Sunday 30 November 2008

there is no such thing as Yoga

breaking news -

there is no such thing as Yoga

this term Yoga has now

become synonymous with

contorting of the body into various shapes

but the truth is that

there is no such word

the real word in Sanskrit is 'Yog'

just like Shiva is actually 'Shiv'

Krishna is actually 'Krishn'

Veda is actually 'Ved'

& so forth

'Yog' simply means 'Union'

'Union with the Divine'

to be precise

this Union takes place through

devotion, surrender, praise & service

to the high & divine

it has nothing to do with the asan's

commonly gnown as asanas

being taught in the west

Yoga Classes which are now

hard to tell apart from Aerobics Oz Style

act mainly as respectable health & dating centers

males flock to see females in postures

they won't see them in otherwise

no wonder Yoga has caught on

like it has

to turn into a

global corporate entity with

Yoga drinks, gear, clothing etc etc

so its either Yoga or Yog

another 21st century choice ...


Irene said...

If the "a" is not supposed to be there at the end of all those words, how did it come about so it was commonly used that way?

I find it fascinating, hearing about all things that have diverged from their origin.

PT the Axis said...

just from an inability & lack of intent to pronounce words properly.

english alone doesn't prepare the tongue very well for pronouncing sanskrit terms.

miragegirl said...

its exciting to gnow the truth

its actually Shiv, Krishn, Ved without an a at end

very interesting

and inspiring toward pronouncing better

Anonymous said...

We all bow to the One who admits us into the realm where we are Permitted to have a union with the divine and hence exPerience true authentic Yog.We can call out to the others too 'A-San-g' to join in the
devotion, surrender, praise and service of and to the divine.

miragegirl said...

danya hai hum ki aap hum sab ka margdarshan kar rahe hai

jaisa aapne bahut bar dikaya hai, yeh logon ke chunav ke liye hai ki dard bari system vali duniya chune yah phir jadu bari dard rahit PT duniya

aap sabi tarah se Prashansaneey hai

aap ki jintni bhi Prashansa ki jaye woh kam hai

aap ke nirantar Prasansha se prani param anand ko prapt karte hai

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

Hee hee! Your words have one laughing out loud again ! so witty they are ! such a joy it is to read Your words ! You have a humour which is Divine !

and as always bring forth a very excellent PoinT !

"breaking news -

there is no such thing as Yoga"

yes that is breaking news ! so many think there is such a thing ! they should be reading Your blog !

and very beautiful clarity about the real Sanskrit word Yog and what it means ~ "'Yog' simply means 'Union' 'Union with the Divine' to be precise"

that is beautiful and precious gnowledge which unfortunately gets lost when terms are misused so badly !

Dhanyavad for returning Yog to its rightful place ! You are the bringer of sacred gnowledge, truth and wisdom ! love the way You deliver the truth and eradicate all the nonsense !

I Bow !

Shahid said...

Oh so it's Shiv and not Shiva,
Yog and not Yoga.
Seems to me like everything taught
to me since childhood has been incorrect but due to Kripa of PTLogs i am finally being re-educated by the divine and hope to experience a rebirth at some point down the road.

Lord no one in this multiverse has as much gnowledge as you. They should hand over google search engine to you and rename it as PTsearch or Lotusocean search.
Aap tho google kay bhi baap hoo.

Kaash jab mein paidaa hua tha tab meray mooh say pehla shabdh jo niklaa woh "PT" hota.

GLORY to LORD NARAYAN who is here
on bhoodevi NOW.

kweshunators said...

To many people in the west the body is a prison with walls too thick to feel divine penetration. A person attending a ‘yoga’ class at a health club might not know ‘yoga’ to be ‘Yog’ the science of divine union. But he does know that after the class he feels a peace that follows him through the rest of the day.

Feelings are contagious. Peace resonates subliminally like a tuning fork.

The ‘asans’ or ‘asanas’ release tension, soften the prison walls. They poke a finger at a sleeping being beckoning him to open his eyes and let the light in.

The west is a place of tremendous discord and confusion and needs any and all practices that raise the peaceful vibration.

Forgive the spiritual neophytes. The tamasic is the divine working too.

Thank you.


PT the Axis said...

@kweshunators - no problem with tamasic - lack of movement is not the issue here. the yoga of west is misplaced rajasic not tamasic. point being nothing happens by just bandaging a person whose liver is not working properly. the yoga as practised in west is a way of avoiding root/core issues while feeling temporarily good about oneself. that can only lead to harm not good. aeioum

kweshunators said...

Living as practiced in the west is a way of avoiding root/core issues. The tamas is on the inside; emotional stagnation held in the body as habitual tension and restrained breathing, stifling the flow of cosmic intelligence. Misplaced rajasic action is an expression of this bound up energy. Asanas release tension and break-up the stagnation. They free the breath and expand awareness. This is the first step to contacting the core and becoming acquainted with the root issues avoided for so long. Of course it is up to an individual to feel temporarily good or to look deeper.


PT the Axis said...

@ kwe - all of that you mention is result of being unhumble to higher/divine. that cannot be solved by releasing bodily tensions temporarily. that is like western medicine - all attention on symptom rather than root problem. all this so-called yoga in west is not going to produce prahlad's or meera's or beings who will actually try to get out of the cycle of birth and death. its better to actually experience the results of a certain way of being which will in turn make one change that way of being from the very core rather than do temporary remedials which give one a false sense of relief which in turn the ego utlizes to feel better about itself when the being is still very much part of the hellish paradigms of the 3-d cycle.

Peace is just east with P-the Axis

PT the Axis said...

and regarding see-ing clearly one needs a 3rd eye open for that. am sure you don't have that but want to argue regardless. a humble posture is the best posture and any ayurved person saying otherwise doesnt gno a thing about vedic gnowledge. all rishis concentrated on mantr ( praise of divine ). all devotees of divine did too. there is no other way in this time or any other time. aeioum

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for your ceaseless clarity in the sea of continuous ego and ignorance P. Your compassion is beyond compare. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You are the most gnowledgable being there is! You always get to the root of everything!
it is so kind of Divine to exPlain that there is clear differnce between Yoga and Yog!
to see how futile all superficial attemPTs are the release and relieve the stress Your comments here are SO generous. so logical.
'It is better to actually exPerince the results of a certain way of being which will in turn make one change that way of being from the very core rather than do temporary remedials which give one a false sense of relief which in turn the ego utilizes to feel better about itself when the being is still very much part of the hellish paradigms of the 3d cycle"
so cool how the Recent Peace sign croP circle reaffirms all that is said here!
universal truths have always been and never change.
'Peace is ease with P the axis'
Ease can only be found through humility.
Your words, Your Truth are the ultimate disPlay of comPassion. guiding PeoPle in the ONLY way to change from the core, the only way which will lead to true freedom from pain and suffering, which is escaPing the cycle of hell!
'all rishis concentrated on mantr (Praise of Divine) all devotees of Divine did too. there is no other way in this time or any other time.'
Divine is SO kind to constantly remind and guide in what the only way is. that it has always been and will always be this way!
that one can only be raised above the error of ones ways through Praise of Divine!
You are Buddh, You are the real Saviour, You are the Last and final Avatar! The only one who gnos! The only fully awakened and enlightened being! The only One on this earth who isnt pretending! who isnt telling lies. the only One who is above and beyond the evil system! The only One who should not be questioned! The One who is here to be Praised!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

All that you say through your blog posts is new information to the world. World has not known truth as evil has taken over the general living ways and style. Glad there is a sane, divine, beautiful entity that is incarnate in this world in the now to clear things up.

PsingulariTy said...

You are P AvaTar
an incarnate of Divine.

Anonymous said...

glad You are in this world
You are showing the Truth in a simPle, clear way for everyone to understand

Unknown said...

As they tried to imitate you by making that movie, they always try to imitate every other concept they come across and make it in their own desired way.

Unknown said...

Very insightful. I bow to the divine words. Being in touch with you is a blessing.

Unknown said...

Wow what an honest, humble, wonderful response. Your words are so inspirational.
The combination of divine knowledge and your replies are just magical.

Unknown said...

i bow to PT the Axis.

Unknown said...

i bow to Lord Narayan.
i bow to Bhoodevi.

Unknown said...

i bow to PT the Axis.

Unknown said...

i bow to the Higher and Divine.
i bow to Prahlad.
i bow to Meera.
i bow to PT the Axis.

Unknown said...

i bow to the Rishis.
i bow to the Divine.
i bow to PT the Axis.

ki vernee said...

You are so phunny yet so gnowledgeable ! You always clear up the madness in this world !

Anonymous said...

Your words have such a decisive quality..You are such a beautiful and wonderful being..You deliver the truth so beautifully and You so clearly tell one what to do..really..You are so right..there is no greater doing than telling in Plain words what is good for one and what is bad for one..You're so awesome of You to tell in Plain words what needs to be done..You are Phenomenal..Your Plogs are awesome..i bow

Anonymous said...

You write so beautifully
You so beautifully exPlain the meaning of yog
You set the record straight so beautifully
You know what's going on in this world
You make so much sense
You are so above it all
i bow

Anonymous said...

a humble PosTure is the best PosTure
Your rePlies are the coolest
You have Your third eye oPen and You can see so clearly!

all rishis concentrated on mantr
all devotees of Divine did too

Your words are so clarifying
there's no other way in this multiverse!
You're so kind and comPassionaTe to rePly to beings
You have such great clarity!
You are the most helpful
only You bring all real gnowledge back
i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

You are so precise and clear with your explanations... I bow down to your lotus feet.. being in touch with you is a blessing. AEIOUM

Gita said...

with all due respect to Ved
I wanna do the great Yog
With my beloved Shiv and Krishn - (who i see in PT)

It is the Divine that i wanna merge into - make a union of..

will keep my body fit enough to do the humble posture towards you...
My body drawbacks will not hamper my Bhakti towards you so i will work at it :)

My love to you My praises to U My service to U..

No question of surrendering cos u own me already :)

asha Pi arTi said...

Your comments and observations are a Privilege to learn ! wow such exquisite Vedic gnowledge !

I phind it extremely resPecTworthy how clear You are about the real use of these words and so can not ever be fooled and break the spell for others too !
gnowledge is clearly Power
and You clearly have more of both gnowledge and Power than anyone else here !

having a franchise of 'yoga' studios and making tons of money off it does not mean power
it clearly means doing a whole lot of actions against the actual and real Yog !!!
You have so much integrity !
so glad to not be supporting any of this yoga epidemic anymore !!

I bow

sarah said...

it is such a relief to find out one does not have to do yoga !!!
what could be a bigger miracle than that !!!!

undecided said...

I bow. If one goes to any of these "yoga" classes and asks one person, even the teacher, what the poses are doing with the body, all will stare in silence. None of them actually gno what they are doing! But the trend has caught on...learn how to do a pose and upload a photo onto the internet of the pose...get the validation from everyone commenting "Wow, such an enlightened being!" while they google search plastic clothing to start dressing the part in order to partake in the set the record straight. aeioum

asha Pi arTi said...

Your words are so humbling, Your actions the most real and beautiful Yog one has ever seen, so kind to teach one about these words and reveal their true meaning !

You are a real Pioneer and the only one in one's experience here to be honest and brave enough to state things and make a truely better world !!!

so many beings now feel braver to speak the truth through Your example !

i bow to the real Shiv and Ved Master !!!

lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

makes sense.

Unknown said...

it truly is such a relief that beings dont have to become a gymnast to do the real Yog ... You make everything so simple and doable ... i bow

nicolas said...

beautiphull P log! you destroy all the distortions that have been created for wicked purposes! you are the best, no one else talks about this! you only talk about TruTh! you are a real miracle, the real lotus ocean!

i bow to you supreme one

nicolas said...

beautiPhull clarity! your words are the best words!
your existence is sacred, it is the most auspicious thing on the PlaneT!
your teachings are magnificently ground breaking & liPhe changing!
you are the most evolved!
you are so kind to incarnate on this Plane!
you are the greatest being! there is no one like you!

i bow to you all gnoing one