Saturday 31 January 2015










Vintish said...
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PT the Axis said...

vintish, it might not be for you but it is for many and PT will be a whole lot of interrutPTion for many in the phuture as well ...

Si iris P said...

so grateful for You interruPTing one's ignorance and hellbound course !!!!!

You interruPT one's ignorant slumber and unwholesome ways with Your blazing words of truth.

You interruPT the global tidal wave of insanity with Your shining example of absolute sanity, clarity and wisdom !

i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are the most needed interruPTion there is P! without Divine interrupting ones life one would remain in an inPhiniTe state of delusion, ramPanT on the non sToP course of destruction of oneself, others and this earth.
it is Your interruption which shows one how wrong one is and Provides the only way for rectifying ones way of being at it very root. You interruPT all that is misaligned and set it straight or obliterate it! You are the voice of reason in an ignorant sea of insanity. You are the only hope! You are the only PhuTure! i bow at Your omniPotenT feet.

Unknown said...

even Your sounds on very low volume interruPT muggles because they are so adamantly on a different wavelength, uncompromising and powerful, as is Your clarity all around. only You can guide the way out of the matrix, and interruPT the programming.

Shahid said...

Pyare prabhu, desire to surrender completely to you.

Glory to the beautiful Lord Narayan <3

Anonymous said...
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miragegirl said...

interruPTion from the hell one is stuck in !
which can only be good !

You are the sweetest, most beautiful lord
Your comPassion is COMPLETE Passion

You are bold, Proactive & steadfast in giving an oPPorTuniTy out of hell to everyone You come across
whether they accePT, see the oPPorTunity & journey through is uP to them
You are unbiased in Your ways
You have ComPlete Passion

the high qualities don't remain words anymore, i see so much of them in You, its like breathing life into the words/ qualities

Virtue, Truth, PuriTy, beauty, intelligence, charm, classiness, grace, innocence, humility, sweetness, comPassion ...

i wish for Your interruPTion for me from hell on earth
& helP in ascending to a higher realm (only with You)

PsingulariTy said...

that's too Phunny P
but most sobering reality

world is going towards more and more hell

You are The Rain maker
interruPTing many hundreds of decades of sweltering inhosPitable conditions of

'ascensionscaPe' of PeoPle by their own exPonenTialy diminishing virtues
You are hePing new growth with Your rain and shine now. Virtue would bloom.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your Plogs are so Phun to read P!
the scriPTures for the now! Playing out as You sPeak! as one reads!
it is always such a thrilling exPerience to watch what You say unfold!
it's amazing the ways You interruPT all that is not aligned with You, with Divine!
SO many Powerfully, beautiful natural resPonses to You all over Your world every day!!!
aweing to gno it is going to keeP growing and growing!
it is SO humbling to witness You reign judgment on this world P!
That Divine itself has come and is setting the record straight once and for all!
it's so kind that You document it and give so many warnings for those here now and in the PhuTure!!!

agree with the comments here!
SO grateful for all the ways You interruPT ones shamelessly foolish hellbound programing!
The ways You interruPT all the lies of this world with Your PeneTrating Truths!
You are the One and only Sol-ution!
i bow!

Asha P said...

i bow You interrupting is always welcome because otherwise ones faulty operating system is steering and that is unnatural not suPernaTurally Cool like You !!! i bow ♡

Unknown said...

Divine intervention.

Vaishali thaker said...

Divine interruption is needed to discard the unnatural actions of evil, to punish the sinners, to save mother earth, to protect humanity, to guide the misguided souls towards the right path.. you are the gopal who interrupts the thoughts & direct ones senses towards conciousness, you are the giridhari who discard the ego & uplift the souls, you are the shankh, chakra, kamal, gada dhari who sustains this universe... i bow to the avatar who is waking up all the sleeping souls.. 🙏☺️

ki vernee said...

gosh one loves when You interruPT one ! it stops one from further doing nonsense ! and it is even more welcomed when You interruPT beings who spend days sharing their life story instead of listening to Your helPful words that will get them out of the hell story that they are telling ! i bow respectfully !

lana_33 said...

And what a great interruPTion it is!

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So True! It is called the wakeup interruPTion which is good for one's evolution.

i bow.🙇🙏

veena iyengar said...

So true..
I bow..aeioum..

nicolas said...

The best, beautiful so necessary interruPTion that ever happened in my life! There is clearly a before and an after! you are the best that walked the Earth! i love everything about you!
i bow to you, all gnoing one