Monday 8 June 2020




















Frank108 said...

P shows the way ~
to the center ~
& there you will find well-being

Vintish said...

bahuT sundar PosT hein

Vintish said...

I bow

ankita said...

wow.. .it all revolves around You
only P takes out the ills!
i 🙇

joanna said...

wow! simPly brilliant and beautyPhul! You are trurly the only REAL CURE for every illness!
You always have a solution for every problem!

Your intellinence is so imPressive!
*•.¸♡ ♡ ♡¸.•*

irisha said... true and so cool this PosT :)..only You take out the ills..You are so gnowledgeable n wise and kind and sweet

Anonymous said...

only P takes out the ills !!!
You are so miraculous !!!
all sorts of beings go mad in their own idiosyncatic manner, and You sort everyone out !!!
Your divine generosity is so insPiring !!!

nicolas said...

that's a great Plog! your intelligence is briliant! your Presence is the cure! you are the ultimate hero! there is no one like you! i bow to you ShivNarayan

Aleksandra said...

PuTTing aTTenTion on You takes away all issues !
PBS is the only solution to all Problems that people in this realm exPerience
Only You can imProve the state of beings, You are so kind to teach the Vedic way of living which improves everyone’s well being and makes liPhe on earth more PleasanT
One bows ������

Unknown said...

I bow to the wise P

Gita said...

You surely take out all the ills, being witnessd that one can vouch for that sweet Lord... You cured one from many things, You brought back life literally... one has no words to express Your kindness... one can only serve You forever cause there is nothing else more worthy one bows to You beautiful P

Norlha said...

P is the only cure to all the ills .
I bow 🙇‍♀️

Helfoo said...

Very nice post :)

Nithya Gopalan said...

You are the Purest being ....
You are the real saviour!
Only you can take the ill out of one !
One humbly bows to PT’s PheeT!!!

Hinano said...

You are the most healing Phorce on this Plane. you are the only true medi-cine. honoring you is a genuine Privilege

sugarspice said...

simple and fun ... P as a cure of ills

veena iyengar said...

i bow to you

ankita said...

that's right..only You take out the ills

reading out Your words out loud is so helPful

You are so comPassionaTe

only You help beings understand that its important to do what's good for them

and that's all matters

you always do every action wanting well being for others ...that is why You are so Pure

people might misinterpret Your actions as dismissal, as hatred ....but all that doesn't exists in You

You always take a stand for people's well being

and every action that You do helps beings understand how important its is to get out of hell

others might think that You are done with the being that you have blocked, but that's just their way of thinking and that's not a heavenly way ....heavenly beings do not think ..they just do the right action continuously

You are not what others project on You

you are so above it all

and You truly want well being for others with all Your heart

you have a heart of gold

one bows

asha Pi arTi said...

so great P ⚡🅿️🙏🏽 this is so witty & so true, one can not count the number of times You have saved one from the refraction of the mind and centred one back to the main goal for one !

ankita said...

that's so beautiPhul and reassuring ...a way out of all ills forever
Your Presence is of suPreme imPorTance
one bows

ankita said...

yes that's so absolutely true 🙏
so kind of You to show a way out of all kind of You to help beings do what is sensible
one bows