Sunday 6 January 2013

milky way

the name of our galaxy

is Milky way


Starry Way


Light Way

but people do not wonder

why that is






the equation is simple

its not just earth but

the whole galaxy

or gaia-lactic

which is





miragegirl said...

what a great P log !

bahut sundar bolte aur likhte hai aap

miragegirl said...

when you saw the cow and to bless went
the cow did immediately sweetly respond
oh such a sweet interaction
oh what a sweet bond
cowherder you were in life PasT
of cows no one is more fond
Lord you are 'the Real Cowboy', you are the best
ProTector of all the cows and the rest

Vintish said...

I bow

Unknown said...

I bow...
Mother cow

pinx said...

that is soooo Beautiful and so enlightening !

that the whole galaxy is a cow fractal is such Profound gnowledge !! and the way You put it is very endearingly sweet too !

it is so great how You are spreading awareness of the value of the Cow ! in a world where atrocities are done to these sacred beings daily it is such a relief to read Your words and gno that the Divine ProTector of Cows is here !

and such an amazing video ! only Your sounds can accompany the grandeur of the Milky Way ! and one gnos from experience the effect that playing this song has ! it has the power to create storms !! and so many very Profound and scientific lyrics also, really showing how Your level of gnowledge is second to none !

I Bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

OMG !!! i bow ! i bow ! i bow !!

that is soooo Beautiful !! what an amazing revelation about Your galaxy... no one has ever made such a coherent connection like this before P !!

it is such Phun to phind new teachings and insights here ... & learn what this place we are born into is all about... its Beauty !!!

omG only Your music and words bring it all together like this... like in the most mindblowing way ... so ePic & intelligent ! so Avatarishi !

i bow !!

Asha said...

wow... cow fractal... that makes it so clear what a Higher Being cows are !!

they have fractality and that explains why they are so sacred and sPecial too !

wow P... so much scientific gnowledge ... You really bring it all together... every science, every spiritual system !! only You can do this ... paint such a coherent PicTure with words.. so Beautiful !

i bow to You and Maa Gaia !!

Dhanyavad !

Si iris P said...

wow P, what a revelation once again !

it is right in front of everyone's eyes, but still one can't see it or make the right derivations & connections ...

only You have the objectivity, inquiring mind, gnowledge and sorting ability to understand the real & deeper meaning of things with such clarity !

You really have the bigger PicTure, things suddenly fall into place & start making sense when You explain them !

that is beautiful & it heightens the importance of the cow even more ! and it has such deep & far-reaching implications !

so how much one is in tune with the laws & functionings of life on earth & in the whole galaxy itself can be seen from how cows are treated ...

knowing how disrespectful & abusive & violently cows are treated in most of the world today, one understands how much people have actually turned against life & against nature itself !!!

no wonder so many people have that lingering feeling that something is going fundamentally wrong ... !

there can be no peace & harmony while breaking the laws of existence of this plane all the time, while fighting & abusing the very being which sustains life here directly !

may all the world hear about this ! it is so great that You publish these most crucial insights for the good of the cow & for all life on this PlaneT !!!

i bow

Anonymous said...

Woah! PhracTally, PhanTasically small mind blowing, educational and naturally psycedelic. dhanyavad for so artisticaly putting the entire galaxy into PersepecTive. Your Divinity resonates throughout the Milky Way. i bow.

miragegirl said...

wow !

what an imPorTant Plog showing the imPorTance of cows !
earth is cow fractal
'the whole galaxy... is cow fractal'

amazing gnowledge You Provide through Your Plogs

connect cow ~ mother earth ~ milky way galaxy
real science, real applications for life

ever grateful to You !

PsingulariTy said...

wow ! how scientific You are !
You are The Scientific Man, the One who gnos all science

You are The Real Cowherder
The Real Cowboy

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

I bow /\

What a lovely Plog! You make so much sense! Your revelation about the sanctity of the Cows is so illuminating and awe-inspiring, One realises the greatness of gau-mata! Your Plogs are ultimately liberating and clariPhying! Most Indians worship cows but I don't think even they are aware exactly why... The realisation of this PhacT would change the attitude towards gaay mata exPonenTially, this DePhiniTely would draw in more resPecT and reverence in the way how they are treated, they would be cared with much love and genuine honour...


the equation is simple

its not just earth but
the whole galaxy
or gaia-lactic
which is

One won't ever see the Cows the same way after reading this Plog! You make one realise the magnitude of her divine beauty... It's not just earth, she is a PhracTal movable loving form of the entire galaxy! That's mind exPanding... You raise one awareness and keep ediPhying one on some many topics... Your teachings and PerspecTives are such crucial necessities to learn and PhuncTion with more awareness.

You are a real goPaal! You show how they are to be loved and taken care of!

I bow at your supreme divine feet!

ki vernee said...

wow ! what a brilliant connection !! You really Provide eyes to see the meaning of words and there connection to the whole ! You are so wholistic ! i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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sarah said...

You are amazingly gnowledgable and so gracious to share this divine revelation and sonic sensation !!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! i bow🙏🙇

nicolas said...

a cow fractal! magnificent! cows are sacred! you are sacred!
i bow to you, the most amazing, the most powerphull and the most intelligent of all beings

nicolas said...

you are the real guru, your words are always refreshing and coherent, you are the real guru, you incarnate divinity, i bow