Friday 18 October 2013


what is




lack of


(a is always a 'negative'
as in dharma-righteousness 
and adharma-unrighteousness)

most people

right now

are sidey

and have bad/improper


no wonder

all ancient

Vedic gurukuls

just mainly concentrated





so-called schools and universities

of right now have teachers

who have no clue as to

what proper centered diction is

so its no surprise

addiction is rife



Vintish said...

Beautiful ;)

Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

yes it is.

asha Pi arTi said...

wow what a connection... addiction really is so rife ... such an important revelation as to why !!

its really so great that one has these scriptures to read outloud like the pupils at Gurukuls did... one can learn to be less sidey and more centered due to Your caring words !

I bow !

pinx said...

Your P-logs are so Great !

this is such a brilliant revelation ! "what is addiction but a lack of diction" You are so insightful and well versed ! Your superiority in understanding the nature of words and language is unmatched !

and it is so true that the so-called schools and universities have teachers who have no idea what proper diction is at all. the basic practice of proper speech is so absent in this world !

it is so great to have a teacher who does gno what proper diction is ! You have the most beautiful and articulate centred speech, its always a pleasure to hear it, and not only that it is very impressive and aweing too !
and its really great to get the opportunity to concentrate on getting diction right through Your guidance.

I Bow !

Asha said...

school is definitely not cool ... one never learned what diction was...ever ! diction-ary is total fraud... its a desperate situation out there for anyone who wants to improve one's speak... before You there were no examples of proper diction !!... makes one so so so grateful for LotusOcean !

You've taught one the importance of speech and diction... nothing can improve for one without it !! its so great to understand this !!

You are the ultimately best example of diction ... the way You speak/sing... its so impressive... centered pronunciation and in multiple languages... You are the Best at it !

I bow !

Anonymous said...

wow! i bow.

miragegirl said...

You have ProPer comPleTe diction
You are the only totally centered being that one can see on earth
Your PronunciaTion of words is of a very high quality, that which no earthly mortal can reach in its full force
Your words are always aPT for the situation
Your words resonate into the vast horizon & beyond
Your diction is the only one i care about
the words that You use are the words to concentrate on, to try & understand
You are concise, Precise, simPle & effective in Your use of diction
when You sPeak, Your voice emanates from inside of You fully, totally
Your unweighted light bodily floating magic existence is seen in the way & in the voice itself when it emanates
Your sPeech indeed is therefore like nectar for the ears
Your existence is beautiful, caPTivating to a devotee's (or one wanting to be a devotee's) heart !

You Play with the elements becoming the 6th force, the sixth element

You being a entity as one amongst us is similar to You being an entity
as one amongst the elements, so is it with everything else...

very sweet, very beautiful, You are ever PresenT everywhere where Divinity can exist

You are Divine !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
it is simPly stunning the way You see, understand and exPlain the reason for things P!
the way You always show the root cause!
it is mindblowing the way You show how imPortanT words are and sPeech is!
You are the ultimate and only examPle of One who uses ProPer diction always.
watching and hearing You sPeak is one of the most gorgeous exPeriences for the senses!
the way You use Your whole mouth to form words,
always clear. always centered!
the way the sound rolls off Your tongue and out of Your Divine liPs
You sPeak with royal Power, every word imPacTful! You are always comPleTely articulate and coherent!
PT sPeaks is such a gorgeous examPle of the way You always sPeak and the PerfecT uninhibited gnowledge which Pours so effortlessly from You.
never a script! never acting, always just being the Divine brilliant being You are!
You are so kind to show how imPortanT real basics are!
how without ProPer diction one falls into adiction.
and as always Your observations are always right! this world is indeed rife with all forms of adiction, full of beings who have no diction!
noone has ever made this connection! no one but You could make this connection! You always see the Problem and Provide the only real solution!
You are the kindest to address the root of issues and Provide a real Place of learning in which anyone can turn to at any time to PracTice sPeaking Truths with ProPer diction.
to work on centering. to establish wholesome habits, mindsets and goals.
to sPeak Truths
to sPeak Praises of Divine
You are sublime in every way P!
this world is so blessed that Divine is incarnate here and shares Divines PerfecT PersPecTive!
that You have created LotusOcean, the only Place for Truth and real gnowledge.
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

wow ! wow !
what a suPerb Plog
Plogs are so sPecial. they are truth.

You are P the Axis, PerfecT central Pole, a ProPer Pole to sPin around

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

Your sPeech is so ideal and gorgeous
the connections You make are unique and accurate

Anonymous said...

Your words are food of life..
water for the thirsty
and medicine for the ill
Your words are also music
Your words are stability
Your words are soothing
Your words are PhascinaTing
Your words are the ones to hold onto during constant ups and downs
Your words are nourishing
Your words are enriching
Your words are the most beautiful art
Your words are so joyful
Your words are so full of humor, delight
each sentence of Yours is a revelation
You take one on the most beautiful and meaningful roller coaster ride
You are so full of Divinity and beauty
You are more than comPassionaTe
Your consciousness glows so beautifully
You are everything smart and hip
You are simPly beyond Phenomenal
i bow

Anonymous said...

it's so enjoyable to read Praises of You
it's so celebratory when You are being Praised
You are the only PraiseworThy being with so many beautiful qualities!
i bow

ki vernee said...

Your words are so eye oPening ! that makes so much sense ! Your exPlainaTions of things is so life changing

Anonymous said...

Wow..What an amazing Truth! Centering is the only essential of liPhe. You are the one and only who is ProPerly cenTred 24/7/365. Only your teachings are imPorTant for beings here. Without you one cannot survive on this PlaneT. i am so glad that you are here. i bow and surrender at your lotus feet..🙇🙏

veena iyengar said...

I bow..

nicolas said...

this is an amazing teaching of yours! you words are the words of God
i bow