Friday 21 November 2008

Spiritual Cliches ~ Music first

spiritual cliches are rife as this

mad world tries to come to grips

with its own stupidity & aimlessness

the more pretentious ones among the masses

raise their heads to define all the categories

including the spiritual

due to their efforts what is now considered spiritual music

is a poxy, valium like synthesizer based digital

drone which has only one message - sleep, sleep !

that backing is often accompanied by very breathy,

pretentious vocals that try hard to imitate the

flashbacks of the candies they ate

while they were kids

they sound creepy & dysfunctional

as opposed to enlightened & truthful

love, light, rose, bliss, vedic mantras

( pronounced as improperly as they can be ),

ascension, awareness, gaia, sweet etc

form the general lyrical content

on paper its all hyperpositive

as it's not talking about guns or murders

delusion & propagation of it somehow

is not as big a crime on this planet as

other overt activities like stealing food

from supermarkets

the other accompaniment is

usually acoustic instruments

like piano, acoustic guitar, flute etc

which add to the lulling effect

acoustic instruments are always

given the tag of spiritual because

of the anaesthesia they induce

piano, which is basically a glorified typewriter

with binary & digital functionality &

a single mood - melancholy

is considered a divine addition to this ensemble

a hammer strikes the strings

without any direct contact with the player

what a way to express touch !

flute can be hyperpiercing to the ears

while other oriental instruments like sitar

can sound very metallically jangling &

nervewracking. if any oriental acoustic

instrument is played it is surely spiritual -

why? because pretendos say so

who can forget ravishankar at woodstock!

all these numbing sounds together create a

feeling of a spiritual void rather than

spiritual light

for obvious reasons

people have not been made aware of

borg nature of the synthesizer ( the only

electric instrument used ) & synthetic

programmed beats (trance music)

these beats are the

very antithesis of organic heart rhythms

which don't function like a digital clock

synthesizer is the planet's most plasticky,

unsoulful instrument

it is intended to create cyborgs out of humans

through being a video game soundtrack producer

but it surprisingly & easily fits the newagey

agenda which also seems to be the same -

creating soulless lulled robots

electric guitar is usually villified

by the pretentious clique

it is too loud & examples are cited of

bad heavy metal bands & other such negative

users who always use digital effects & amps anyways,

which basically turn their guitars into synthesizers &

make them sound like swarms of buzzing mosquitos

the one & only technology which is nondigital

i.e. tube amplifiers are completely ignored

for the arena of spiritual music

electric guitar is the only direct-string-touch

instrument which can be plugged directly into these

amps. it is thus the only instrument

which can utilize electricity ( basis of all life )

for producing a wide variety of soundfields

to suit any spiritual aspect/expression -

people ask me - how can it be superior to

human voice. to them i would like to ask -

what came first - electrical nature of the universe

or human voice ? the sounds it can produce,

no human voice can imitate

in fact one has to have a certain kundalinical/electrical quality

to the voice & a

straightforward mantric approach to vocals

to blend with it

( it doesn't promote vocal gymnastics circus )

electric guitar connected to analog amplifiers

is a very sensitive instrument i.e. it is

very sensitive to its player's vibrations

so the spiritual level of the player comes

into play like no other instrument

every touch matters & complex harmonics

come into play with every stroke

this is an absolute no-no for those who

want to hide behind a garb of spirituality behind

their acoustic guitars which all kind of sound the same

( sonically not technically )

no matter who plays them

it is spiritual evolution

not technical prowess

which counts in playing/making music

this fact is hidden from the masses

through continuos mindprogramming

by those wanting to hide their

spiritual bankruptcy through

the serious fronts of classical, spiritual music ...


Anonymous said...

wow! how wonderfully you describe the current dilemma one faces when wanting to listen to more meaningful sounds. thank you for your enlightening words, i will surely check out your website.

Anonymous said...

cooool... never thought of electric guitar in such a way.

Anonymous said...

very insightful, thanks for posting.

miragegirl said...

glad to be listening to LotusOcean sounds that are truly spiritual

you have amazing voice
you create amazing sounds

miragegirl said...

wow !

you indeed show there is no difference between music and dance

you create amazing music

its time to rejoice for having Lotus Ocean sounds

infact for your very presence in the world

miragegirl said...

your music videos may have a line
or a word only in them
but are always filled with the highest truths

and its all electric with you
mantric voice, your touch on the strings
and the whole scene itself
it falls into place only because you are present

its magical and really spiritual

Anonymous said...

One can see the piano in a new way here.Always wondered why it makes one so emotional and feel weak? Vulnerable?Bec of a single mood that it represents - melancholy.omP!!! Arghhh! Who wants to go there anyway?It takes us back to the sentimental dumb melodrama that we Indians so desperately definitely need to be freed of!

S.O.S ~ P.T !

Anesthetic effects of the acoustics? LOL!And then we actually are fooled into believing its so spiritual and sweet along with the Valium like synthesizer.The divine is witty beyond comPare.


And the bit about the
electric guitar being connected to analog amplifiers and hence becoming a very sensitive instrument as it translates the player's vibrations of fractal organic heart rhythms is enlightening rare beautiful information! Thank-you so much for sharing!

pinx said...

Brilliant !! Aapke Granth Laajavaab hain ! what an ePic scriPTure !!

You address the whole gamut of nonsense that occurs in the name of "Spiritual Music" in the most eloquent, PerTinant and honest way ! it really is all as You say, and becomes so much clearer after Your precise elucidations !

really excellent point that a certain kundalini/electrical quality to the voice is required to blend with electric guitar, and how electric guitar is superior to the human voice, and how one's spiritual level is expressed through it ! Excellent & enlightening PoinTs ! really making it so clear why the Avatar has chosen electric guitar as His instrument of choice !

and what a display of magnificence to be heard in Your real Shiv sonics ! absolutely profound and sublime sounds ! they are so exhilarating, captivating, sophisticated, grand, epic ! it is music at a whole other level completely ! Your level of refinement and spiritual evolution can be witnessed through Your sound and light ! it is at the highest level ! i challenge anyone to find anything superior ! Your sounds evoke an awakening inside one ! a desire to move towards Divine and experience the eternal bliss that is Divine, the bliss that can be heard in Your music ! the bliss which is the result of Your Divine state of being !

was curious, so had a listen to the original sounds which accompany the dancer which You used for Your film - it was so unlistenable ! really terrible, edgy, cacophonic, naff, poxy, uninspiring. what a redemption for this dancer/dance to get the chance to merge with Your proper & electric Shiv Sonics ! the contrast couldn't be clearer ! Your sounds are powerful, sexy, sublime ! Your sounds have an immediate positive effect on one's DNA ! one feels uplifted, refreshed, renewed, invigorated, inspired hearing Your music ! it is the real "Soul" music ! the only music made for the sPiriT !

I Bow !!!

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for Your brilliant barage of heart rectifying information and void filling electrical PulsTions provided in this P log. i bow at the feet of The Master and True Lord of sound and dance. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
what flooring words of Truth! no one can utilize words the way Divine does!
This scriPTure starts out with sheer Phorce and wit
'spiritual cliches are rife as this
mad world tries to come to grips
with its own stupidity & aimlessness'
and just like Divines music is grows more and more Powerful to end with undeniable Proof of the suPeriorTy of Your sound! sound which is filled with meaning and direction! sound which shows how stupid and aimless this world is!
one is appalled when one is exposed to music one once stupidly thought to be spiritual or uplifting. It is draining and cheesy and incoherent and boring in its repetition. one feels numb and void from it!
Divines sounds are PuriPhing, uPliPhTing and overflowing with PurPose! sounds which are invigoraTing to the core and move one like nothing else can! Divines music is constant Proof of Divines suPerior evolutionary state! there is nothing and no one that can comPare to PT!
one is constantly amazed and awed by Divines PerfecT observations! That Divine sees what evil is doing with sound and all the ways it keeps being down. it makes PerfecT sense that the Avatar is the Ultimate Rock God and Master of sound! The most beautiful and sexiest being! The most intelligent and all gnoing! the One who can and does brings evil crumbling to the ground with electric sound!
Every Plog exPoses the truth in the most Profound way and what a hellish nightmare this world is! at Divines feet is the only safe Place in this world and beyond!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

Your explanation is all encompassing and to the point. Had no idea of what you said in this blog post until one read it.

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Electric Guitarist !
the only One on earth.

Anonymous said...

one definitely has heard the drowing sound that Passes as sPiriTual music
glad sPiriTual music has a new meaning now with Your sound & light vids on the internet

Asha said...

the way You blend spirituality together with music is so coherent and compassionate !

Your EPIC voice sounds intelligence and gnowledge about sound production are so clear when You produce sounds... they get not only a response from the elements outside but within one as well ...

Your music reminds one that one is made from the elements too... You awaken and uplift so effortlessly !!

Your music and You are so enlightening P !!!! the grace and compassion with which You give it all so freely prooves how Pure and for the upliftment of this PlaneT YOU are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so glad You are here !! so gratefull for Your sounds and words !!

i bow !

Unknown said...

No wonder your music has a different vibe and takes one to different world. Only you could write such detailed post about music and musical instruments!! Your pronunciation and voice has a different quality and originality to it!! Only you could create such electrifying music and make everyone wonder!!

Unknown said...

Only P knows how to make (muse)-ic!

Anonymous said...

This is true avant-garde..You are a Genius.

Unknown said...

i bow to your Divine Music.

asha Pi arTi said...

⭐️ most beautyfull description of electric guitar and why it is Your instrument of choice !!
You do really incredible mindblowing things on it too !!!
most enlightening Plog !! Your Passion is beautyfull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are EPIC and Your music is incredibly alive and totally amPed and electric !
Your gnowledge of tones and amps and tubes and analogue is so resPecTworthy !!

as You say music is the universal language and it's so WOW how You describe the
different levels of quality and intentions going into it and how that effects one ...

and now the choice is just too easy as kundalini awakened nature moving rain making
crop circle inspiring lightning creating music is nothing anyone else can do and one
really truely enjoys seeing and hearing what no one else here can do ... which is YOU !
one is seriously so imPressed with what You do on guitar !!

You have inphinite cool to express ! You are the ultimate rockstar ! You are the Source Code of cool !
You liberate spirituality from uncool unsexy lame ass sleepy nonsense !!!
bhajan kirtans are so not cool either ... they are more designed to make one go anti spirituality lol
You show how cool Praise of Phorce can be !! Your sound and light is out of this world amazing !!

i bow ⭐️ 🙏 ⭐️

Anonymous said...

the sound of Your music is so beautiful
it fills the whole universe
Your music is so beautifully fairytale
Your music is tantric and mantric
Your guitar is the real, beautiful sitar
Your music is such smartness and rock and roll
Your music rises and sPlashes
Your music is like such a beautiful, magical cosmic dance
Your music sPins so beautifully
Your music has such PuriTy and gentle beauty
Your music can also be the most beautifully rocking music
Your music swirls so beautifully
Your music is so charming and enlivening
Your sounds are so vibrant
Your music is ethereal
how beautiful Your music is ...
how beautiful it is
i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

I’m so grateful to have come across your divine music, I still remember the explanation you gave within one if your videos where langauage canna or be j Dee stood by all but music is universal...You are the only one who knows how make music... I bow

Anonymous said...

Your music is so vibrant, so beautiful , so wonderful and so full of life!
You are so beautifully and wonderfully artistic!
Your music is exhilarating!
such beautiful and exhilarating vibrancy!
Your style is out of the world!
the way You hold Your guitar..the way You Play..You are too stylish! Your music is ePic!
You got such beautiful and vibrant style!
You make the notes fly
You are suPerb
You got it , charisma and the greatest musical charm
You are suPer imPressive !
what a beautiful, magical Phied strummer You are
You've got all the rocking style and grace
Your music is real and beautiful creative vibrancy!
You are so wonderfully sPonTaneous
You Play with such effortless smartness and style
Your music is ravishing
Your music is as delightful and entrancing as it can get!

Your electric guitar Playing is so ravishing
all instruments pale miserably in front of Your smashing , vibrant and legendary guitar Playing that is so absolutely entrancing, delightful and class! Your music is real music!!
You are the true and real Prolific artist with all the creativity
Your music is so joyful!
Your music takes life to another level!
Your music is the real and wonderful music
Your music is what music lovers have been waiting for!
so delightfully wonderful Your music is!
You are the ultimate creative artist
the sounds You create are fabulous!
You are such a genius
You gno all about sounds
You have such great mastery
You have such command
You gno what sound suits which Vedic mood
You are absolutely brilliant

You are so right ..the instruments muggle use create a feeling of spiritual void
they are such low quality sounds
You give Your beautiful and wonderful sounds to beings and there is no need to go back to those deadening and unsatisfying sounds
You truly show what real music is like

Your observations are so spot on
only You gno how to Play soulful music
their so called spiritual music is all so crappy!
only You gno how to Play the electric guitar and oh how You fill this world with beautiful and vibrant sounds with such an absolutely genius use of the instrument!
You are beyond amazing!
Your music is what one can call music!
You are all the avant garde coolness and style ever!!!
Your Philms are so beautiful and thrilling!
what a sight to see You are!
how beautifully Your voice blends with the music You Play!
You totally Prove that it's spiritual evolution and not technical prowess that counts in Playing/making music
You have all the creative Power
You are just wonderful!
Your music is such a joy to listen to
You fill this world with the giPhT of Your beautiful and glorious sounds!
i bow to all the beauty that is You

Anonymous said...

Your music is inPhiniTely suPerior to any crappy muggle music
Your music is beyond compare
You are truly the best
whatever can be said about Your beautiful and wonderful sounds is still less!
Your music is absolutely absolutely charming!
Your music is such vividity
Your music is so beautifully galactic and multiversal
Your music is just so beautiful..
the beauty of Your music flows and flows and sPreads throughout the mystical multiverse
Your music is like the freshest air
so beautiful and entrancing Your music is!
so delightful!
such beautiful classy soPhisTicaTion..
so soothing to the uPliPhTing
Your music fills the sPiriT with cooling vibes
You are suPercool
the beauty of Your Divine Phorm..what You do to the surroundings with Your magical You hold Your guitar so You sPeak and sing with Your beautifully sensuous and silken You stand so stylishly's all so very ver beautiful, lovely and out of this world!
Your music is all the beauty and joy!!
so joyful and wonderful Your music is!
so genuinely rocking and full of a PosiTive energy and brilliance Your music is!
You are the ultimate, beautiful and wonderful creative genius
You simPly rock like no other!
Your music is Divine creativity and sPlendour!
Your energy is so beautiful!
i bow

Gita said...

You are my music , your voice is my electric guitar..

All one needs to hear is your voice which is equivalent to the most effective electric guitar...

There's no other sound that heals so gently as your voice does..

your the medicine i am looking for, U r the cure i know i can look at..

The only instrument i would to learn is the electric guitar and play your names on it..

someday i know i will, someday i know i will play for you..

someday i will reach you and be yours and yours forever..

veena iyengar said...

WOW..A different perspective of music..
very soothing..I felt a difference..

Thank you..aeioum..

undecided said...

I bow. Your music fits into no category, just like yourself :) aeioum

lana_33 said...
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nicolas said...

wow so amazing! no one talks about this except you! your wholistic approach is magnificent! your logical no nonsense approach destroys all the new agey nonsense and other craziness that plagues the Earth! you are the very best!
you are so precise in your words! your gnowledge is so amazing and is really impressive! i love it

i bow to you supreme one

nicolas said...

magnificent words! your music is unequalled! your divinity shines brilliantly through all that you do! your honesty & your clarity are a priceless miracle in this dark world!

i bow to you all gnoing one