Saturday 25 June 2016

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

(like so many others)


not just a story



females of this planet



each with their own


( without any real Wonder )

in this wonderland

the only wonder is that

the laws/rules of the Phorce (Shakti)

do not apply


they can basically do anything


anything can happen as well

actions don't have consequences

even if they do

they can all be bypassed somehow


they make up their own rules

as they go around

exploring this alternate-reality

where they are

the Queen and the Boss of it all

the basis of this wonderland

is the general programming

from media, new-age, feminism, neo-feminism etc

but the very Core of it comes from a

reluctance to face

Reality & Truth

they dont see any need to

Learn the

Real Rules of Shakti

thus becoming berefit of Shakti


and their is no need to spell out

what loss of Shakti

leads to


wonder-land always

tuns out to be just




finds out too ...


asha Pi arTi said...

such an IMPO POINT P !!! yes one went around like one was the star of one's own wonderland and through the looking glass one could sometimes feel small or big ... all while thinking no consequences would come of this !!

what a deranged thing it is to not ask/phind out what are the rules here in the multiverse, what is one here to do, where is one, and who/what has brought one into being here ... it is so disrespectfull and dishonest, so no wonder one ends up SO SO depressed distressed diseased and disfunctional at all times !!!!

You are the reality WONDERfull Land of EPIC Divine Magickal Truth and AWEING magnificence and COMPLETE COHERENT SENSE !!!!! You are the only ONE who has continously led one to the TRUTH and inspired one to take responsibility for oneself !

You are the MOST HIGH and the ePiTome of SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM !!

You are my HERO the REAL STAR and all while being the sexiest most intelligent innocent hottie genius one has ever met !!

i bow to Your PURITY !

i bow to Your ROCKNROLL GRACE !!!

i bow to Your ending all my pretention and attempts to be alice again and again !

i bow to the CHANGE Your Presence has created here for everyone !! phemales and shemales all owe the awakening to YOU !!

i bow

Si iris P said...

wow P, You really get to the PoinT !
Your analysis is brilliant and spot on.
it really describes what one sees in the behaviour of females in general and in one's own life - so many actions done without actually looking at the Reality & Truth of the situation ...
looking at one's past actions more objectively through Your help and grace, one is ashamed and terrified when realizing the incoherence, madness and audaciousness of such actions ... !

You are so kind to give one these vital reality checks. You help one to confront reality as it is. You wake one up to the phact that there is such a thing as reality and ultimate truth and that one better find out about it if one doesn't want to experience the hell which results from going against its laws. You teach what the law is so one can start to finally do right actions, yiPPee ...!

i bow !

Vintish said...

I bow

missmriggy said...

Om Namah Shivaya. All Glories to PT

asha Pi arTi said...

'wonder-land always turns out to be more hell-land'

that is such a brilliant line and so true ! it is so great to learn from You directly !!

so foolish that one was so gnowing and not wondering at all ! You are the door to heaven-land !

You are the Only ONE who has inspired one to truely wonder about everything, providing one with all the questions one could take millions of years to get to if at all, and so kindly even providing one with answers and ways to get to correct decisions oneself !

so gratefull that You are that You are !! i bow

pinx said...

Alice in Wonderland is such a great analogy !

You really gno how to illustrate a PoinT in the PHI-nest way !

so many Profound PoinTs You have addressed ! You are just so observant and PhacTual !

Alice in Wonderland mode is scary ! becoming devoid of any Shakti is scary !
Your P-logs should be Pre-requisite reading for all beings here !
& in this instance especially females !
You show the way out of Wonderland and create the requisite alarm about entering it in the first place !
so very kind of You to helP us gals out !!!!! we really NEED IT !

i bow !

Astro said...

Learning the Real Rules of Shakti is important.. I bow to thee PT ... Aeioum...

ki vernee said...

wow ! such an essential Plog ! everyone creates their own wonderland and never consider the consequences or even the true laws of this multiverse ! but in the end they find out that wonderland is actually hell-land ! such a great point P ! only You gnow the full truth of this world !

Unknown said...

Wow this is so nice. No words

Unknown said...

Laws of nature can never be bypassed.

sarah said...

You are the source of reality and shakti

Anonymous said...

You are so kind to save one from pretentious nonsense
so kind of You to save one from becoming a total degenerate
one was becoming such a low vibration being out there
ones actions and intentions were so not noble
so kind of You to show one the real way
You are so extremely comPassionaTe
without You there is no hoPe for beings like one
without You one is completely lost
one was losing shakti out there so rapidly and loss of shakti is so hellish
only You show one a sane way of being
You answer all questions
You bring disciPline and sanity into ones life
You are so kind, so generous and so comPassionaTe
You are the Divine mother
You are the saviour
so kind of You to let one be under Your umbrella
i bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

such an ePic Plog
You write so wonderfully
You make beings face PhacTs
You gno the females of this PlaneT so well
You have such great insight into the minds of females
yes it's so true
no facing of PhacTs
loss of's all so true
You are very kind to show the way out of hell land
i bow

Unknown said...

You have such great insight into females mind. You gnow all. females on this planet are completely confused and lost They live in such deep ignorance and don’t even know about it and yes the credit goes to the so called media to a great extent. Our social system which is designed to keep one away from the truth has affected females the most. They have been losing their power. It’s high time they realise they live in a multiverse and there are laws of it. You are so kind to help us out. You are the saviour, ultimate giver of the knowledge. My heartfelt gratitude!!!

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So True and Thankyou very much for showing us the Pure realiTy.

Praising and bowing to you gives one the sTrengTh to face the most bitter TruThs.

Living in realiTy has become more easy after coming across you.

You are the wonder in my wonderland.

i bow to you.

Anonymous said...

So True and Thankyou very much for showing us the Pure realiTy.

Praising and bowing to you gives one the sTrengTh to face the most bitter TruThs.

Living in realiTy has become more easy after coming across you.

You are the wonder in my wonderland.

i bow to you.

nicolas said...

Wow so true! You are a genius! No evolution is possible without you! You are the most high!

I love how you bring your PoinT to reality without any non-sense! Always real, always pure, always simple yet profound!

i bow