Saturday 2 April 2016

up to ...



are quite


but they



up to anything

up to



in it

for a reason

up ='s higher & divine

not many

have any interest in that



busy in hell

to create





Vintish said...

uP~lifTing P~log

Anonymous said...

i bow
You are the ultimate P! always uP to the coolest things!
Your PersPecTive of beings here is always sPoT on!
'just busy in hell to create more hell'
such a PerfecT descriPTion of what beings here are constantly doing!
i bow
so grateful for the ways You Provide to get uP to the only anything, the only everything, the only ONE that is imPortanT!
to Pay attention to the only ONE who is Truly interesting!
i bow in shame for being a hell bound fool for so long.
i bow in gratitude for the chance only You can Provide to get uP and Praise and bow and serve Divine.
i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

it will take lifetimes just to mention all that You are UP to !! You are the Most Interesting and ProvocaTive BEING one will ever meet ! You are so entirely imPressive in every way !!

so gratefull one can be up to something phinally !!

i bow

Anonymous said...

so kind of You to help us see the absurd state of this world
so kind of You to show us that this world is full of PoinTless actions

Unknown said...

One is either up or down. There is no middle.

sarah said...

You are the ultimate refuge and the ultimate examPle

sarah said...

only You can helP people stop actively making their lives even worse !!!

sarah said...

Your clarity that being busy in hell creates more hell is very impressive.
You guide the way towards being uP to something real.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

You are so insPiring ! You are always uP to something ! while beings are busy in hell and creating more hells ! i bow respectfully

veena iyengar said...

Very true..
i bow..
PBS is the only way..

Anonymous said...

so True.

I learnt from u that everything has to have a reason and the reasons that you give are always so logical, agreeable and irrefutable.

uPTo has a P and a T in it for a reason. In this iron age one has to work towards you because you are the one and only higher and divine being PresenT in this world, who can helP one to get out of hell.

Your ability to think rationally is so wonderful.

Your thinking is so Pure and objective.

You always make things so simPle for us to understand.🙏

Thankyou PT for sharing such Pure gnowledge with us.🙏

i bow to u.🙇

nicolas said...

So true! Your logic is always Perfect and one can only bow to your statements! You are greater than all! The most gnowledgable, the most PowerPhul, the most kind!

You share so generously your divine teaching with all the world. Your mercy has no equal!

I bow to you, all gnowing one