Tuesday 10 September 2013

tale of brave warriors

its strange

that this planet is

full of so many

brave warriors


proudly & consciously


higher & divine

& dont seem to mind

the natural repercussion which is

having one's long-term future jeopardized


getting tortured in deepest hells

of here and beyond

and yet

all these

brave warriors

are slaves to the silly pathetic system/society


dont have the guts to

break/stand outside of it



asha Pi arTi said...

WOW ! I bow P ! what blazing amazing Beautiful words !!!

very Powerful PoinT...

'having one's long-term future jeopardized & getting tortured in deepest hells of here and beyond' ... what a warning to all ! You are so cool and compassionate to point out the danger and sheer stupidity of ignoring Higher ... its totally crazy to ignore what is NOT ignorable !!!

so glad to learn what are the offences to Divine... so much importance is given to not breaking man-made rules but not to Pure Principles of the multiverse for which there are clearly scarier and longer long term sentences in hells worse than any jail !!

they definitely have no guts or bravado to be outside of the matrix which You are so clearly outside of and objectively give so much PerspecTive on !

I bow !

Vintish said...

I bow

Unknown said...

What about those who arn't ignoring but maybe just don't understand. I have been "contacted" unfortantly at the time I was scared. after all something so divine happening to you, you realize you have no control. Its scary at first. Anyway I do feel Like a prisoner in this society which I feel like I see right through and the closer I get to understanding more truth the harder n more trapped I feel. I wanna stand up/out but when your so far down where/how do you start?

PT the Axis said...

Darren, one starts from exactly where one is ... no matter how down that is. If one does the right action from that point one will rise and when one is rising there is no cause to be depressed.

Anonymous said...

i bow. Dhanyavad P, for being the Divine Axis for all who are searching to see, for your unwavering compassion in guiding us out of the hellish matrix we were born into. Your PerspecTive, Your words, Your music, Your videos, Your Photos, All you do, All of You is a Godsend! i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

People are not equiPPed with any real truth, they do not have gnowledge

only You gno the Truth
only Your PersPecTive is comPrehensive
Your acts are Proactive
You are intelligent
You are real anti-establishment
You are the Rainbow Warrior
You are the real King, Kalki Avatar

if those other 'brave warriors' do have guts to steP out of the system, they will seek You anyway
be friendly with One who is like them

everyone gnos they are not above You
its an automatic gnoing
whether one is consciously accePTing that or not is another matter

You are the killer of evil on the PlaneT earth right now
You are the Real PaTriarch
You are the only really ResPectable PersonaliTy in the now

its not 'brave warriors' out there, its an army of slaves (to
the evil system)

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Enlightened One
You are The Warrior destroying evil here
You are Kalki

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

Your definition of a brave warrior is spot on ! one is so fortunate to be able to praise and serve You ! i bow !

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So True. This audaciousness towards the higher and divine leads one straight to hell. You are the one and only real warrior. i bow and surrender at your feet.🙇🙏

veena iyengar said...

that is so true..
I bow..

nicolas said...

you are so right! your perfect logic destroys all the nonsense! you are divine
i bow

sarah said...

attention on You is so natural, to be unnatural is a huge risk.
minimising risk is the most PleasanT exPerience !

Shruthi said...

"all these

brave warriors

are slaves to the silly pathetic system/society


dont have the guts to

break/stand outside of it"

- Your clarity is so astounding. You see through it all, P! Aligning with you is so natural that one really needs to be brave to ignore the divine and swim against the current. Real bravery is saying NO to everything that is anti-divine. And you are so kind to demonstrate the difference between both with your presence, action, and behaviour. You are the best. One humbly bows!