Tuesday, 25 October 2022


what is RaP ? 

 its Ra = Sun P 

 its a celebration 


 newsun P

even mass PoP terms





Vintish said...

Raise of the sun anyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS1cU7ZCvh8

Vintish said...


Ankeeta said...

WOWie... hot off the Press! This is so ePic PRaBhu... You are the most excellent most PraiseworThy One... so cool! now we gno the REAL meaning of the word... Peace and gnowledge comes through Your grace.... i bow

ankita said...


Unnati Dalela said...

i bow to You ShivNarayan !!! <3 _/\_

what a PhascinaTing P-log. Wow!!! RaP is celebration of You <3 _/\_ You are so endlessly celebratory <3 _/\_ You are such a Phun Being <3 _/\_ You are very wise and logical always <3 _/\_ nature keePs on celebrating You endlessly <3 _/\_ one wants to keeP celebrating You endlessly too <3 _/\_ You are so Lovely so adorable and PreTty <3 _/\_ forever more grateful for Your exalted Presence here, Dearest One <3 _/\_ You are the Ra King <3 _/\_ You are the Aquarian King <3 _/\_

i bow to You ShivNarayan !!! <3 _/\_

Alexa said...

This is such a PhascinaTing revelation, only You can reveal what the word RaP truly means, You are the only One worth celebrating. Everything sPins around You, You are so PowerPhull PhracTal wise and gnoledgable 💗

ankita said...

it's so amazing how everything in this world comes back to You 🙏
Your PhracTaliTy is amazing 🙏