Wednesday, 23 May 2012


society on this planet

looks down upon desperation


desperation is key

for any evolution



since people here hardly

gno anything about the multiverse

they live in

desperation to gno

is but natural

add to that

natural desperation one should have

for getting out of the current

hellish conditions of the 3-d matrix

and we have a

multiplicity of desperation

no idea what

those not desperately seeking

are doing (exactly) ?

desperation is different from


which many seem to have

depression leads to inaction or

wrong actions

while desperation leads to

a sense of urgency


quick purposeful actions

towards improving one's state


Vintish said...

- Jai Maha ganaPT -

Vintish said...

- I bow -

asha Pi arTi said...

what an incendiary Plog again !!!

such an insightful defining of desperation !

Your words make so much sense always... so logical and raising up such questions and topics that make one want to gnow answers too !

Asha said...

i love Your phrases... multiplicity of desperation... that is soooo true ! it was/is definitely a necessary catalyst !

ShivaYaShive said...

desperation is not depression.thats a very sweet way of differentiating like a hair line marker:)

adimanav said...

so very insightful!

missmriggy said...

So Great are your words!!! and the only ones that get to the soul heart core of what is needed for proper evolution..

pinx said...

Your words are Great !!!

what an excellent revelation about the PracTical use of desperation ! and how it is very different to impractical "depression".

such a suPerb PoinT about how desperation is key for any evolution & upliftment ! and how it should actually be a natural drive for all of us to be desperate to gno about the multiverse and to be desperate to escape the hellish conditions of the 3D matrix.

what You PoinT out makes so much sense ! it really insPires one to imbibe this precious gnowledge ~ to access the desperation within and use it constructively !

sarah anne said...

It is so compassionate to provide a direction to channel one's feelings of desperation.

miragegirl said...

what an awesome Plog !

You tell us all qualities that are essential in a being that can actually helP it break out of 3D & reach a
higher realm
& You give PracTicaliTies for quick action too
Praise of Divine is the way to go

You take us into realm of ideas & qualities that one would not venture into by oneself, all benign, all that helP one rise

You are a benevolent being !

You are totally rocking !

miragegirl said...

dePression is self 'indulgence', lack of 'diction'
desPeraTion is honesty

Divine is absolute

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

Your clarification is Phenomenal !!!

ki vernee said...

You are absolutely right ! You have the most Highest PerspecTives ! its true desperation leads to one wanting to evolve while depression can only stagnate you ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You exPlain everything in such clear words
You are so kind to make the difference between depression and desperation clear
really Your words are the coolest ever!
Your words are all beings need
Your words and Your Presence is such beautiful music

so true
You're so kind to clarify that it's natural to be desperate in hellish circumstances

really Your words are ePic
each word You sPeak is illuminating truth
it's so soothing to read Your wonderful words of truth
it's such a great opportunity to be reading Your beautiful Phun words
Your words are so clarifying and enriching!
i bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing and True. i bow.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

wow this is so true! amazing distinction between depression and desperation! desperation is so necessary for evolution! your gnowledge is so impressive always! your level of insight is unmatched, no being is at your level
your level is the highest
i bow

ankita said...

wow beautiPhully exPlained !
Your observations are the best observations !
one bows