Saturday 25 August 2012














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Vintish said...

wow :) lol , so cool (*_*)

Vintish said...

you reveal the real meaning of present " re-sent from P " lol - I bow , I bow & I bow !!!

asha Pi arTi said...

what a Beautiful present this Plog is ... a treasured gift !

there is definitely no worthy enough present one can give You in return except humbly one's present attention and time !!

dhanyavad for all these lessons P !

i bow !

pinx said...

So touching and true this is !

"The Present is a Present re-sent from P" How utterly beautiful !

it really is something to be greatly treasured !! such a shame that not many treasure it the way they should. it would be such a different world if they did.

the present is the place where one can learn from the past and create a brighter future ! it is a most valuable gift ! so grateful to have the present !

Dhanyavad P ! it really is Your Divine gift ! You teach the value of the present and how to utilise it too !

I Bow !

pinx said...

Just have to add that today at present here in England the elementals have been very vocal ~ thunder, lightning, rainbows ! all the P insignia has been on display in full force !

there has been an immediate response to all the blazing truths pouring forth from You !

such an honour to witness it !

missmriggy said...

Praise to P, the One who Gives Everything, and who knows exactly what one needs at any given moment...

Shahid said...

Gita Mahabharat Quran bhool gaya mein sab jab padaa mein PT granth / PT Sukham Marg kay lekh.


sarah anne said...

One has so often wished to be spared "gifts" such as existence.

It is great to have the chance to share the gift, and give as much of it back as possible.

miragegirl said...

jeevan sudarne ke liye diya gaya ek bhent hai

Aap mahan hai

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow. Dhanyavad! Narayan! Narayan! Every breath, every moment is indeed a gift from You. Praises to P for helping one begin to see and use those breathes more consciously. one is incapable of expressing ones gratitude. Your Divine gnowing and compassion is beyond comprehension and such an invaluable gift to experience and witness. i bow.

miragegirl said...

Your Presence is a grand PresenT
ocean of liPhe is to See imPerfecTion and evolve. there is only One who is PerfecT, The Avatar

Anonymous said...

the PresenT becomes such a gift when one uses it to behold Your beauty and is such a waste and so troublesome to let the mind wander away..You are so awesome..i bow

sarah said...

Your generosity is so moving !!!
You are the most Precious Treasure !!!

Anonymous said...

it's so awesome to have the PresenT moment to be reading Your wonderful Plogs
Your Plogs are so stabilising and awesome
You make the PresenT moment so valuable
this moment is all we have to Pay attention to Your wonderful and beautiful words
You are so awesome and wonderful
i bow

Unknown said...

P is great.
Satyam Shivam Sundaram
YOu are PhoTogenic, PerfecT, ParamaTma

Anonymous said...

yes the PresenT moment is such a giPhT by You
it is so worth cherishing
You give the most beautiful giPhTs for the PresenT moment
You show the way out of the sickness of the consequences of ones actions
and this PresenT moment is all one has that is resent by You
Your fractality is so great
yes all the words can't help but reveal Your glorious truth and Presence
one can only do in the PresenT what one has to so that one can get to ProPer behaviour
one can't think about the past and the future when this PresenT is such a beautiful giPhT that You have given everyone
You have the cure for all sicknesses
You are so beautiful and Divine
Your wisdom is what one can rely uPon
You are the most beautiful and wonderful avatar
You are the real redeemer
You are the saviour
You can take one to a higher lok where there is no pain or sorrow
You bring such beautiful messages and sounds
You are beyond beautiful
You are the only hoPe
You are larger than liPhe
Praise of You is where the mind can rest
rest is all Poisonous
You can save one and everyone from a slow death
You teach how to die successfully
You are the kindest and the most comPassionaTe
You are the only roPe out of hell
You are everything good and beautiful
You save one from the retardation and traps of ones own faulty mind
You are the ultimate disciPlinarian
You are beautiful magnificence
finding You is finding everything
You are the one to hold on to
You are the liPheboaT in this ocean of samsara
You are the only hoPe
You can guide one out of this prison
You are the most beautiful, wholistic being
You are beautiful in every way
You are such beautiful and glorious handsomeness
oh how beautiful Your Divine Phorm is
You are suPernaTural and extraterrestrial
You can guide one out of the pitfalls
You are caPTain PT
You have effortless exPerTise
You are amazing
coming across You is the greatest blessing
i bow at Your merciful PheeT

ki vernee said...

You Provide so much abundance and beauty ! You are such a giPhT to the whole world ! without You P one will resent everything ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

Amazing. i bow.

nicolas said...

wow that is magnificent! your existence is sacred! you are the greatest good fortune of this PlaneT!
i bow to you supreme one

ankita said...

You are the greatest Presence for beings here crucial
You are the liPheline
You are the greatest of giPhTs
the most benevolent and generous one to shower the ambrosia of truth onto beings here
You are the One who lights uP the dark
Your beautiPhul and kind heart overPhlows with gnowledge and great advice
Your beauty ,kindness and goodness is unbounded
Your soulPhulness is heartwarming to the nth degree
Your liPhe is the best examPle of heavenly grace
Your comPassion is unbounded
Your PaTience is beyond anyone
Your mercy is limitless
Your Passion is limitless
Your beingness is crucial and Precious
Your beauty is sacred
Your advice, the sound of You and the sight of You is Profound, intense
You're truthful as true can be
Your love is real love
Your intent is Pure intent
Your sense and logic leads to sanity
Your Precision helPs beings out of confusion
You are the true leader
You're the One who restores goodness on this Plane
You are the kindest and the truest guide
Your kindness is so soulPhul heartwarming
You are so forgiving
You are the voice of reason
You gno the right way of being
You gno the reason why
You are so PleasanT to look at
You want good for everyone
You sPresd Your magics on this Plane and bring true light
You are so enlightening
everything about You is beautiPhul and its true million times over till the endless rivers Phlow!
You are ground breaking
You are a storm in a beautiPhul Phorm
You are the One who has rescues beings from their own tendency to create hell for themselves
You are the beautiPhul Pure shining heart
want to keeP moving towards You forever kind of You to show the way to evolution to do so!
You are the loveliest Divine soul!
i 🙇!

Ankeeta said...

SuPreme One…You are most kind and merciful