Tuesday 11 February 2020

indradhanush Purush - Rainbow Man

the effect gnown as


in english




in sanskrit

this term throws light

on this phenomenon

in a way

where its origin and signiPhicance becomes clear

'indra' is a title for

the king of the devas ( elementals, demigods )

'dhanush' means a bow

so it is

the bow of the king of the elementals

thus its Presence

can never be attributed to

any lowly spirits (djinns etc)

it is a Divine sign

which follows P everywhere and everytime on

this earthly incarnation ...


Vintish said...

I bow to the highest being on this PlaneT

Aleksandra said...

it is so great to learn that a rainbow is indra's bow!
only You can scienTiPhically exPlain This Phenomenon! rainbows constantly aPPear around You,  in one week there can be more P bows in Your Presence Than people get to see in their whole liPhe!
 anyone that does not see this as Divine Avatar sign is totally insane and lacks gnoledge- djins and low spirits have no Power to create anything like this - You are the only One that gnows about all beings that reside in this multiverse
elementals are giving the clearest signs of Your Divinity and PhracTaliTy
 You are very sweet, comPassionaTe, caring, and kind to give beings so many signs and time to make the right choice and be on Your side 
one bows 

asha Pi arTi said...

Absolutely true and beautifully exPlained ! The first contact with You in 1999 resulted in a giant full double rainbow that lasted 20 min whereas any rainbow (just a handful one had seen) before meeting You were brief and fleeting ! One has personally had the great honour of documenting thousands of rainbows happening in Your Presence and countless sunbows as well ... one affectionately calls them all Pbows now bc its so crystal clear how You have everything to do with why they appear so frequently just where we live !! One gratefully bows as well to the One whom the sky bows to here !!

ankita said...

how beautiPhul Your Presence on earth is! You are such a magical being. ..all storybooks come to liPhe and more! You are PoeTry in motion. .what a celebration going on now that You are here most beautiPhul One!
i bow

nicolas said...

really beautiful exPlanaTion! you are so kind to exPlain this! rainbows Phollow you everywhere!
your liPhe is a never ending miracle, it is absolutely amazing to witness everything you are and everything you do
there is no one like you, one cannot stop being amazed at your Presence!

i bow to you

Nithya Gopalan said...

You share us the Highest Gnowledge ...
Now you gave us the clarity of rainbow 🌈 followings ...
You are Highest being in this world ...
You dePhined the term “higher”...
i Bow to the ParamaTman...!!!
i Bow to PT’s PheeT ...!!!
i Bow to the Kalki Avatar...!!!

Anonymous said...

even indra bows in front of you Prabhu. i too bow.πŸ™‡πŸ™

Viswajit Raman said...

Prabhu, Each word from you is like an arrow shot at the ignorance in our minds and in an instant clarity emerges!!!! I feel it thereby I know it each time I listen to you.

Always a speck of dust at your feet.

Unknown said...

You are so Pristine. It's so beautiPhul how nature resPonds to you. I have never seen so many rainbows around a being or even thought this was possible. It's really magickal & uPlifTing
and makes one feel in awe.

Viswajit Raman said...

Hey Prabhu/paramaatmaa,
whatever happened to those trillions of dollars of advanced weaponary that countries procured... you are the Phinal Destination, only you can show sympathy on us during the current circumstances world-wide. A little bit of sympathy from you on us will heal all of us.

ever a speck of dust at your feet.

Hinano said...

You are gorgeous illuminating all the colors of the rainbow.. Your rainbows are a clear sign of your comPleTe PhractaliTy, your holiness, your Divine qualities. Your goodness & virtue is unequalled

irisha said...

Wow!! rainbow is the bow of the king of the elementals! it is so true that it follows You everywhere and everytime in this earthly incarnation..its a great good PhorTune to get to see so many rainbows Philms on Your channel ..and in Person too..within two weeks there were seven rainbows in Your Presence ..even just recently 2 double rainbow appeared as a resPonse to 2 Plays of Yours ..that too within an hour..its occurrence is so frequent ..its amazing and Pleasing ❤️ :)
You are so sPecial .., You receive heavenly giPhTs :)..also coronaPbow just blows ones mind !! what a great time this is as You r here :).i bow to You too, most sPecial one

Anonymous said...

the amount of rainbows around You is no coincidence at all, more than synchronicity. in fact they seem to have total disciPline about it aPPearing in ways that cannot be missed.
it is so miraculous how You exist and rainbows resPond to Your PhracTal sweetness.

Naina said...

So beautiphul explanation of Indra Dhanush and it does follow you everywhere, this is so ultimate and fascinating... You are the Divine, you are the hero, the king's ki devas follow you, you are the Shiv Narayan, you are the Guru aeioum aeioum.πŸ™‡πŸ™‚πŸŒžπŸ’›πŸ™πŸŒˆπŸŒˆ

sarah said...

what a glorious symbol of Your infinite mercy !!!
they literally follow You everywhere, chase Your car, manifest just outside Your window, go wherever You go. it is amazing.

asha Pi arTi said...

as inside so outside ! You are continually aweing πŸŒˆπŸ…Ώ️πŸ™πŸ½

Chanakya Tiwari said...

Lord P are are The saviour of the traPPed sPiriTs like me on This Plane-T πŸ™
I bow at your loTus PheeTs πŸ™ Prabhu

Gita said...

it's interesting and Phun to gno that rainbows follow You

NavdeeP said...

Beautiful coherence and PhracTality learning through your worldy Presence. So much clariTy that you have. So much positivity you have. You are all gnoing one. You are the wisdom, the truth Pure Divinity. i bow to you

Asha P said...

its Beautiful how You amPli-PHI the air around and make the frequency of rainbows and sunbows increase, and even Your music does this when You aren't directly there, its truely beautiful how what is always around us, all the Divinity, is suddenly always infront of our eyes, thru Your Grace ... truely mindblowing ! I bow !