Thursday, 25 April 2019

EATING & the resPonsibiliTy which comes with it ...








of higher and Divine

from the same mouth

which has been

used for eating

re means again


reP (responsibility)







Joanna said...

wow! what an amazing persPecTive on sPeach pracTise! You make everything so logical and easy to remember, esPecially when it’s about preParaTions for higher realms! so kind that with Your grace its Possible to make liPhe better!

Joanna said...

wow! what a great persPecTive on sPeach pracTise! You make everything so logical and easy to remember! You are so kind to constantly PoinT the most imPorTant rules! so gratePhul for Your Highest Intelligence and generosity to show beings the way out to a better liPhe. i bow to the most amazing Wild Genius!

pinx said...

such an ePic and imPorTant PoinT !!!
only You provide this type of clarity !
so crucial to gno that there is a resPonsibiliTy
which comes with eating !
so Gracious of You to not only inform what that is,
but to also Provide so much to Praise & to Praise
with our same mouth that eats !
i bow to Your inPHInite wisdom !

Kṛtti kā said...

You keep bringing attention on continuous rePeTition of Praises of Divine,
You make the most logical and sensible PoinTs!
eating never stops... energy taken from food is meant to be utilised in Praise of Divine

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow !!! this really makes so much sense ... if food is taken in it should be used to speak praises of divine and not nonsense ... You always gno the proper actions to take for everything ... i bow 🙏🅿🕉

ankita said...

wow Your Plog has the coolest title
You make everything so clear
You make so much sense clariPhying and enlightening Your words are
..there's a resPonsibiliTy that comes with eating! kind of You to show a way out ..You are the most PraiseworThy One ...all the good and great qualities overPlowing ...You so comPassionaTely rePeaT all the right things for beings ...You are so helPful..You are the One and only Guru ...You bring the light in ...You lighten uP the world kind of You to reveal how simPle it is ..You give the gnowledge of right doing
i bow at Your comPassionaTe PheeT

ardral said...

wow !!! amazing !!! rePeaTing the praise of higher and divine through one's mouth is the right resPonse to the energy that comes from eating .. i bow !!!

Nithya Gopalan said...

PT the Highest being...
I bow to you Divine...
Only you can syllable a word so meaningfully,
A syllable finds meaning only when you say it ..
I just ate and came to read the P-log as you said and amazingly I found this P-log !!!

Vaishali thaker said...

Wow! you give the dePhiniTion of real yagna :) doing right action is so simple & easy compared to doing wrong action which requires lot of efforts. who could imagine that even eating could be a responsible thing. If people really did, then there wouldn't be any market of non-vegetarian & junk food. People have lost track of basics so much..! so glad that you are here to guide us to do right action.. Praising higher & divine from the same mouth one eats is just beautiPhul PhacT. So gratePhul to you to make us aware about diet & sPeech disciPlene.. i bow :)

Gita said...

Wow this is such a rare gnowledge that none of us could ever imagine that eating would come with the responsibility of rePeaTing Praises of higher and divine..
Such a negative impact of the dark age..
Such pure gnowledge is so rare... PT With Your Presence what was lost is now being found..
So glad that You are here 🙏🏻

Unnati Dalela said...

Wow, so powerful words. You are so succinct with Your words.People fill pages and books and still their words don't mean anything or help one in any way. So precisely You explain such an important principle. You are the most intelligent and witty person one has ever came across. Each of Your teachings is practical and applicable in one's life. The title is so apt, 'EATING and the responsibility with it.' One would never gnow one is breaking the multiversal law by not saying the right thing or not REP-eating the right thing if You were not here. If one is not repeating the truth and facts then one is cheating with the energy one has got from food. Repeating Your praises is such a wonderful experience one can ever have. On is so grateful to read these beautiful words and apply them. I bow to You ShivNarayan. 😇🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Unnati Dalela said...
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Unnati Dalela said...
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Unknown said...

Guru devaa, viswa guru, paramaatma knowing you is enough to uplift oneself. I want to repeat your praises forever. Please please please Bless me with the "eat well" part. I fully surrender to YOU. YOU are my navigator. When YOU are the saaradhi, I fully know, everything is taken care of. I am a spec of dust at YOUR feet.

Devharsh said...

Your coherence with the divine is evident. Your words seem relevant at every moment of life. My praises be to you. I bow .

Nithya Gopalan said...

I bow PT !!!

vintish said...

I bow

nicolas said...

BeauTiPhul! Your logic and coherence are Perfect
Your wisdom is inPhinite! i bow to you all gnowing one

NavdeeP said...


you have taught this being the real meaning of yagna.if i would not have read you writeup and listen your words it would not be possible to come out of this hell.Although i am not an innocent victim of this liphe difficulties but you have shown me the true are the HIGHEST BEING i ever came across who is a real peace bringer in ones liPHe. i am just on baby steps but PHInding your methods Phun and real discipline to are so generous humble kind coherent in sync with nature being . rePeating your name all the time isliPHE changing. I bow down to you.

Reshma PT said...

Wow...Amazing amazing and amazing.. makes so much sense...You are so logical. i bow to you divine PT.

Aleksandra said...

Wow, eaTing should lead to reP-eaTing, so mind blowing!  You are so kind to reveal the real meaning of words to beings and educate on the actual PurPose of having a mouTh, it is such a great PoinT that the energy acquired  from PHood should be used to rePeaT Praises of Divine!  I bow to the wisest One ������