Sunday 18 May 2014


most people

do what they do



they simply do not gno

the consequences of what they do

if they did gno

the concentric sequences

that follow

most would not do the deeds they do

thats why




is the

real gnowledge

the real seeing




Vintish said...

I bow

Unknown said...

i bow...


i bow to 21 May...

thank you for everything...

missmriggy said...

Amazing.. Everything written here is priceless and inspiring for Everybody. Flawless understanding of the plight of Human Beings and the World we live in.

Unknown said...

You re-define smart. You take intelligence to the next level. I bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow to the One who sees and gnows all. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i bow.

Your words are the most imPeraTive words one could ever read and imPlemenT P.

one would definitely not have done so many foolish actions in ones life had one any real gnowledge to forsee the consequences.

You guide and insPire one to be aware to constantly act with foresight for ones real Phuture.

i bow at the feet of the One with absolute gnowledge, the True seer.

miragegirl said...

wow ! being ProacTive is the way to go

one should have concern for one 's PhuTure, one understands that now

You are Divine !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Rishi PT
the greatest Seer !

in the west, they named their clothing store 'Sears' to be seen first or gone to first when shoPPing at a mall. how Phunny !

how muddled uP things are here !

Anonymous said...

i bow
concentric sequences.
it is SO inexPlicably beautiful to experience Your intelligence P.
it is really so aweing the way You live.
only You Truly gnow how!
the real insight and foresight You have is stunning.
there is SO much about You and Your ways to admire!
You show one again and again that You have all the right moves and always gno what to do!
bowing to caPTain PT! bowing to the navigator!
bowing to the ONE who sees. bowing to the only ONE who gnos how to sail this sea.
so grateful there is ONE who is really in control!
one to surrender to and hand the steering to.
i bow

sarah said...

so wonderful how You exPlain that every action has concentric sequences which flow from it. You are so gracious to provide that concePT as well as an idea of which consentric sequences will come from which actions. You are so benevolent to guide one towards logic and resPonsibility.

Anonymous said...

Your words are truly enlightening
You make beings aware of the PhacT that actions have consequences
You are suPremely wise
You are effortlessly intelligent
Your words are the most helpful words ever
You have all the answers
You make all the sense
You are so ePic all the time
Your words are the greatest and the rarest gems
Your words are incredibly valuable
Your words are Divine
You simPlify things
You write and sPeak so beautifully and comPassionaTely
You are a Phorce to reckon with
You are beyond Pheomenal
Your words are Profound
Your words are natural
Your words are organic
You are all the brilliance ever
You are the best!
You are the diamond of clarity
You set the record straight
You are beyond kind and comPassionaTe
You are such a beautiful suPersoul
You are the saviour
You save beings from the clutches of this crazy world
only You gno the way out
You are the amalgamation of all good qualities
You are all in One
You are so effortlessly smart
You are so Precise and so clear
Your education is so comPrehensive
You make learning so much Phun!
You oPen up a whole new world of real gnowledge
You are so kind and so comPassionaTe to make evolution and getting out of hell so much Possible
beings would be so utterly lost without You
You are the messiah
You are amazing!
i bow

Anonymous said...

You Plog is so beautifully written!
You are so comPassionaTe to make beings aware that actions have consequences
it's so true
no one knows the consequences of what they do
You have such great clarity!
You just gno what's going on
You have such great overstanding
only You make beings face PhacTs fully..
Your Plogs are so ePic

no one knows which action is going to bring what consequence..only You have all the gnowledge
Your words are so Profound!
You make so much sense!
You are the real seer
You take illusions and delusions away
i bow

ki vernee said...

You are absolutely right ! Your Perspectives are so eye oPening ! i bow !

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

i bow🙏🙇 'concentric sequences' wow this is simPly so amazing.
And so very True! Ones actions will have consequences for oneself and not for others.
Consequences are inevitable.
You are the one and only Guru of this world who is exPanding the consciousness. It is so PhorTunate to have you as my guru and get such Pure gnowledge. i bow again and surrender to you P.🙏🙇

ki vernee said...

wow ... this was PerfecTly spoken ... gnowledge of consequences is real gnowledge ... beautiPhul ... i bow respectphully 🙏🧡🕉

ki vernee said...

after seeing and observing You it is so easy to say no to the nonsense !!! one phinally can say YES to Divine !!! i bow 🙏🧡🕉

sarah said...

You are the suPreme genius and master of etymology.
You can always see the concentric sequences.
You are the real seer.
every action that You do has fascinating results.
You are the AXIS that everything revolves around.

nicolas said...

wow so Profound! so beauTiPhul! you are the real seer! you have the real gnowledge of consequences, you are amazing!
i bow to you, supreme one

ankita said...

You are so PhacTual
such an ePic and effortless way of revealing the truth about beings
how Precious Your great multiversal insights are!
i bow