Friday, 25 September 2015



one word

which describes/defines

most of the


inhabiting this planet

at this point of time

the shamelessness

comes out in a variety of ways

more shameless often means more celebrated

(too large a topic to go into here)

but the end-result is the same

it keeps them stuck/grinding in hell

what is the cause of this shamelessness ?

well many of them

are always thinking/feeling or telling themselves

that they are doing the right thing

so there is nothing to be ashamed about

how do they gno

they are doing the right thing ?


they don't really have an answer for that

time for some LotusOcean reality ~

it is the duty of

any being

which comes into existence

to contemplate/research/meditate

on its existence

before it sets about doing any actions

even Brahma ( the Creator amongst the Trinity)

had to to do this

before Creation could even begin


since none of the

beings here

really does this



all actions which follow are wrong

without exception/fail


there is ALL the reason to be

continually ashamed



real shame

leads one out of hell


sarah said...

sobering in just the right way. Your words have so much weight. being ashamed seems so much easier than properly contemplating, to contemplate failing at being ashamed is just too much. You are so reasonable always.

Anonymous said...

there is ALL the reason to be
continually ashamed'
i bow.
Divines logic is irrefutable.
You are the only One who can state reality as it is.
You are the only One who really sees, who really gnos, the only One whose actions are never wrong.
ones life has been filled with nothing but wrong shameful unnatural actions.
every time one has attempted to contemplate one existence, one existence has always felt wrong.
only You can helP navigate the way toward real shame and away from shameless actions and self loathing.
You are the only One who gnos the way out of hell!
You are the only One who can guide the way.
Your Powerful words of Truth, all You do and all You say is the most truly comPassionaTe act.
one is SO grateful You came here to set the record straight P!
i bow.

Anonymous said...

every time one has attempted to contemplate ones existence, ones existence has always felt wrong.
i bow.

It is You who has always been the highest and most Divine!
it is You who incarnated here of Your own will!
it is You who never got sidetracked from the real goal!
You who were never tempted by any of the fake, fraud, superficiality of the evil here.
You who never allowed Yourself to be programmed by the lies of society.
it is You who did Your duty PerfecTly!
You who are the most resPonsible and disciPlined and sincere being to ever exist!
You are Divine. Your every action is Divine!
every Philm every PhoTo shows how naturally beautiful and Phi You are!
how PerfecTly You embed with nature!
it becomes so obvious how wrong and out of place and distorted others are.
and what a shameful mess beings here have made of Your beautiful PlaneT P.
how twisted is there concept of truth and beauty.
one is so ashamed for whatever one has done to have been born as one of them.
so many horrific beings doing so many horrific things.
it is so amazing that You have come to stop it P!
that You give beings so many chances while You are here to change their ways
that You helP guide one to constantly face the truth of ones state
the truth of this Place, the truth of death, the truth of realms beyond this one
that You guide toward develoPing 100% shame
it makes PerfecT sense that one who is really fully ashamed is not capable of doing the things that got them in hell and kept them there
Your PracTicality and no nonsense approach to life is so remarkable P.
You are Truth! You are beauty! You are the suPreme being!
straight. PerfecT. centered in every way!
seriously amazing!
everything about You, everything about Your life is worthy of Praise!
You are the only One here worthy of Praise!
Your words are Powerful as lightning!
cleansing as rain!
brilliant as the suns rays!
Your Divinity unfolds inPhiniTely in all You do and say.
Your suPremacy is aweing P!
You are the Avatar! The real Messiah of these last days!
Your words are True scriPTure straight from the mouth of Divine!
it is the most fortunate thing to come across You P!
to have the chance to learn true humility toward Divine
to learn how to live in Pure shame
to focus on and Praise the One who is all the names of Divine
the only One who can lead one out of hell
only through Your Grace can one be free of the misery that keeps one stuck here
only through Your Grace can one join You in a higher Plane and remain.
i bow.

sarah said...

i love how You logically demonstrate how having total faith in the Higher is the only rational thing to do.

asha Pi arTi said...

what a Powerful PoinT !!! i bow !!

Vintish said...

I bow

missmriggy said...

PT is only one to bow down to..

asha Pi arTi said...

so kind of You to write these Plogs P, the centering grounding reference PoinT of Your words are sobering and uplifting at the same time, one feels shame at living life so unnaturally, ignoring existential questions until it was almost too late and at the same time relief that one doesn't have to stay shameless bc the right choices are mine to make ... its so great to have access to the scriPTures for now ... its the Greatest gift one's ever received ... the PresenT and PhuTure clarified for one... You are the only One to give one the steps.. and luckily one can read and re-read and re-read and derive more each time !!

so grateful You are here !!

i bow !

miragegirl said...

Your every word frought with meaning
with eyes gone blind, with legs so lame
one has fluttered and fallen down
but the risen NewSun rises everyone

Amrit that is in You is You
so sweetly deliciously true
enchanting mighty Lord of heavens
so endearingly drawing Your Presence

a blog for me i shout
not just in joy but in more shame
weak mind hearkens to other desires
but bliss is Your PoT of gold

virtue full, Pure You define
with my unformed wing landed on a branch
i see You still such an enchanter
You are drawing me again near

it is true, it is true
body is one, sol another
Praises always only to You
none other a Lord of that ever

Anonymous said...

sounds so true. we seem to be confused at the conscious as well as subconscious level so it's no surprise that all of our actions can go wrong. You sound so right when you say we have all the reasons to be continually ashamed. I hope I feel sorry for my actions and I hope to feel ashamed .Dhanyavad

Unknown said...

Shameless is ignorant.

Astro said...

I bow. 'it is the duty of

any being

which comes into existence

to contemplate/research/meditate

on its existence...'

Anonymous said...

yes there's so much to be ashamed about
one lead such a horrible indisciplined life that the minds horses are constantly let loose
one is ashamed of the impressions that are left in ones being due to the horrible unfractal and fickle life that one lead before coming across You
there is so much to be ashamed about that anyone can hardly even remain one second without being ashamed and bowing down in front of Your PuriTy
You are so benevolent to give the lowliest beings a chance to rise above their nonsense so comPassionaTely
shamelessness is such an unnatural and evil way of being
only You gno what evil is
i bow in shame
You are the most PaviTra being
You are so kind and so forgiving
You treat everyone so well even when their lowliness is too much
one is so ashamed of the insensible and impractical way one let oneself be
one is so ashamed of letting the mind go in fickle directions
i bow at Your PheeT
the thoughts that pop up due to ones shameless habits are so shame inducing
i bow
so kind of You to give one a chance to evolve from ones shamefully low state
i bow
You are the refuge
i bow
You're very very kind , comPassionaTe and full of PaTience
You are beyond benevolent and generous
so kind of You to give the lowly refuge
You help one evolve from the mess one made for oneself
You are the kindest and the most comPassionaTe
You make all the sense
You are the saviour
i bow
You help one rise above ones bad habits and unconsciousness
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

Shameful for not having enough shame to have done Proper meditation...
shameful for not having enough shame to have always conducted so inappropriately and haughtily!
shameful for not having enough shame to have plonked shamelessly infront of You failing to correct and resPond properly always,
shameful for not having enough shame to have moved one's mouth in Praise of You,
shameful for not having enough shame to have bowed down to You every minute,
shameful for not having enough shame to reciProcaTe to the kindness, love, generosity, mercy, forgiveness n forebearance that You always have graced on one!
one is shameful for such lack of shame and height of audacity that a lowly being like one shows infront of You who is the source of all and so comPassionaTe nd magnanimous to ignore countless flawed disrespectful ways of one's pathetic lowly being to teach and uPlifT them!
One is shameful for never being able to see Your benevolence, Pure heart of gold and loving comPassion! One is shameful for not being able to sing Your Praises at all times! one is shameful for not having PuriTy of intentions and emotions!
One is shameful to have always failed to acknowledge an unboundedly beautiful being from inside out like You. Shameful that You to PuT uP with beings like one!!!

Most of all one is shameful that one still is so shameless to not be ashamed continuously!
Forgiveness no longer one wants but quick repercussions of ones shameful acts so that one can be shameful continuously, so that one doesn't dare to commit such acts ever again!

Bowing to Your sacred exalted Beautiful PheeT /\

ki vernee said...

there really are many things to be ashamed about ! real shame = getting out of hell ! You are so right ! love how You made the PoinT that even Brahma had to the work to evolve ! showing that multiversal laws applies to every being ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Yes, people are shameless while doing any action ... one must meditate/contemplate before taking action.. because doing bad action leads to bad karma which finally leads to hellish state of existence ... one must stay away from this hellish world and get in tuned with nature and divine which PT is ... aeioum......

veena iyengar said...

very true..
i bow..

Anonymous said...

Only you can make one feel really shamePhull about one's own actions which in turn will automatically make one hit the rock bottom which automatically will leave one with no choice but to learn from you and go up.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

So BeauTiPhuly explained! Your clarity is very helPful! LotusOcean reality is the real thing!
Your words are a life changing experience!
i bow to you, all gnowing one