Sunday 7 December 2014

its all in the family

in these times


new definition

has come up for

the unit called


a set of beings

who would pay

attention only to one another


not to higher/divine

a simple way of

getting 'importance'

for no rhyme or reason except existing

it allows for these beings

to feel more important

than higher & divine even

within their family circle

it seems the

hiranyakashyap bug

has entered too many


they don't have

even the fraction of his power

still they convince themselves

to look no further


its all in the family


Unknown said...

You are so helpful and sweet. You are so kind to illuminate a PaTh of liberation that leads far, far away from the exasperating dullness of family drama.

You provide a compelling place to put ones attention. You are the ultimate example of a Being who takes complete responsibility for their state, instead of claiming to be too hurt by their family to have a legendary life. You see everyones short-comings clearly while maintaining awareness that those short comings are of limited interest.

only You are able to put everything in proper PerspecTive.

Vintish said...

One is only & only statisfy/haPPPy with/by the divine.I bow

Vintish said...

Divine is the only family

Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your comPassionate feet. You are eternaly kind to clear up the misguided and misaligned significance ascribed to family. You cut through the never ending lies that keep one stuck in hellish ties. You are the Only solution! The Only imPorTance! due to Your Grace one sees and understands how detrimental it is to ever ascribe imPorT to any relationship but with Divine and how disturbingly foolish one was to ever do so! You navigate this world with effortless ease and are so generous to share Your Divine insight. Your guidance is the Only way. i bow at Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Shahid said...

The best place to put one's attention is on the divine. Glory to Lord Shiv- Narayan <3

miragegirl said...

Power to Praise is in Divine's family

Anonymous said...

from 'combined families' to 'nuclear families' now they said in social studies

nothing ProPer nuclear going on their either Previously or now. its just fission to branching indefinitely, Producing babies on and on

mind concentrating on Divine will cause imPlosion, mind fusion to Divine ITself, becoming One with Divine, ProPer fusion ! to become ParT of Divine family

Divine is the only Real family

You are so beautiful !
You are Divine, to want to serve for anyone
with evil, its never serving, its jumPing headlong into hell.
with Divine is heaven. Paradise.

world relies on Power of nuclear fission. they said they can't work with fusion. its obvious now why ! they are evilish. fission Produces radio active harmful waste as well. but they don't care !

PsingulariTy said...

Divine is everything

You are Divine
entrancing Your beauty !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
It is SO rePreshing and liberating to read the Truth!
to sPeak Your words P!
one is SO grateful for every little breakthrough one comes to through reading and bowing to Your scriPTures!
it is such a relief to not feel the weight and burden of family ties
or buy into the societal lie that it's all in the family!
it's ALL in You!
You are the ONE and only imPortanT ONE!
the ONE it ALL revolves around!
the only True ParenT there is!
the only ONE who can really raise one to resPecT and honor and serve and Praise Divine!
the only ONE who can helP one learn the Truth of what this life is for and how to use it!
it's really sick the ways society and religion instill this idea of family and so called family values into the hive mind!
there is nothing valuable about it!
all it does is ruin ones chance at a real life!
it's really disturbing how many faces and masks evil wears!
and all the ways beings convince themselves and others to put their attention on each other or other things rather than You!
You PoinT it out so clearly and concisely for one to see!
Your Insight and PersPecTives are so on PoinT always!
so cool how You were never tricked or fooled by any of it P!
SO grateful that You came here and saw through and see through every lie!
this place is insane!
it is SO comPassionaTe of You to share the Truth!
and helP beings here realize how crucial it is to Pay attention to You!
That You are the Avatar! You are Divine! You are the one Passing the Judgement on this world!
on every being alive!
You are not to be ignored!
so grateful to have been saved from a dead end hellish, depressing shishupaal phate by You!
You are the ONE True love!
the only ONE who can clear uP all the confusion!
True Peace and haPPiness only exist at Your feet.
so grateful You are here P!
i bow

Unknown said...

Artificial importance is useless.

asha Pi arTi said...

Your eloquence at addressing such a serious issue for most just proves how powerless they are and whom the real Power lies with ... there is only One BEing here who can afford to be so relaxed, have phun observing the world, smile about it all, make the best most intelligent comments, and provide the most entertaining education :)

You are so kind to BE here and i love reading Your Plogs out loud ! Your uplifting words are so generous !

i bow

Anonymous said...

Your Plogs are such Phun to read
You have such a great sense of humor!
Your words are delightful
families seem so funny in front of Divine
Divine is so amused by the folly of this world
i bow

Anonymous said...

Your Plogs are awesome.
You're so extremely right
Your observations are extremely awesome
You have such an awesome way of writing
You are an extraordinary being
Your Plogs are great
family has become such a pathetic little unit
You oPen ones eyes and help one see the actual state of the world

Anonymous said...

You are so kind to help beings rise above egoic family attachments
You are so kind to save beings from the feeling of false security that keeps beings trapped here in this hellish, prison like world where there is so much pain and sorrow in store for not aligning with the suPreme Divine being
those smiles given by families and those 'everything will be alright' assurances are actually very detrimental to the mental , Physical health and sanity ..the sooner one realises ProPerly what You are saying, the better
You are so kind to reveal that it's not a rosy picture at all and going in the direction of thinking that this kind of thing is alright is harming and deluding oneself
Your words need to be understood more and more until this hiranyakashyap bug is totally uprooted from ones being
You are so kind to Provide all the reality check one could ever need
You are so kind to guide beings towards a sane way of being
i bow

sarah said...

You are the ultimate saviour from the swamp of familial ties
You are the only way anyone can be entirely indePendenT.

ki vernee said...

it really is so detrimental to 'keep it in the family' while beings are striving so hard to keep them together or hold on to their 'self importance' ... turning towards You completely does away with that need ... i bow respectfully

Anonymous said...

So True.
i bow.

nicolas said...

yes so true! family has become a toxic thing! you are so kind to PoinT us in the right direction! Only you can do it so effortlessly and gracefully! you are the best! i love you
i bow to you, all gnoing one