Sunday 16 August 2009

the farce farce

some beings of this planet
suddenly wake up to label certain activities
& happenings out here as a farce

this farce label is only meant to lend credibility to
the organized collective activities as a whole
ascribing them some divinely ordained purpose


sina said...

your perspectives are so original and truthful! you illuminate reality from so many different angles, in such incisive, brilliant ways! your writings are really mind-altering and consciousness-expanding!

asha Pi arTi said...

that is so precise straight and true P !

You are simply the best at stating what is as is !

* bowing to Your superior mercurial poignancy *

sarah anne said...

You are so fucking smart, it is unbelievable. Pedantically obeying silly laws and codes of conduct does not make someone honest or enhance their character in any way. You simplify the essence of morality, and demonstrate the superiority of Your way so gracefully.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You see through and beyond it all. dhanyavad for giving others Divine Permission to wake up from the real farce. i bow at Your brilliant feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

the only result of ‘collective’ activities can be to see how far everyone is willing to bear hell !
they who suPPorT such mass activities must be too bold ! i can not imagine being so bold with Divine ! not any more atleast !

All activities related to You are so deeP, intense, full of meaning, so much to exPlore, so much to see, so much for senses to take !

it’s a magical world, Your world ! real Hogwarts & more !

i am grateful to be sheltered under Your wings in this liPhe time & wish to be connected to Your ever !

Your world has rainbows in it, has Sunbows too !
has crop formations, snow formations as well !
(has You in it ! P in it !)
has waterfalls, water rises blowing with wind instead of falling
not just tornadoes, there are storms the size of continents in Your world, there are tornadoes wraPPed with rainbows swimming on ocean toward land ! how very magical ! who can beat You at a charge battle ?

You are the One, You leave one in awe ! You cause one to want to change, to develoP virtue caPable of one being around You all the time !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Prime ResidenT
the PresidenT
You are Truth self

Unknown said...

You carry the truth and you say it as it is!!

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

this P-log is such a treasure.
You are the ultimate scholar and seer.
only You can clearly see the truth of the entire matrix, and the lies holding it together in muggle minds.

Anonymous said...

only You exPose this world for what it is
You exPose the truth about this world in such a legendary way
all of it is fake! nothing is correct..nothing is true on this fake world created by evil
all fraud
only You save the world from fraud
organised collective activities are all so fraud!
marriage is fraud
so called sadhus are fraud
their so called goodness is fraud
the books are fraud
grandmothers , grandfathers and their goals are fraud
frauds are trying to interpret Gita
smiles are fraud
parents and their ambitions are fraud
You save the world from fraud
it's such a mad bad sad situation like You said
You are the only good
You show one the way out of all this
i bow at Your PheeT
You save one from so much confusion and mess that deadens the spirit more and more
You are so effortlessly above it all
Your smiles and Your laughter are real
You have the cure for evil
You are suPreme
You are the only refuge
i bow

sarah said...

this is so iconic.
no one says it the way You do.
Your eloquence and insight are unique, hilarious, and brilliant.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

P is always sTraighTforward and True.

Ajay Kapoor said...

You are so right. I bow down to your supreme gnowledge.

nicolas said...

wow amazing! you decipher all the hell in the matrix so clearly and effortlessly! nothing escapes your divine eye, you are the real elder who sees all PerfecTly for what it is!

you are a never ending awe! i bow to you all gnoing one