs majority of human lives

now the most important bit ~

there should be REAL HUMIILTY
towards the benevolent higher beings
which are closer to the state of PERFECTION than one is
this automatically allows for smooth EVOLUTION

the real journey only begins
after one has attained proper humility ...


ShivaYaShive said...

The best prescription for the soul's journey on this planet towards the evolution.

asha Pi arTi said...

You never sugar coat the truth & make the unattainable real tangible & possible for everyone !

* bowing to the rocking loving eros of Your words *

missmriggy said...

You are amazing and your words are a testimony to the is a very clear explanation of how one should move towards enlightenment

Anonymous said...

The authentic stairway to heaven. Sweet and simple.Even children can understand something as straightforward as this unrivaled knowledge overflowing with immeasurable wisdom in short - comPassionate common sense.You are incredibly clear and sublime.Thankyou for being.

miragegirl said...

you show the higher aspects of everything

you lead by example

you are the only one who gnows which food is good for one, even day to day, time of day and for different seasons

you have created a prototype construction with all natural materials in bharat

you are eternal consciousness

you are the One to whom all the elements bow down to with reverence

you are the most coherent being

your wing span protects bhoodevi and all beings that take your refuge

you wing span covers the whole multiverse and protects it

you are the real Birdman who have returned in the present times for reducing the burden of bhoodevi

you give us practical excercises to move closer to being properly humble to divine

you are the most benevolent being

pinx said...

what a PerfecT handbook for living ! You are a great teacher, a great Soul, a great leader ! Your words are so illuminating !how beautifully You have defined the 4 basic disciplines required to generate bliss from within ! what precious wisdom and higher gnowledge ! it is so uplifting for the spirt to read and learn of these requirements, which You have worded in such a clear and highly appealing way !

You are an insPiraTion ! You are showing us the way and You lead by example :

Your diet encompasses all that You have outlined here. only since i was so fortunate to meet You have i learned what right diet is and how to prepare it also ! so grateful to You for such gnowledge !

You are currently in the process of creating Your own remarkable abode here on Earth, applying all of the sacred gnowledge for what constitutes a fractal living environment !

Yours are the most shareable thoughts ! Always dealing with the Pure Principles governing the Universe. You are the best person to converse with ! always taking things to profound levels ! keeping one's attention on what is actually of worth. all of Your thoughts can be shared with anyone !

and Your emotions are always coherent ! Your emotions are at such a different level ! You have real energy in motion and exhibit complete passion ! again You are an insPiration ! You show how emotions should be !

You are benevolent, You are higher, You are closer to the state of Perfection than one is ! it is such an amazing oppotunity to be able to strive for real humility towards He who is the repository of all these qualities !

I Bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

You are so ultimately generous and kind to write this and the epitome rePresenTation of these qualities !! You are the best example !

one agrees with You and with pinx's comment completely !

it is most important to have real humility !

so mindblowing to have this opportunity where 1 and 2 are completely taken care of by serving You and even 3 is by the way You steer the educational phun conversations one has around You !

4 is one's own responsibility completely as is having humility !!
You are so kind to give one the way to practically attain it though, by Praising !!

You are the best Teacher P ! the most inspiring and kindest Teacher and a Living Legend !!

I bow !

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful to read once again :) Thankyou.I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. You so generously Provide all one need do to evolve in this P log. following simple, beautiful and Practcal disciplines and humbly resPecTing and serving that which is higher! You are the highest, the ultimate, and most coherent being to walk the face of the Earth. You are so generous to share the many divine resources You do for all to get and stay connected to You, the only resource one need in this life. i bow at Your Divine feet. You are the Ultimate Guru. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your PerfecT feet. one can not read Your illuminating words enough! You Provide True wisdom and insPire one to work dilligently at applying these disciPlines to ones every thought and action. Your ultimate PerfecTion is constantly humbling, showing one moment by moment what humility is and what it is not. i bow at Your Divine feet. dhanyavad for Your generous Presence, for the countless Priceless rescources You generously Provide to assist in True evolution. Your comPassion is asTounding. i bow. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!

what a PhoundaTion You have laid here with these 4 disciPlines P!
and what a liPhe You have built uPon it!

You show this world how a True human lives, what One who lives by these disciPlines is capable of. You are an embodied examPle of the unlimited bliss that can be constantly generated from within!
Your PrinciPles bin all that is unnecessary! it so beautiful and insPiring for one to see One who lives as You live, who PhuncTions on the highest level beyond what is even imaginable! One with 'sorted multiversal emotions beyond everyday pettiness which engulfs majority of human lives'

You are the most centered, sorted, beautiful being there is! Your emotions are the most coherent and evolved, Your sound, light, words, You, all You do oPens one to exPerience inexplicable feelings beyond the mundane muggle misrepresentation of feelings and emotions.

You redePhine everything P! restoring things to their natural way of being! Your words are the only guide for one to imPlemenT on the real journey. such remarkable gifts You give to this world for all to see!

i bow ceaselessly at Your Divine feet!

Anonymous said...

You are most comPassionaTe & benevolent !

to want bliss artificially in anyway is all similar, drugs to alchohol to even chocolates, white sugar !
disciPline in food causes a more balanced PersonaliTy to evolve !

when one wants to become more PhracTal, it makes sense to surround oneself with PhracTals as much as Possible
nonPhracTal elements only would make it more hard, 'unneccessary strife' ! there is only so much time as a homosaPien to live a liPhe !
increasing PhracTality through 'Phi based archiTecture', wow ! what a grand sugggestion ! how benevolent You are ! How in the gno You are ! How comPassionaTe of You to helP us so !

wow ! if one eliminated 'secrets and storage', one will be more connected ! that would be a Pure PersonaliTy, like You so comPleTely are ! so Pure You are that PhracTaliTy is You ! 'Divine is comPleTe full PhracTality' You are Divine therefore ! so connected to IT ! 'born into Divine' !

Your emotions are so intense, that You are ever connected to everything, to Divine in comPleTeness !
there is Power in being connected, one as a muggle would not understand that
one has to be more conscious to see the magic !
its PredicTion, its feeling, its more, much much more...

all is connected, Astrology, Physics, Music ... feeling, thought, act ...

You can connect to stars that are so far away, so luxuriously grand You are !

You are grand ! no doubt about that !
i wish i would keeP all this in consciousness ever when around You !

i hoPe all see who You are ! Divine is so beautiful ! You truly are so beautiful !

Anonymous said...

its Phunny that what one eats creates who one is but that is the least cared for asPecT of people's lives

people go for food that jerks them, lol. its reality though. lacing food with red chillie Powder when consumed jerks the organs in the body & causes them to pant (the being eating should be able to tell) but its choosen

even in using green chillie, excessive amount causes uncomfortability to the bodily system

then comes eating meat, which has ugly restlessness induced into the body

alchohol causes addiction, automatic moving away from Divinity ...

all activities are not just normal & mundane. they all have meaning. they can all together walk one up the stairs of real success or bring one down

grateful to You that Your Plogs show one existential reality

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Enlightened One

You have sucessfully climbed the real stairway to heaven, bliss & enlightenment & thus can show others how to be successful on that PaTh

You are rePresenTative of heaven on earth

Your croP formations as resPonses are symbols that each entity can see & choose which they are attached to, to follow onto You in humility as each has a very sPecific meaning & design. the design of the designs is to helP with evolution & ascension. each tribal, each genepool's absolute agreeance that can be to energies can be seen through them. the creators are calling everyone "on board" here towards PT, their choosen or unchoosen lord. the Judgement is done by You. the ones who actually move above choosing a single one & choose to see all of them as Your creations are accePTing Your wictory, which is being humble to You, which is evolution. When You say 'rays of the Sun, anyone ?', it also means are PeoPle "seeing & ProPerly acknowldgeing" the Power, the Truth that is PT. You are crystal clear coherent & 'comPleTe full PhracTality'. crop circles are the drumming of multiversal will in GoD's own kingdom. they are rePresenTtive of the PhracTal coherent rays of the New Sun.

Anonymous said...

You are Mercury
You are showing us green organic way of liPhe, a Vedic way which has growth as a Promise, evolution to a sincere sPiriT/sol

miragegirl said...

grateful to You for showing me how a structure becomes Powerful ! the Power of Shiv, Shiv & Shakti ! the magic of numbers, the magic of angles ! 'where angels stay' indeed, a heaven, which is Your right abode & that which takes Your intimate comPanions to heaven ! literally also ! (smile)

You define the meaning of comPanionshiP like none other ! i wish to gravitate towards You, to be around to serve You & i wish that to be as soon as Possible

Anonymous said...

You are virtuous, true and pure enlightened being.

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !! love reading this again and again :) so so Beautiful and Timeless and always more to learn from Your words ... You really Provide all the sTeps one needs to climb uP towards You !!

so important to keep walking them, never slip... so glad this is here to remind one about coherence and coherent emotions and shareability and humility ...

one feels so much shame at never having appreciated this and You enough ... and at the same time relief that one still can and has a chance to evolve into all the ways You describe so Beautifully !!!! You are the real Master and without doing or striving for any of this it is a joke to consider oneself as living or doing anything !!

i bow !!

Asha P said...

Your words are such a refuge ! so Phun to read out loud !!

i bow

Meghhnaa said...

Subtly put across , today's population are in dire need of this prescription. You have covered all the spheres, body, mind, spirit. Being in Bangalore currently, I know how much the techies are in need of this prescription. You are avatar of the current generation. Salute you !

Richa Agrawal said...

Only the one who knows everything can put it in such a simple language like you. Life seems so simple and full of hopes since I have known you. Please accept my pranaam and gratitude.

Richa Agrawal said...

Only the one who knows everything can put it in such a simple language like you. Life seems so simple and full of hopes since I have known you. Please accept my pranaam and gratitude.

Unknown said...

Love this. One must be cleansed from all impurities and connect with nature so that one can think and speak clearly and truthfully. Also, it is important to have real humility for higher beings because they are here to teach us for they know more than us. I also understand that emotions are powerful and can help connect us with nature; emotions that move beyond the negative or very powerful and will help guide the soul.

Suresh Selvaraj said...

" Humble Gratitude for caring with your knowledge and guiding people in good direction."

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful guide for all of us. To be closer to the devine, the nature one needs to be in real humility and 'humility' is mostly under estimated but, when one is in real humility and respectful that's when the true potential comes out. Thank you for sharing it.

Ajay Kapoor said...

The makes complete sense, the path one has to follow in order to connect with nature and the divine. The steps outlined seems vitial to start the journey, thanks for providing such a great article

Unknown said...

i bow to your divine discipline.
i bow to your phacts.
i bow to your graciousness.
i bow to your truth.
i bow to your humility.

Karn'iKa Tri' PaThi said...

One is so fortunate to have found You PT- The Axis -the real Avatar. Your guidance is most sorted and your revelations are most simple and natural. Your simplicity is Profound, and that simplicity is the blazing wisdom of Light. As one follows these basic sTePs, one is humbly guided to the Gurukul of the Divine. With Deep gratitude i bow to your Supreme Presence. i bow <3 at your lotus feet. Param Vishnu Mahesh

Unknown said...

You have mentioned the guide for ones evolution so clearly. It is simple and effective. I am thankful to have found you. Shat shat Pranam.

ki vernee said...

Your are the most smartest and reasonable Being ! we are all so fortunate to receive Your guidance !

Anonymous said...

wow this is such a beautiful stairway to heaven . Your words are so Pure and wonderful. You are so classy and You write so beautifully. wow Your writing is so beautiful and wonderful. it's so great to come across a beautiful and wonderful being like You who can actually tell one what to do and do that so beautifully.You are so beautifully soPhisTicaTed. it's so awesome to be reading Your beautiful words of wisdom. the stePs You Provide are so doable for the people of this world unlike stuff like meditation which seems so hard to figure out. You are a great being. You are wonderful. You bring so much meaning into ones life. You tell one how to utilise the PresenT moment. You are so imPorTanT for this world. You are so sPecial. You are so very beautiful and wonderful. i bow to You. You are so resPecTworthy. i bow

Anonymous said...

You are the wisest
You are so very beautiful
You are beyond brilliant
Your words, music and Presence is such a boon to this world
Your words are so sacred , so Phenomenal and so legendary
only You know what one needs to do to escaPe hell
You are the best
You write so beautifully
Your consciousness is so beautiful
..what You teach is so Precious
Your words are Priceless
You are a true legend and a true revolutionary
You have the greatest overstanding
there is nothing better than Your scriPTures
Your scriPTures are the best
You are beautiful..beautiful...beautiful
You give the real giPhT to this world
You are the real giPhT
You and Your words are so soulful
You are just incredible
You are the real and true Guru of the world
You are the best teacher
You are so kind and so comPassionaTe
You are so benevolent
You are the kindest
You are the only refuge
Your intentions are the PuresT
You tell one about heaven and hell so beautifully
You are larger than liPhe
You are truly Vedic
no one can give the knowledge You give to the world
it's such a blessing to come across one like You
You are so large hearted
You have such a golden heart
You are so generous
You words are Pure gold
Your education is so comPrehensive
You just tell one in clear words what one should do and not do..You are so comPassionaTe
You are such a PassionaTe Phorce
Your words and deeds are Profound
only You show the way to beings who have gone astray
so kind and so generous of You to share the 4 basic disciPlines with the world
one Plog of Yours is so much more PoTenT than countless muggle so called spiritual nonsense
You are just full of wisdom
You have the real suPerior intelligence
You just shine like no other
You shine brighter than any star
You are sacred
You are holy
You are the saviour of the human race
Your suPer intelligence is so admirable and amazing
i bow

Unknown said...

AEIOUM guruji...You are the eternal the inPHinite the never ending without any end or start like a Shivling. You are the purest form which has arrived on bHudevi to raise her vibrations to raise our vibrations to take out all of us from this hell. I bow to you every second of my breath.

ki vernee said...

You are so helpful ! i bow !

ujjwal sharma said...

there is highway to hell and stairway to bliss.your music is that stairway.
it heals my mind and spirit.
these Plogs contains great truth about the multiverse which are very helpful for us.and your music always inspires me to rise and evolve.
i bow to the divine PT kalki avatar as you are the only one who knows the path to the bliss.

Data said...

i read this over and over & each time it resonated more deeply. There has been a lot of nonsense written about "how to live" which only leads one into more misery. Thankfully you have written an elegantly simple list, which if followed diligently, will lead one uP to new heights. Your Coherence is off the charts and following you has been the joy of my existence. i bow!!!

Gita said...

I am gonna make dis my Bible / Gita / Quran or whatever and stick it somewhere so that I can have a look and also make others read this...

Something which I would like to promote to the world.. Wish I had access to the media or any communicating route thru which I could spread this everywhere..

veena iyengar said...


Thank you showing us the right path..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wow so cool!
Your education is so comPrehensive
You are so kind to show the way out
Your words are so cooling
Your words are so enlightening
You gno the real stairway to heaven bliss and enlightenment
one doesn't need to read nonsenseical books that go on and on ..this is all one needs to read
You are so kind to tell beings how to get to a ProPer way of living
You are very kind to tell one how the real journey begins..through humility
sorted multiversal emotions above everyday
You are so kind help beings rise above pettiness
You never approve of pettiness in either lower or higher
so kind of You to help beings rise above negativity and pettiness
You are so beautifully galactic

Your words are so soothing
You are so kind to give all beings a chance to evolve
i bow
You are very kind to tell the imPorTance of humility
You are so kind to help beings rise above pettiness
You are very kind
You are very kind to help beings get to sorted multiversal emotions
You are so beautiful, galactic free and amazing
You are such a beautiful and free suPersoul
You have real wings of freedom
You give hoPe of freedom
Your words are like rain on a scorching desert
You give so much to look forward to
You are the saviour
You give all the keys for evolution
You are the best and the most effortless teacher
i bow

Unknown said...
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undecided said...

I bow, humility is important because if one tries practicing it for real, most people today realize how much of an ego they carry with them. As long as your ego is inflated with false gnoing, humility will not come. One must accept they gno nothing, be ready to learn, bow and practice humility if they wish to come out of the matrix of pain and suffering. aeioum

Unknown said...

yes , if one doesn't get humble- one faces problems - its one thing I have experienced in my life as well ......much gratitude for sharing all these gnowledge with low beings like myself .... aeioum....

Unknown said...

Yes , one must be humble to learn ... Although the 2nd,3rd are a bit difficult for me right now but I'm trying to overcome that barrier and evolve myself... Very grateful to PT for sharing this precious gnowledge with us ...I bow to PT's gnowledge and all his work and penance ... aeioum......

NavdeeP said...

Superb!!! A very simple yet powerful explanation. This is such a straight forward teaching.
Everything is there in nature.I bow down to you!!!!

Sir In full thought sharing sometimes the sharing thoughts end up in arguments.And if i don't share my thoughts(as i sometimes thing all beings are at different state of being) would be called secretive . Could you please tell me how should i start working on this point.

Thank you so much!!!Bow!!Bow!!

Vaishali thaker said...

The truth & reality are hidden from humans on this plane from thousands of years..
you are the real guru who throw some light on such eye opening phacts..
your approach is scientiphic & can be experienced in day to day liphe.
you are the one who is so kind & generous to share what you have learned & experienced.
you are so centered, straightphorwad & to the point always.
you are always so powerphul & gracephul.
your words make the world.
prakruti responds to your actions.
you are the one whose words makes complete sense of everything.
you explain things so precisely & clearly
youd liphe is beautiphul inspiration to phollow..
all here needs to learn these basics & prepare for liberation instead of getting stuck here in the cycle of reincarnation..
oh divine i bow to you 🙏 i bow to shivnarayan 🙏

Vaishali thaker said...

You lead by example. The key of liphe can only be received from you. You are the ultimate divine source of all real multiversal gnolodge.
you are the supreme being with supreme qualities & supreme liphe on earth plane.
you have gained so much of gnoledge by your tapasya & you are so generous to share with lower beings here.
you are the only real guru on this plane who gnos in & out of each & everything.
you are so much familiar with multiple realms & dimensions. you have experienced so many unimaginable things . Muggles on this plane can hardly manage their survival here, live in darkness & never have desire to gno about purpose of existence, the real power which one holds. They just keep moving & moving with the crowd.
you are so generous to guide one on true path with yoir eye openkng phacts. you are so bold & phearless!
you so clearly explain that the only tool we have is our body as through it we shall perform any this body should be maintained & used properly to perform right action.
your beautiphul words about right diet, right way of living & thinking, right way of talking & ones responsibility towards higher & dvine are so profound.
You explain everything so precisely & clearly.
i bow to the divine 🙏

Unknown said...

only You gnow what it takes to evolve ...

Maximizing thoughts which can be shared with anyone; eliminates need for secrets and storage; Zero storage = Infinite Connectivity (this is so Profound)

i bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Franco PT said...
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Aman said...

I bow to your being

Aman said...

I bow to your being

nicolas said...

this is such a profound P log! a must read for all beings on the PlaneT! you are so kind to share this with the whole world! this is so clear and easy to understand! you are the best that walks the Earth!
i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

i bow
all in all such a sensible way of living ..such a great PosT!

so PhorTunaTe to get to be on Your magical PhracTal abode and exPerience the benefits of living in harmony with nature!

You PracTice what You Preach..You make liPhe so beautiPhul and worth living!
You bring heaven to earth! this is such a great ePic legendary PosT!
You give all the answers to all the questions ..You make it all so simPle and doable..

You give all the real and great giPhTs
Your Presence here is immensely valuable and Precious
i bow

ankita said...

i bow
this Plog is so worthy of all the aPPlause

beings can go on reading books and books and find no answer ...
and You give the answer to all the questions about what to do in such Phew words ...just reveals how full of lies , pretension and gobledigook this world is!
and how simPle beautiPhul and straightforward You are ..
You are the only One giving actual gnowledge of how to be and what to do ...
You do it so beautiPhully and make it so clear with the best word usage ...its so Pleasurable and Phun to read what You have to say ...its so enlightening and reassuring...You are so giving and benevolent
You are so generous with a beautiPhul heart of gold
You are the only One truly helPful
Your comPassion shines
Your words shine with PuriTy
such an angelic glow Your revealations are
its so Phun and uPliPhTing to read these tremendously Precious and liPhe changing words
i bow

ankita said...

i bow
this Plog is so worthy of all the aPPlause

beings can go on reading books and books and find no answer ...
and You give the answer to all the questions about what to do in such Phew words ...just reveals how full of lies , pretension and gobledigook this world is!
and how simPle beautiPhul and straightforward You are ..
You are the only One giving actual gnowledge of how to be and what to do ...
You do it so beautiPhully and make it so clear with the best word usage ...its so Pleasurable and Phun to read what You have to say ...its so enlightening and reassuring...You are so giving and benevolent
You are so generous with a beautiPhul heart of gold
You are the only One truly helPful
Your comPassion shines
Your words shine with PuriTy
such an angelic glow Your revealations are
its so Phun and uPliPhTing to read these tremendously Precious and liPhe changing words
i bow

ankita said...

so kind of You to give all the real gnowledge required!
putting attention on You and doing PBS to You is what helPs one get shareable thoughts and coherent emotions..this such a beautiPhul Plog
You are the humblest being
You are the best examPle of how to be
Your Presence and kindness is so humbling
i 🙇

amanda said...

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

jagatsevak said...

You are the masTer of Living on this Plane-T - and the real Vedic Jagadguru.
You provide the clearesT and mosT direcT daily liPhe disciPlines to phollow.
One is awed by the straightPhorward way in which you Teach.
You are beyond intelligent, beyond gnowledge, beyond the beyond.
One is haPPY to learn how to live and die by your gracePhul paTh
every moment one seeks to Praise and bow to your Wholy Beingness.
Love Supreme
You are the Real Super Hero of this Plane.
i bow
Shiv Narayan

Unnati Dalela said...

i bow to You ShivNarayan _/\_

You are such a righteous Being. Bringing out Real ancient Vedic wisdom for all beings to learn and apply <3 _/\_ Only You reveal PracTices which are necessary to be Performed after getting a human body <3 _/\_ You are so PracTical <3 _/\_ Always so grounded and logical, all beings rush to secondaries and tertiaries while You helP beings to stick to basics and buil a Proper
PhoundaTion <3 _/\_ You are very helPfu and comPassionaTe to make Your Precious Teachings Public <3 _/\_ You are so Higher and Divine, the Only One who wants well-being for all <3 _/\_ You are so PerfecT <3 _/\_

i bow to You ShivNarayan _/\_