Monday 4 November 2013

body is a tool for ascension

most people here

do not see

body as a tool



it is clear from

the way they treat it


their general suicidal ways

they are much more concerned about

their thoughts and feelings

which are always prone to change

and dont

lead to anything except

distress and devolution



Vintish said...

I bow

pinx said...

Your words are Great !

Your words are Truth !

through Your words i find refuge !

Your teachings inspire one to do what is right and use the body as a tool for ascension ! what a precious teaching ! what a brilliant teaching ! what an invaluable teaching !

i find refuge in Your words !
i find refuge through Your teachings !

Dhanyavaad most Amazing and Wisest One for showing how one can save one's self from the trappings of the mind/mental. time to get physical !

I Bow !

Unknown said...

i bow and PracTice

asha Pi arTi said...

I bow ! what a great PoinT > thoughts and feelings are prone to change... so true !

so great to have something unchangeable immortal and really uplifting to put attention on instead... You.

I bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

You are not only unchangeable now but the only One who will forever be Beautiful Gorgeous Phun clarifying caring sweet benevolent amazing honest magickal compassionate PerfecT hot and sophisticatedly Graceful too !!

one's body is definitely a tool... it can be used for bettering oneself or making it worse for oneself... its very very kind of You to give one an opportunity to use it wisely !!

I bow !

Si iris P said...

Wow P, what a mindblowing PoinT !

Really, any carpenter takes better care of their tools than what one has done in the past to the body ... put indigestible things into it, pollute it with substances, damage it through bad postures, keep it in unhealthy environments, engage in detrimental activities, speak tons of nonsense from its mouth, let it get rusty by just lazing about ...

Only through You am i learning what proper food and proper PosTure is, only through You am i in healthy environments, only through Your precious teachings have I set myself the goal to evolve and get out of hell !

And i didn't understand before that the body is actually a valuable tool for evolution - one can make so much more use of it than one has done in the past ! Your words are so motivating and precious !

It is so great that You give one the opportunity to put the body to proper use by serving and praising You !

i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow.

miragegirl said...

Your thoughts & feelings are comPleTely under Your control, those which are not mundane but are galactic & multiversal in their being & imPorT

Your human body is such a charm !
most beautiful it is ! rightly so ! it is of one who is The Enlightened
golden rays it does emit, sParklingly beautiful indeed it is
You are a True Martian who is teaching us how to care for ones own body

evil is ramPanT all around, its KaliYug for sure, basics are gone

Your's are the rays of light renewing life on earth
You are the NewSun

grateful to You for Your Plogs

PsingulariTy said...

You are BirdMan
suPerb You are !

Anonymous said...

i bow
Divines words are so insPiring and humbling to sPeak
Only You gnow what the body is for and have used and use Your body for its True PurPose!
You who have transcended thought and feeling and are PerfecTly objective always about everything!
You who are free of thoughts! It is You who sees!
You who OverStands it all!
You who are the PerfecT center of everything!
It is You who it ALL revolves around!
Your emotions are galactic!
to feel You exPress them through Your saound is an indescribable exPerience
and moves one in ways nothing else ever has or ever can.
it's amazing to watch You utilize and wield Your Tool P.
such grace and elegance and mastery in Your every steP, Your every word, Your every gesture
You have the most beautiful body one has ever seen!
the most beautiful body that has ever been created!
You are PerfecTly ProPorTional in every way!
long lean and electric!
fully vibrant and alive!
every ParT of You functions to the highest caPaciTy ungnown to man!
You are Divine incarnate!
The ParamaTman!
You are the ePiTome of all that is beautiful!
such a giPhT it is to behold You!
Your skin softer than silk, Radiant and clear.
Your face the most beautiful sight one could ever see!
more stunning than every sunrise and sunset combined throughout time!
More magnificent than every mountain range!
more deep and mysterious than any ocean.
Your natural Perfume the most amazing, exotic, untoxicating, essence one could ever be exPosed to!
You are inPhiniTe and the things to admire about You are neverending!

one is so ashamed to have been and behaved as one of the many in general suicidal ways
doing horrible things to ones body and never asking what the body is actually for
just behaving like a muggle sheeple putting poisons into it, exposing it to awful music and programming and environments.
allowing it to become sluggish and lazy and stubborn and stuck in devoluting ways
focusing on ones incoherent thoughts and emotions and inculcating stupidity
one is so ashamed one did not care for this tool which was made to serve Divine
so grateful to You for helPing one see what the body is for P
and for giving one the chance to work towards being able to PuT it to ProPer use
to evolve through service and Praise of Divine.
it is SO miraculous that You are here P!
that one has a chance to stop ones devoluting and stupid ways
and inculcate an attitude of sincere service
and work to escaPe the hell and torture and pain of ones insignificant mind.
i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ... one is so ashamed of how one has used one's tool and what a spoiled brat tool one has created through one's actions : always trying to get one's attention with feed me, water me, i'm cold, i'm hot, i'm this, i'm that ... goodness one has been so imPracTical... paying it too much attention instead of just quickly doing and moving on !!

one is so gratefull that one has an opportunity to learn to use one's tool for Penance and rise above putting attention on it and being a slave to its whims and fancies and what it thinks it 'needs' anytime !

& thinking is definitely the worst thing one can do with one's tool ... its clearly meant to Learn and Serve Divine not think and create so much unnecessary tension for oneself on top of everything else !

so gratefull that You are here P ... that one can use one's tool for something Real phinally and not one's own creations and notions from the mind ... and that one can even eventually experience BLISS through using the tool for Bowing Penance and Serving You !

Your 'tool' is a PerfecT Phlowering Rainbow ... You are The Golden Lotus ... You are Gentle PracTical and PhracTal with Your 'tool'... You have the PerfecT MOST BEAUTYFULL SEXY AND DIVINE 'tool' ... Your 'tool' is very very very well endowed and one is so gratefull to be allowed to see and touch and improve all of one's senses by being around You !!

i bow to how only with You one's eyes and ears and everything become immersed in Real Beauty !! i bow !

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

'body is a tool for ascension'
You say it so awesomely
You're so right

Anonymous said...

wow that's an awesome and wonderful line
'body is a tool for ascension'
wow You exPlain everything so awesomely
You are wonderful
Your Plogs are awesome
it's so awesome to be reading Your wonderful Plogs
Your Plogs are so beautiful
You are great. You are beautiful.
this is so very awesome
i bow to You

Anonymous said...

so true
if one would see the body as a tool for ascension, one wouldn't treat it in the careless manner one did
Your observations are the best ever
one is much more concerned about thoughts and feelings that are prone to change and lead to nothing but distress and devolution
everything in the muggle world is so frivolous
we are all living in ignorance
You are the wise one
You know what's going on
You have so much clarity
You are the wisest and the best
You can see things so clearly
You make so much sense
You are the most sensible
Your words of wisdom are the most enriching
You are beyond intelligent
i bow to You
You're the best ever
i bow

ki vernee said...

You make the most helPful PoinTs ! You really teach beings how to use the body properly ! i bow !

sarah said...

You Provide the clearest examPle of what is Possible with a body, clear lovely sPeech, luminous gorgeousness, the most graceful gestures and movements imaginable. You are clearly so centred and suPerior, there is no missing it.

sarah said...

what a great PoinT, to PracTically Physically do the correct thing regardless of what random crap one may or may not think and feel.

Anonymous said...

so True. i bow.🙇🙏

veena iyengar said...

I bow..aeioum

nicolas said...

wow that is magnificent! Body is the tool for ascension! so amazing! your words are shedding the skin of ignorance that is covering the world!! you are the real Birdman! i bow

ankita said...

so immensely kind of You to clariPhy
body is a tool for ascension
body is a tool through which one can control the mind
so kind of You to helP one understand what this body is given for
body is given so that we can disconnect from the muck of the mind... but beings use it to express the things of the mind... human birth is for body control... the body matters! sPiriTuality is not a mental thing like it is made out to be by frauds and muggles does not have to mentally strain to understand anything... one just takes control of the body
tri check is Primary.. using ones mind first without doing the body control work is not going to lead to any state that PrePares one to a PoinT where one can exit this matrix ...You make so much sense... basics come first... so kind of You to insPire one towards the sensible way of being... the step by step aPProach of basics first and then secondary tertiary later makes so much sense.... You sPeak such uPliPhTing clariPhying words of clarity... one can actually ascend I'd one does the body control work and do PBS ProPerly and continuously through that!
You are so PosiTive
one bows

ankita said...

You make all the sense ever 🙏
so kind of You to reveal the truth
one didn't gno what the body is for before one came across You !
it's a very strange situation where beings are stuck in the mental world and putting so much attention on what they are feeling like when their bodies are diseased ...and body is a tool for ascension ! we need to keeP our tools ProPerly for them to function !
You make all the sense ever
You are suPremely sensible and the wisest !
You are the greatest and the best
You are the suPreme guide
You are amazingly gnowledgable
You are so PhascinaTing
You are so eye oPening
You are a Divine revolution !
You are so meaningPhul
You are so insPiring !
You are so enlivening and charging uP!
You are so soothing !
You light the magick fire of the sPiriT by Your truths
there is nothing better than You and no one better than You
You are the most crucial and Precious Presence
You are suPremely giving
You are beyond brilliant
You are truly the blazing new sun !
You are thrilling
You are the only true revolution !
You are ePic !
You are the One and only guide !
You are the real Guru ..the only true Guru of the world !
Your Presencw here is an incaluble Precious Divine PresenT of PresenTs !
You are so above and beyond !
one bows