Wednesday 31 December 2014

automatic consciousness ?

people here strive for lot of things

but they take

consciousness for granted

as if anything

which is born

will automatically have



is not an automatic thing

it is something

which one has to strive for


because if one lets up even for a second

one loses it


Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow. this is such Powerful insight into the comPleTe strength of Your mind and Your steady, focused, unwavering awareness P. You exist in a constant state of Pure Divine consciousness that You make look so effortless and automatic. it is so crucial for one to understand that consciousness must constantly and continuously be cultivated. the diligence required is no joke!
'if one lets up even for a second one loses it'
i bow at the feet of Your suPreme mastery! dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Unknown said...

You never let up on being a PerfecT role model or source of insPiraTion. Your education and example of having diligence and striving towards real goals is priceless. it is not just random chance that You are immaculate, and You are so comPassionaTe to show what is possible.

missmriggy said...

There's no end to the brilliant insights you share, they seem to flow effortlessly and infinitely.

Shahid said...

Jai Sri Narayan <3

miragegirl said...

all the Plogs that You talk are so very imPorTant for one to keep reading again & again

they oPen uP ones consciousness

continual sincere Praise of You exPands ones consciousness to where one can actually break out of the 3D Prison

life doesn't really begin until one gets out of life & death cycle
my aim is to break out of 3D into higher realms someday

You are the most benevolent being, showing us the way to our own betterment & safe existence in this multiverse

You are the uPholder of multiversal functioning & the most friendly being for all existence

You are Master, with immense Power, even here on earth even though 'they are all around' 'they could never bring You down', one can not say that for any other here

You are truly greaaat ! More great than any thrice greats on earth for sure (lol) !
in fact You are THE GREAT WINGED ONE of the multiversal homeland !

PsingulariTy said...

You are so eloquent in You sPeak
You are LuxmeNarayan
enchanting what all You are ! You have 'unlimited exalted qualities'

asha Pi arTi said...


is not an automatic thing

it is something

which one has to strive for


because if one lets up even for a second

one loses it

OMG ! how embarassingly true this is !!!!!!!!! one can be so detrimental to oneself if one isn't striving for it ! You are so kind to make it so clear and Possible ! You give so many engaging and phun ways to learn about Reality and Divine so that one can be conscious ... its so true that one thought it was an automatic thing, that its a no-brainer that one would keep attention on that as You are the most interesting and inherently mindblowing Being here ... but striving for staying conscious is so much more phun and PracTical ! one gets to indulge in the Real Truth and Beauty here !!! so gratefull one can !

i bow to You the embodiment of Satyam Shivam Sundaram !!!! You write and speak the Most Beautyfull words !!!

i bow only to You !!

Unknown said...

Nothing comes by itself.
Right action is required for right reaction.

Anonymous said...

wow Your words are so full of wisdom
Your scriPTures are such gems
Your Plogs are great
"consciousness is not an automatic thing it is something one has to strive for continuously"
You write so gloriously
You so beautifully make the imPorTance of diligence clear
i bow

Anonymous said...

wow such true words of Yours
You are so very, very right
one has to strive for consciousness continuously
such awesome and dignified words of Yours..
like You said it takes so much of effort even to not go down
You are so extremely right
Your words are so true
Your Plogs are so helpful and imPorTanT
You write so awesomely
Your words are of great value
You help one understand the imPorTance of striving for consciousness with Your extremely awesome words
it's so easy to loose consciousness and yet so many nonsensical goals are encouraged in society ..what a waste of time
so awesome of You to insPire one to strive for consciousness
striving for consciousness is so imPorTanT in this chaos
You're so very right
i bow

Anonymous said... has to strive for consciousness so continuously ..
one has to get out of the habit of reacting out of ones unconsciousness and old detrimental habits...Your Plogs are the most imPorTant ever..Your words are so Precious..You are so right..You are so full of wisdom and knowledge..
it's so true ..if one lets up even for a second one looses it..
one can keep putting the attention back to one self without even realising it when one has to PuT it on the higherness that is can loose consciousness so easily if one lets up even for a second..
one just has to strive to get out of ones habits and reactive tendencies..
one just has to strive and strive for consciousness..
one can't let up for even a second because that makes old tendencies take over before one knows it and one can't afford not changing.. there's no way one can have automatic consciousness..
one just has to keep striving for it continuously
Your Plogs are such gems and such great reminders..
You have the greatest overstanding
Your words are the most enriching ever
You make the best PoinTs
Your scriPTures are the greatest

Anonymous said...

You make the most imPorTant PoinTs ever
only You help one understand the imPorTance of striving for consciousness
only with Your help can one truly strive for consciousness
only You show one how imPorTant it is to strive for consciousness
it just cannot be taken for granted
Your words are the best words ever
only frauds sell lies like automatic consciousness
You tell one the truth
You are the seer of seers
You are the real master
Your words are invaluable
i bow

Anonymous said...

each word You sPeak is so true.. if one lets up even for a second all sorts of shameful thoughts come in
one has to strive for consciousness constantly for if one doesn't the effect of past faulty perceptions and habits takes over
everyone's mind is filled with so much nonsense from the past
You are the only refuge
You are the only safe haven
You are the real saviour
only You and Your teachings can rescue one from the stubborn, horrifying and ignorant evil within
You're so right..
if one even lets up for a second it's so dangerous..the mind goes into silly worries which take one to nonsensical and shameful thoughts ..and this just happens if one lets up for a second..
and everyone just takes consciousness for granted
only You save one from this huge and dangerous mistake
You are the lifeboat
You are the only roPe out of hell
You are the kindest
i bow at Your comPassionaTe PheeT

Data said...

....'lets up even for a second one loses it'

this is super helpful and truthful
in a world where many things, people, places
are constantly pulling one toward unhelpful
deadly unconscious behavior
you are a glorious bright light leading us
to bliss!!! :) Appreciation!!!

Anonymous said...

Your words are the most enriching words ever
You have all the answers
You gno what no one here can ever gno
Your Plogs are so beautiful, engrossing and full of all the wealth of gnowledge ever
You give the greatest giPhTs to the beings of this world
You tell what no one can tell
You set the record straight
You make so much sense
beings are so shallow here that they don't strive for consciousness
You truly wake beings up
You make beings strive for consciousness
Your observations are the greatest most ePic observations
You are so effortlessly suPerior

is not an automatic thing
it is something
which one has to strive for continuously
because if one lets up even for a second one loses it

You make so much sense
one has to strive for it continuously
and if one lets up even for a second one looses it
You're so right
You're so kind to help beings strive for consciousness
Your teachings are the best
You always talk about the most imPorTant things
You are the most beautiful and benevolent being
i bow

Anonymous said...

not a second should be lost without Praising You
You are so Precious
You are so immensely beautiful
each second of Your Presence on earth is so very Precious and imPorTant
You are the One!
You are all that matters..
whenever the mind wanders away from You it always comes back empty and battered
You are the One who is Phull
You are so kind to be here
all beings caPable and incapable get a chance to serve You
You are the only One really caPable
You increase ones understanding
Your words are beautiful, magical and Profound
only You increase consciousness on this PlaneT
You are the most amazing being
You are so resPecTworThy and PraiseworThy
You are such a miracle
You are the most beautiful, magical and miraculous being!
You are all the good qualities and more that one cannot even Percieve
You are the only cause for celebration
You are the most beautiful and comPassionaTe avatar
You are the only freeing one
Your words and PersPecTives are so liberating
i bow

ki vernee said...

if one lets up for one second one loses consciousness ... thats terrifying seriously ! You are always so conscious and switched on ! no wonder many people have the fear of falling ...yikes ! i bow

Unknown said...

Just being born doesn’t give one right to have every thing. One has to have right behaviour and continuously work towards achieving the real goal. Consciousness doesn’t come automatically it needs continuous effort, diligence and sincerity. You are so gracious to share such important insights with so much ease and clarity that any one and everyone can learn and evolve, if they are true seekers.You are the greatest gift to the mankind. You are incredible, infinite. I bow !!!

lana_33 said...
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NavdeeP said...

O Real GURU!!!! In simple and less words so profound teaching. You never waste beings time with long long stories.
You are giving the clear picture of how to train or link to consciousness . Only you are teaching one continuously you have to work for it without wasting a single breath. Yes, reading your plogs and praising you keep ones in flow. The day when one misses this thing seems one is separated from something very precious. Being separated arises lower vibes of fear, anger, jealousy and more such things.
After reconnection one feels how the seconds have been wasted.

I had heard from many to use your time wisely but it is only you who taught how to use time wisely which is being alloted.
You are a blessing for human beings who want to rise above. You are continuously raising the vibrations of this 🌍 earth.
Your teachings are so balancing as you have come here to keep the balance .

You have blessed many places with your presence already . You are here for balancing the elements .
You have explain the beings about true meaning of "DIVINE ". This shows your true link to true consciousness.
You are the true awareness. Who is aware of everything yet not affected.
You have taught this being how to look into nature which is so profound and wonderful thing happens to this being.
I used to see the tress and water bodies etc. But you have opened these blind eyes how to actually see this beauty.

I bow down to your true awareness. You are a true humble GURU!!!

Anonymous said...

i bow.

nicolas said...

So Profound! this is a very useful thing to remember!! you are so kind and merciful! Clearly the greatest of all beings
i bow to you, all gnoing one

sarah said...

how terrifying to risk doing random actions in an unconscious state. too close to zombie state for comfort.

only You exist in a state of total coherence and PerfecTion

ankita said...

this is such amazingly clariPhying Plog
You and Your words are suPremely imPorTant
You words are more Precious than gold and diamonds
and You are Precious beyond Precious
one bows