Thursday, 30 May 2013



a grossly misused term in these times

there are so many

guru's of this and that

in real terms

there is only one type of



that is for evolution

'g' for gene/gravity

'uru' for serpent


g-uru is

the one

who raises

the gene serpent up

there is a lot of gravity

to this term

its not to be taken lightly

as it is nowadays

otherwise suffering will be the result


asha Pi arTi said...

wowoowowoowowo !

Beautiful !

i bow to the Guru of Gurus !

'there is only one type of guru'
so true ! it has become as misused as other PoTent words like love Peace bliss etc. what a Beautiful scientific explanation of g-uru !

so fortunate we are to have access to the real information and truth thru You... anyone sincerely interested in raising oneself is going to be rocketboosted up with Your blessed words !!

Dhanyavad for allowing one to learn and serve You P !

i bow !

Shahid said...

"g-uru is the one who raises the gene serpent up "

Badiya prabhu. Aisa meinay pehlay kahi nahi padaa hai.

Your writings are fantastic Lord.

missmriggy said...

Amazing explanation of the term
Guru. Have never seen anyone break it down like that. You make everyhing so clear and allow us to go much deeper into terms we take for granted. Reading your posts is a constant reminder of what is really important about human life.

Vintish said...

AaP sarva-sresht hai

AaP mahaan hai

AaP PurushoTTam hai

Aap sarva-gyani hai

Aap jagat-palak hai

Guru hi guruve namah !!!!

so blissful

Jai Narayan *****

Vintish said...

So much Phun where learning is Phun - Jai ho -

Vintish said...

Divine is suPerior of all

Anonymous said...

i bow to the True Guru.

miragegirl said...

You are the Real Guru of the multiverse

grateful to You for sPreading Truth through Your Plogs

real concePTs of DNA on Phire, ascension, Heaven, life after death ... only You talk about
no one else does, they just try to make sense of it all but mostly do not go anywhere

world in the now has a Real Guru walking in it
these are great times so
many genepools will become better because of You
many will go to heaven because of You

You are the 'All Gnoing One'
a real Benefactor, a real Guru

PsingulariTy said...

great Plog lord !
You are The Real Guru

asha Pi arTi said...

❤❤❤ Beautyfull words to read tonight on Guru Poornima 2016 ! so gratefull that You are here and one can learn from You directly everyday and *forever* !!!!!!

i bow ❤❤❤

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You are the most brilliant Guru and still would be if there was a slight suggestion of intelligence from any other Guru. the contrast between You and the frauds could not be more drastic.

ki vernee said...

You are the so right ! You are the only real Guru here ! we are so fortunate to learn from a real Being who gnos how to raise the gene serpent uP ! i bow ! <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

such a beauTiPhull and amazing revelaTion! You are the one and only Guru of this world. i'm eternally graTePhull to have you as my Guru. i bow and surrender at your divine feet.🙇🙏

sarah said...

only You can raise the gene serPenT uP

nicolas said...

wow you are amazing! your gnowledge is so impressive! you break down words so effortlessly and get the real meaning out of it!
you are purity! i bow