Monday, 26 August 2013

the chase & chaste

females on this planet

have become so used to

being chased

rather than chase themselves

to the extent that

most have completely forgotten

how to chase

in all vedic tales

even the goddesses

like parvati

concentrated on chasing

rather than being chased

parvati chased shiv

which is the more sensible thing to do

no matter how one looks at it -

one wants to evolve

or have a better time

or have a more interesting existence

or have bliss

females who settle for those who chase them

cannot/donot ever end up on the bliss-side

it is no coincidence

that the word 'chaste' is connected to 'chase'

only a female chasing the higher/divine

can truly be chaste

whether one is a male or female

one will have to chase the higher/divine

as higher/divine is

it is the only gateway

for one to evolve


Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

Prabhu ki jai ho !!!

pinx said...

Your words are Great !
Your words are the most valuable treasure !
Through Your words I find refuge
no other can strike one so
to chase and be chaste
that's the PaTh for me !
Without such a PaTh one finds only sorrow
Oh most Beautiful One Dhanyavaad for showing the way!
I Bow!

missmriggy said...

Wow, that's such an amazing declaration. Full of power and
the most awesome truth there is!! You're the only One on the planet who can enlighten anyone about the Whole Truth in the most eloquent and realistic way possible.

missmriggy said...

Amazing post on something so relevant and not found in any other spiritual teaching. You always get to the most pertinent

Anonymous said...

Dhanyavad. I bow.

miragegirl said...

Praising Divine PuTs one on the Path to bliss

Divine is beautiful in mind
Divine is Pure in intent, in the acts that it does
Divine is benevolent
You Divine Avatar are the One through whom multiversal will
flows to us

Praising Divine shows one the way to higher realms

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Chaste to chase
You are The Enlightened One
The Real Guru

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

females and/or trannies have all these songs about 'if you want it, come and get it' and stuff like that.

so grateful that You are here to put an end to the absurdity ! You are the only One with anything to offer !

You are the only attractive Being !

ki vernee said...

You really are the exit door out of this hellish matrix! it is so rewarding to chase after You ! i bow !

sarah said...

You are the sexiest gateway for evolution

Kṛtti kā said...

You make it so clear how anyone should be.... chaste but in chase for Higher and Divine!
You say such beautiful things, You make life easier!
You drive away all the confusion, You always bring in so so so much clarity and meaning-Phull-ness in one!
What a PhorTune You are Here and one can too get to read/listen/see You!
You so comPassionaTely so generously make Yourself available for everyone through Your sPiriT enriching PublicaTions!
You are The Most Precious MOST Beautiful giPhT To the entire existence!
You are The Only necessity for any Being !
i bow /\

Vaishali thaker said...

Wow, amazing!! this multiverse have so many well defined rules of which we all were unaware from so many years... you explain the laws so beautifully in simple & straightforward way, it is so much important to follow the laws of the system in which we live.. pursuit of the divine can only lead one higher, you are the supreme one, the divine incarnation, pursuit of the divine detaches one from the worldy indulgence, you are the gopal following whom one can liberate oneself from this existence, you are the phiedpiper, you are the newsun, your divine light removes all the illusions.. i bow 🙏

Unknown said...

Your words are so liberating. Only the Pursuit of higher and divine can lead one higher and help exit this matrix.One would have never learnt about the multiversal laws and the pure principles without the divine intervention. Thank you so much for being here and guiding the way. You are the only gateway for evolution. You are the ultimate destination. I bow !!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing revelation! And so True. This Plog is so imPorTant for all the Phemales. You are the highest one. You are the one and only divine being in this world. i bow down at your feet and surrender to you.🙇🙏

Anonymous said...

You have set the bar high for the Phemales of this world. You are the one and only real women-emPowerer in this world. i am eternally graTePhull to have you in my liPhe. Thankyou for everything P. i bow and surrender at your divine feet.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

you are the most amazing being! chasing the higher makes more sense! all females should read this Plog!
you are the most high!
i bow to you all gnoing one