Wednesday 10 December 2014

fake movie habits

in a world

in habit of making

fake movies

( producing & watching )

wherever everything is

just fake & staged


real is

an anomaly

it is a pathetic habit of wannabe's

from hollywood to bollywood

to all kinds of non-woody woods

to be something on screen

which they are not in real life

no wonder

lotusocean films

are such a

paradigm shift

that people are left ...


Unknown said...

Your natural gravitas, style, beauty, and grace are permanently mind blowing, but when coming from a background of mental input from hollywood, the fact that You are 100% real boggles the mind even more. it is amazing how many maximally artistic glamour shots You can have, and how any one of Your videos is more exciting than everything the music industry has ever pumped out. no one has to spend any time photo-shopping You in stark contrast to the muggles the media encourages the masses to make believe are something different. You are an intellectual giant, who eloquently summarizes the pressing issues that no one else will/can touch.

Vintish said...

Lotus~Ocean are the best movies seen. All natural, PhracTal sounds & LighTs. aeioum |

Vintish said...

You're the only one who shows realiTy.

Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your Plogs are so brilliant P! You are the greatest anomaly most this world has never seen or is even aware exists! it so ridiculous and ironic that the what is "normal" is entirely disturbing!!! Your Plog sums uP the state of so called people so eloquently as the pathetic fake lies they are. You and Your videos are so real and in the moment. They over flow with real emotion and real light! They are so Powerful one cant helP but be cleared of the fog of the brainwashing of mass media in its many forms. You are the greatest being to ever exist! dhanyavad for showering us with Your luminous Divinity. i bow at Your genuine feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

missmriggy said...

..shattered to the Point they can't think straight or know how to respond/scared to allow themselves to assimilate the shock of your Purity/ almost guilty that they have been doing it wrong for so long and can't admit it to themselves/ secretly obsessed with what you Present to them and can never get it out of their puny heads/ Envious/ understanding that they have to give up everything they cling to/ Dazzled beyond belief and trying to copy or having to develop amnesia because it's impossible to copy/

and some are just Dazzled and Grateful..

miragegirl said...

'awed' would be honesty !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Magician
with Real Magic that breaks all sPells
You remove all illusions, Divine Magician !

asha Pi arTi said...

they come they go
who can gno ?

they come they go
who will bestow ?

a yearning for learning
and a call to repent

a way to invoke the most
heavenly taste and scent

You are enough to transform
an entire plane of existence

Your words are not a habit
Your scenes not for a hobbit

but doing things for the heaven of it
will always surpass the hell of it all

so glad rad and gratefull You are here
You are all that my ears wish to hear !

i bow to You who gives one some sense !!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

One can get used to pretention.
Which makes it hard to digest the reality.

asha Pi arTi said...

really enjoyed reading this and reading the comments here, its so beautyfull how Your honesty inspires honesty in others !

Your Philms are sophisticated masterpieces, absolute sonic genius and wizardly ... a sound and light experience to be earned !
Your sounds and Philms have all the POWER to heal, to manifest more beauty and magic in one's own life, to eradicate confusion, elicit REAL natural Phenomena around one as the elements love to hear and respond to You ... it is a PRIVILEGE to experience LotusOcean ... there is no greater glamour in this world than You ... Your Voice alone is intoxicating and addictive as it is completely spell breaking !!! You rid one of the nightmare that is existence here without YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Philms are one's life raft, ferrying one to safer shores ... Your PerspecTives and actions are Priceless !! Your Philms have more integrity than this world deserves but as You said, anyone deserves LotusOcean that has had enough of hell pain and torture !

no wonder

lotusocean films

are such a

paradigm shift

that people are left ...

reeling from the REALING !!

one is often left grappling for the words that can do justice to the magnitude of Your PHILMS !

You are TRUELY the best guitarist, musician, alchemist, supermodel, and Lover of everything !!!

You are absolutely wonderfull in every way !!

so glad You are here and there is LotusOcean to put attention on when one can not put attention to You directly !

You write exactly the way You speak ... so intelligently, Precisely, accurately, honestly, PerfecTly, and so witty and humorous too !!! Your Voice is amazing, and LotusOcean Philms are a beautyfull extension of all You articulate in so many ways !!!

it is a PRIVILEGE TO SEE YOU AND YOUR ACTIONS !! one is gratefull more people are not swarming You as You would be much less accessible if that were the case !!!! everything falls into Place so nicely with Higher and Divine !!

i bow

Anonymous said...

LotusOcean films are so unique, beautiful and real
You're the best

ujjwal sharma said...

as i watch behind the scenes of hollywood movies its just boring enviroment of green screens which are then converted to any possible Phun involved.
nowadays entertainment is all about illusions.more fake the people in real life more easily they can deceive on screen.acting is all about deceiving.all their emotions are has been reduced to actors,who get paid and fame to deceive.and watchers who just watch without any thought creating false life patterns and lifestyle.

You are the most creative of all as whatever you do is live.there is nothing like behind the scenes.all the rainbows and cropcircles you manifest live in nature are just beautiful to watch and evolving to the extent that the enviroment you create around yourself still cant be created by computer graphics.your Philms define what is meant by Phun.your Philms teach us that we are here to experience our lives and evolve.
i bow to the divine PT kalki avatar.

Anonymous said...

yes it's all so fake and staged
You are so real
You are real beauty and magic
everyone in this world has become used to fake low vibration nonsense
You are so high vibration
Your music is oh so beautiful
You are such beautiful soPhisTication
Your music and Philms are so otherworldly
You are so authentic
You never act and yet You are better and more interesting than any so called hero
You are the real hero
it's all too much for beings to handle
You are too beautiful, wise and real
yes it's such a paradigm shift
You reveal the absurd state of this world
i bow

ki vernee said...

You are the real deal ! there is nothing fake or artificial about You ! the fake movies cannot even compete with Your naTural blissfilled real liPhe ! i bow respecftfully

Anonymous said...

i bow.

nicolas said...

magnificent! LotusOcean is the real deal! you are divine

i bow to you, all gnoing one

libra cliche said...

it is a transcendent exPerience to meet someOne who is glamorous in real ife.

Ankeeta said...

BeautiPhul and so exquisite...! Your words and videos and Philms and teachings are like life-saving water to those parched in the dessert of this world.... Your words are like the cooling tree shade on a hot summer afternoon .... Your Presence is like the warm woodfire on a cold winter night.... So so gratePhul that You are here....