Thursday 16 August 2012


 so the celebration

of pain and torture

which happens every 4 years

for 2 weeks on this planet

is finally over

some people have recieved some

worthless metal things for all the

pain & tortured they have endured

if they think that getting those

is a patriotic activity

& shows that

the country they represent

is doing well

than they are in for a surprise

as whichever country/tribe is getting the

least of these worthless things

is doing the best

there are those like

so-called great britain which

is neither great nor britain

( britain is a name they stole

& use undeservingly )

who rigged the whole event

(including the gear like bicycles )

spent millions

to buy athletes & judges

to get more of these worthless trinklets

than they ever have gotten or will get

the same was done for

so-called united states of america

who are always taking doping to a new level

( not surprising considering its a country

running entirely on synthesized drugs )

so that they can have more in number

than china

the point ?

nothing but trying hard to show

that their way of life

is not all just a big mistake


the harder they try

through drugs, torture, lies & deceit

the more their hell becomes clearer

and the worrying part is

that most of the mindprogrammed populace of this planet

laps it all up

as something meaningful to aspire for


is the abode of the gods

the swarg of sanskrit where elemental gods reside

nothing to do with this madness

so to use the term 'olympics'

is completely inappropriate

thus the title



pinx said...

Hoorah P !! This really needed to be said ! and no-one can say it better than You !! You really get to the truth of the matter in the most PoTent way !!

so glad that this pain and torture event is finally over...and even more glad to read Your precise and insightful summation of the proceedings !

You really word things in the clearest and striking way !
striking and sterling truths ! such enriching PerspecTives always !!

I Bow !!

Vintish said...

- I bow -

Vintish said...

- ॐ satya namah -

Vintish said...

- ॐ satye namah -

Vintish said...

- yes it is a hell without P - helP !!!

Vintish said...

- yes it is a hell without P - helP !!!

JacLee said...

You are so right! You are always right! i bow~*

JacLee said...

You are so right! you are always right! i bow~*

Asha said...

POW WOW Words P ! the blazing Truths of PT strike again !! and so comprehensively !

what impo observations and so resPectworthy, only You PoinT out all these things which are bringing ppl down !

celebrating PoinTlessness is so crazy !!

this world would only be pain & torture without You, the true Olympian !

i bow !

Asha said...

what a great title too ! very witty & apt ! Your the best at describing everything P !!

pinx said...

oh Wow ! just read Your final paragraph :


is the abode of the gods

the swarg of sanskrit where elemental gods reside

nothing to do with this madness

so to use the term 'olympics'

is completely inappropriate

thus the title"

I Bow ! What a Punchline ! that is the best PoinT of all !!! You are Great ! and the only real Olympian on this Earth ! I Bow !!

sarah anne said...

I agree completely with this searing insight!

How ironic to torture yourself to prove that your way of life is fine!

miragegirl said...

'torturelympics' bahut badiya shirshak hai

Aap ne is shirshak ke pichye ka matlab bhi samjaya hai

bahut sundar bolte aur likte hai aap


is the abode of the gods

the swarg of sanskrit where elemental gods reside"

bahut ardh bara, gyan poorn dilchasph baat hai

jhuti sohrat ke liye log na jane apne aap ko kitne torture karte hai

accha lagta hai ki india ko jyada medal kabhi nahi milte

china, us, uk ko milte hai, joh har tarah ke mans kate hai, drugs mein dube huey aur translucent jaat hai

logon ka apne aap ko santvna dene kitna bura, bekar aur asal mein bahut hani karak torturelympics pyaras hai

Aap har khel mein mahir hai

Aap ka tennis khel na ho kar nritya sa lagta hai

Aap sharir ko phusth aur sahi roop mein rakne ke liye khel ki mukyata batate hai

Aap the most PhiT vaktiv hai

Aap yah bhi samjate hai ki manasik aur sharirik shiti kaise jude huey hai

Aap gyanvan hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

Your level of intelligence and observation is so infinite and imPressive ! You truly set the record straight ! You brilliantly renamed what that event should be called ! torturelympics ! a far cry from olympics !

Anonymous said...

such an amazing revelation! i bow and surrender to the divine who is not pain torture and hell.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

wow beautiphully put! you are so right! your gnowledge is always impressive! no one should value pain and torture like they do
i bow to you supreme lord