Sunday 8 August 2021

olymPics 2021


so its finally over


16 day



various ways to waste

a human life

the pain and torture element is

just the added bonus

there were many so-called nations

trying to prove

that they are 

Physically PhiT



the ground reality of

these particular nations -

unhealthy diet

unhealthy living


complete reliance on pharma durgs to even function at all

is not hidden

from the world

in this age of internet


they are still desperately trying 

to somehow show that

their 'unhealthy way' works


beyond the obvious humour

is simPly ridiculous

it makes for a tragicomic spectacle


human beings

doing funny painful actions




not just to their bodies


to their 




these medals wont help them

in the afterlife

but of course

that is not an area/event/disciPline

which has any representation in

modern olymPics

when the word/term 






- greek term for

a place where gods live

putting it simPly -

its a name for heaven

so olymPics

as per its definition

should be

all about

how to reach


no such event/disciPline happening in



it can not be turned into a 

consciousnessless competition

reaching heaven

by breaking out

of cycle of birth and death 

is a 

Personal Pursuit

of evolution



an actual care for 

one's Well-Being



big big timescale called


being stuck in 

the full of uncertainity

cycle of birth and death

is crazy enough in itself

to turn

that into more 

Pain and Torture



actions and



words much more crazy than crazy

which english language has not

invented as yet

on a side note -

a lot of people

cannot carry on with their normal liPhe

in the so-called Pandemic 


this drama could be organized still

another clear PoinTer

in direction of Plandemic


Frank108 said...

P Your words are gold ~ You have reached the Real achievement all beings should strive for ~ it is so kind of You to PoinT out the clear & concise view of what is really haPPening in the world & in hellish pursuits like olympic games ~ P You are the guide to the real olymPus ~ Your way is mighty, undePheaTed & untouchable by the rest ~ striving for evolution, as You so kindly remind us continually, is the goal/Phocus/PurPose for every being ~ the real challenge is to get in Phi & be able to ride the wave & You are the PerfecT examPle of that! gratitude for Your Presence & clarity ~ i bow

shashank said...

I bow to you

Prachi Bhatt said...

I am grateful to the Phorce for letting me discover you.
I read and re-read your blogs and innerviews on your youtube channel to get the real essence on how life is meant to be lived.
They are eye-openers for muggles, changing the perspective of looking at the world.
Your thoughts, observations, insights and language are very Precise & refined and show finesse tuning with nature.
I found your sound & music difficult to understand when I listened it for the first time but listening it several times again and again makes me realise the manner in which it is connecting with the natural aura at that moment. It increases self-consciousness and I am becoming conscious of sound entering my ears on daily basis resulting in increased discriminatory senses.

I give my respect and admiration to the most sane being on this Plane, the one who have the subTlety of senses, influencer of the elemenTals and to your highly aligned PhracTaliTy.


Vintish said...

They will Pay.. aeioum

ankita said...

wow gaagar me saagar ...that's Your Plogs

each word of Yours is so imPorTant 🙏

Your words are so rePhreshing 🙏

You tell beings what is really going on and that is the best thing ever

You PuT things into PersPecTive like never before ...Your words are the most clariPhying and Precious 🙏

each word of Yours holds more imPorTance than everything in this world together

that's so correct ! nobody even suspects that people here could even be crazy when You gno that they are crazy beyond crazy !

wow ultimately clariPhying words ...You PuT things into Perspective like no one else here !
only You really matter and that's so great !

want to surrender to the being You are and not come back to my petty nonsense ever again

only You help brings understand that it actually requires work to surrender to You Phinally and comPleTely

You are so work oriented and One and only true gem of a being ...none of all this can be said for another being here on this earth

one bows right now and one wants to bow Phinally and comPleTely too kind of You to insPire to work for that
You're so work oriented and everything real and true ! it's so great that You are You !

ankita said...

Your PersPecTive is so Precious
Your words are so awakening
You're so kind to show a way out of craziness
You see things as they are ...You have so much clarity and that is so Precious
You are the only imPorTant being here , the One who is giving the right direction amongst craziness and madness of all kinds
You are the only One who truly helPs beings towards their well being..You are a truly nourishing and caring being
one bows

ankita said...

Your words are therapeutic ..
the only real therapeutic words

You're the saviour
You're the ultimate