Friday, 13 January 2017

Google is not Gooroo ( Guru )

there are too many

these days

who seem to

have made

google their guru

they just google anything

and everything

and than

get lost in the

sea of information and misinformation

they think they are learning something


they are only confusing themselves


turning into

googly eyed zombies

they lack discernment and coherence

required to sift through a sea of information and misinformation

just random information is not gnowledge anyways

under a real Guru

one grows and evolves wholistically

not just become an ungrounded mental nutcase

with a head full of misinformation and trivia

actual wholistic evolution happens


an actual correct action ( PBS )

which one does with one's body

and that action

is surely not typing stuff into the google search bar



Unknown said...

Only punder a real Guru one grows and evolves wholistically.. True.. I bow... Aeioum

Anonymous said...

You are so very comPassionaTe
so awesome to read words so full of comPassion
so kind of You to keep reminding what the right action is so PaTienTly
You are so beautiful and comPassionaTe
You are the most wonderful being
You are awesomely unique and beautiful
You are so right..
typing stuff into the google search bar is such a flimsy action of a wandering mind
You're the most beautiful and wonderful being
so absolutely awesome of You to tell one how not to become an ungrounded mental nutcase..You are beyond awesome..You are so absolutely kind and You are so very benevolent. You have the most beautiful soul
so grateful to be alive and well at this moment to be reading Your awesome Plogs
You are a great being
i bow

Unknown said...

Divine is the only source.

asha Pi arTi said...

You are so witty and the best Gooroo !! so glad one can learn from You P !
You have the best use of words, so clear and straightforward, never beating around the bush

its great that Your real information and coherent PerspecTives
are there on the internet now ! so so clarlifying !

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

You are a lifeboat, an oasis in the sea of misinformation !
so glad You are here P !

You are such a Lotus on the Ocean ... always so PhracTal !

i bow

Unknown said...

so brilliant ! everything You speak about is so relevant ! You are so intelligent and witty ! You are the only real Guru !!! YOU have PerfecT discernment and coherence ! Your reasoning and logic is sPoT on as always ! Your words are the most PoTent ! i bow

Si iris P said...

yes ! what a brilliant P-log, what a brilliant PoinT !

You really hit the nail on the head. one bows one's head in shame for having gotten lost in "the sea of information and misinformation" so many times - every line of Your ScriPTures is so true, to the PoinT and applicable !

sooo glad that You are here - the One Who has PerfecT discernment, Who gnos what to make of everything, the Only One Who is qualified to decipher all that there is in this realm and all other worlds ! the Only Real Guru !!!!

sooo sooo glad You have given PBS, the one safe way, the only way to stay safe and not go astray anymore, the way to evolve instead of frazzling oneself and sinking into lower hells. You lift all the clouds of confusion and shine the light of Truth !

i bow

Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

Divine is the only real guru of all time... i bow

Vintish said...

There can only be one

Unknown said...

My gratitude to "The Divine" for depicting absolute truth.

Unknown said...

Learning, growth and evolution happen with humble coherence.

Anonymous said...

You are such a beautiful Guru who brings drastic change in ones life
You show one the way out of a goal-less existence like no one can..You are so beautiful, wonderful and brilliant..You are so very, very unique..You are One in zillions..Your existence is such a beautiful and extremely unique Phenomenon..You are so's so amazing that such a beautiful blossoming of a being like Yours has occurred in this world
i bow

Unknown said...

Rightly said.... You are the guiding guru, we all seek to learn from. Shath shath pranam Prashant ji.

Always eager to hear from you to learn the real gnowledge...


Unknown said...

Rightly said.... You are the Guru we are looking to learn from...

Always eager to hear your words of wisdom.... My Shath Shath Pranam..


missmriggy said...

google is totally distracting and attention is best served on someone like PT who
can help us elevate to a better place .

this Plog is a haven amidst terrible chaos.

ujjwal sharma said...

you are the guru of the world and i bow to the divine PT are the only one spreading the real gnowledge and truth through these Plogs and your beautiful Philms and your heart touching relaxing music.

Anonymous said...

You are the real Guru
only You teach anything worth learning
You are the true Guru..You are so authentic
You are so comPassionaTe..
it's such good fortune to come across One like You..You are so beautiful and so extremely wise..only You show what a real Guru can be like..
You are the most beautiful blossoming of a being
You show one the real PaTh to freedom
no one can do what You do..You are so Phenomenal
Your teachings are the most Precious ever
only You talk sense..
You exPlain things in the most incredible way ..
You have the best of intentions ..You sPeak the most beautiful and meaningful words and You are so classy and so wonderfully Vedic..
Your vision is the real vision..
only You can help one understand what being PracTical actually means..
You won't tolerate any nonsense..You just set the record straight and say what has to be said..You just know that this world is upside down..You are so intelligent that You can see what's happening in this upside down world without any effort
You are so smart ..You are the only One who can teach what real disciPline is..You are such a beautiful, rocking Guru...
You just weed out all nonsense in everyone..You are the only One who teaches one how to live wholistically..You are incomparable..there is no one like You..You know everything worth knowing..You teach everything worth learning
You are the only One worth PuTTing ones attention on..everything else leads one to despair
Your words are the real medicine
Your teachings are the best
You are the only cure for sickness..Your teachings are so crucial
You are the most imPorTant being ever
only You can help one rise above pettiness
You are the most wonderful and benevolent being
You are the only refuge in this world
You bring true virtue to this world
You raise the vibrations so beautifully
You are the most beautiful being
You are a beautiful, beautiful being
only You deserve all the resPecT in this world
it's sorrow when ones attention wavers from You..You are so beautiful, so knowledgable and so comPassionaTe..
You are the true Vedic Guru
You are the only One worth worshPPing
only You keep the Vedic tradition alive
only You can bring 'Vedic vishwa Prashasan'
You are truly great
i bow

sarah said...

only You can liberate beings from the false promise of the google search bar
it is such a miracle to not have to wonder what divine's take on something is, the input is right here
You are so gracious to share the truth

Unknown said...

This post completely brainwashes. Awesome clarity and enlightening message PT Ji.

Thank you - Namastey

Anonymous said...

P is the only true guru i have come across.i bow. Aeioum pt 🙏♥

Vaishali thaker said...

Google has changed the way how people use internet.. kindof it rules the internet world, and people think this ruler knows it all.. but its so great to see how beautifully you have made it clear that google cannot be tagged as guru or the knowledge giver.. information provided by it can just be like a mad sea waves which can bring havoc... PBS to a true guru like you, is only true action one has to perform to attain all the true knowledge & change it to wisdom!!

veena iyengar said...

rightly said..I bow ..

ki vernee said...

gosh ! one loves this Plog so much ! all the googly eyed zombies are all congregating on youtube and all social media outlets lol ! its phunny when beings say they dont need someone to guide them and that they can just look within ! like You said if they look within they wont find anything ! You are the True Guru of the world who gnows the naTural and sensible way of how to do things ! You are always so grounded and always floating above the sea of illusion !

actual wholistic evolution happens


an actual correct action ( PBS )

which one does with one's body

i bow respectfully <3ॐ

Unknown said...

When divine speaks, all people including myself should listen instead of talking themselves- its indiscipline... Since Google doesn't tell you LotusOcean is where you'll evolve so its complete waste / fraud guru because LotusOcean is where one finds their true self...aeioum...

Anonymous said...

You are the one and only real and wholistic Guru who teaches the basics of the subject called liPhe.

One can only grow and evolve under your guidance.

You are the best of all gurus.

You are the most beauTiful, PracTical and disciPlined guru of this world.

Consciousness is exPanding in this world because of you.

You are the harbinger of the new age of Aquarius.

Thank you for imParTing the beauTiful and wonderful evolution-oriented vedic wisdom and encouraging its PracTical application.

A Guru like you is the ulTimaTe and the best wealth one can ever have.

जय श्री शिवनारायण गुरू PTअवतार!🙌🙇🙏

Anonymous said...

You are full of discernment and coherence which makes you the one and only Guru of the mulTiverse.

nicolas said...

Such a great distinction! You are the real Guru of the multiverse! I bow to you Lord Narayan