Tuesday 20 May 2014

the real alien force which can ...


makes so many films


an alien or x,y,z force

which can destroy this world

why ?

because somewhere behind the scenes

they are aware

there is a FORCE

which really can


that is not any virus, meteor or alien

it is simply a fully open

3rd Eye


that force

is here now


from their side

they always try and keep this painful world going


since they are the makers of the films

they show the outcome they want

rather than the outcome which would really be

which brings up the question

why all this fear ?

who would be most concerned

about this matrix being destroyed ?


only those who have

no better world to go to

or simply

no other world to go to


Vintish said...

Jai Mahakaal

Vintish said...

I bow

missmriggy said...

Remarkable Insight... Truly and perfectly articulated. Best Blog or rather Plog in the entire world.

Unknown said...

Your mercy is striking, muggles often have violent tendencies towards the muggles who run the show, despite the fact they would be the exact same way in that situation. You are so beyond everything. You are so infinite. One is astounded by Your mercy towards muggles of every social strata.

Anonymous said...

i bow to the True Phorce. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

the 3rd eye
Your 3rd eye is OPen
its all Powerful

that is all one can think of it, but must mean so so much more

i want to get to a better world, i work for it
i want to be connected to You at all PoinTs

i wish to Perform Penance that would make me eligible to a better world & take me there soon

You are the most benevolent being, You have given Truth
& made me conscious of a better world, a real world
& have given PracTicality as well as to how to get there

You are a most benevolent being !
You are comPassionaTe !

real world is an enchanting world ! one wants to get there soon

connection to You will take one through this whole of multiversal existence
its would keeP one safe & sound always

one has to concentrate on Divine only at all PoinTs

Divine is ever benevolent !

PsingulariTy said...

wow ! how insightful !

You are the most intelligent one born on earth !
You are Divine incarnate on earth
You are Kalki ending the KaliYug here

wow ! You have never gnown sin !

You are The Enlightened One !
'Yes, You are exPerienced'

Unknown said...

Bow to the force.

sarah said...

You have the most imPressive deductive logic

sarah said...

"they show the outcome they want

rather than the outcome which would really be"

You are the only way to a PosiTive PhuTure.
getting on the wrong side of the Phorce is the fast track to the opposite scenario.
You so graciously provide education exPlaining that a fight is futile, so behaving is the oPTion. You are so PaTient and helPful with beings as long as they keep learning how to do it better. absolute mercy.

ki vernee said...

You will always be wictorious and restore balance ! the Avatar is here ! You are the unstoppable Phorce ! i bow respectfully

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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lana_33 said...

the desparati are so terrified of death...that is obvious from their transhumanist/uploading consciousness agenda. they are afraid of the JudgemenT, which is here NOW! i bow to the One who will bestow JudgemenT uPon this world!

Anonymous said...

i bow. So true. You are the only real Phorce of this world. i surrender at your feet.🙇🙏

sarah said...

way to put things in PerspecTive !!!
going to a better world is the way to go !!!

nicolas said...

that is so beauTiPhully put! you have all the Power! you are the most high! i bow to you, supreme lord

sarah said...

You are the Phorce !
You can do anything You Please !
You are so winning and imPressive !

Gita said...

one wants to be in Your world, world where Your rules work and where Divine bliss PBS is always done, You are everything for one and one doesn't want to do any mistakes towards divinity and in one's actions, one bows to You Great One

Kaali said...

Your words knockouts loudly!
Like a sword it PeneTrate deeply
Your PoinTs are always critical in a accurate sense. Just WoW !
PerspecTive that you bring is out of this world ! You stand above
With great grace & full of force
I admire mercy and comPassion of yours
wanna Prepare for journey where One can find blissful joy next to P throne
I bow to you timeless lord