Saturday 22 November 2008

the beast's attempt at beauty

there is no movement possible

towards the divine without

a sincere admittance of the uglyness & sickness

which pervades this world

*pretension*, not oil

is the only fuel

which is keeping this world

going as it is coz all is beautiful

& all is lovely & all is great

its a *mutual admiration society*

which is very keen to

prove to 'the divine'

that they are doing quite fine

without it

only the original divinity has

real beauty & any deliberate

movement against it causes uglyness

there is no way out of it

plastic surgery just makes matters worse ;)

after eons of unhumbleness

the beastliness can no longer be hidden

it is bursting out at the seams

but the pretension of today

has rewritten the already twisted fairytale

'a beast is now officially a beauty'

don't want to drop more names because

the count will run into millions

so its quite simple -

either one pursues beauty

or one ends up pursuing the beast

If one tries to pursue both one ends up

breaking like an outstretched rubberband


Anonymous said...

Pretension and lack of humility is what takes too many away from the divine which in turn can only and obviously transform people into demonic beasts.

Either one pursues beauty -
Only the divine is capable of truly being beautiful i.e good.


One ends up pursuing the beast - The devil can 'look' beautiful but never 'be'.

PT the Axis said...

it cannot ever look 'beautiful'. it will always look ugly. it may only appear beautiful to those with no eyes remaning from all its propaganda and mindprogramming.

miragegirl said...

aap ne joh duniya ke bare mein dikaya hai, voh hi sacha dekhna hai

aap kamal nayan hai

aap Madan Mohan hai

aap haskmukh hai

aap ParmaTma hai

aap se sundar koi nahi

aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

duniya ulti palti hi hai

jaisa aap ne gaay bhi hai " the world is all upside down...coz all it wanted was praise"

'beauty and the beast' kahani bhi banayee gayi hai jaha 'ladki' ladke ko shap mukt karati hai

is tarah ke instantaneous beauty vale stories, creams etc banaye gaye hai khas tarah se pashchimi deshoan mein

jeena mazak banane ki koshish hai

par chain sirf ek baat se hai ki aap is duniya mein padare hai

duniya ka kalyan hona aap ke janma se suru hua hai

samai hai ki sabi aap ki baat sune aur aap ke dikaye rah par chale

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

Wah ! Wah ! Prabhu ! Aap hamesha sahi likhte hain !!

it is an all pervasive disease on this planet right now, the disease of pretension in this *mutual admiration society* - LOL ! love Your wording ! best wording ! one sees it all the time in all stratas of society, as people just get more & more devilish & beastly & anti divine there is never any dirth of pseudo praise pouring forth ! it is sickening and evokes an anger to behold how twisted things have become !

& that You who is the real eptiome of beauty ! You who is always functioning by Divine Pure Principles ! You who is Divine grace personified ! that You should be ignored in favour of the Beast is what enrages one the most !

But they will all pay for their choices - Praise be to Divine Law !!

I Bow to the real Beauty in this world !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

what another beautiful Plog stating nothing but the undeniable Truth!
i bow!

You clearly expose all of the beasts sickening and Pretensions attempts at beauty. such a terriPhingly appropriate example You have used to show the beast.

one is so ashamed to have ever wasted ones time on this PlaneT in egoic PursuiTs caught uP in the sick and twisted game of trying to become naturally beautiful in so called natural societies or ever thinking one was beautiful! what a dishonest and unnatural state to be in! There is no dearth of this disgusting pretention in society!

You and Your words make it clear for one to see P

'only the original Divinity has real beauty'

One is so grateful for Your irrefutable Truth P! to not be caught in the dizzying cycle and circles of pretentious lies of muggle hive mind programming. to have eyes to see what is truly beautiful and the real reason to Pursue beauty! to Pursue You!

You are the most admirable and stunningly beautiful being to ever be P! Your Pristine existence on this Earth brings one to one knees. how Truly natural it is to recognize, Praise and bow to Your boundlessly beautiful Divinity !

i bow to the Divine PerfecTion and unparalleled beauty of PT!

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeously, entrancingly the most beautiful One !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Beautiful One !
You are Divine !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine
most comPassionaTe
showing us the Truth as is

Unknown said...

People have created their own way of beauty, own way of perfection in everything! They don't value and appreciate the nature anymore and what nature has provided. Everybody is born with different facial features, different body types. But, they have their own way of coming up with the agenda of 'perfect beauty' by becoming all "PLASTIC", or becoming clone of someone whom they admire(not to forget that they admire the plastic beauty mostly), created by the media and people who think they can only look beautiful if they have a certain feature in this or that way! So, at the end of the day they just make them self believe that they are beautiful because, this is the ONGOING TREND!!

Unknown said...

i bow to the Divine.
i bow to the Beauty.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are always true..People worship body more instead of divine.They forget that they are insulting divine because it is divine's beauty given to them in form of body,which is a bow and don't know how to use it to shoot an arrow they do all kinds of stupid stuff to console their wrong beliefs that they are doing everything sensible . I bow to you Divine.

ki vernee said...

a moving away from Divine creates ugliness and a moving toward Divine create beauty ! trying to move toward both a being will just break down ! what a powerful point ! You are the most gnowledgeable Being ! Your words are so clear !

Anonymous said...

the way You write is so admirable
Your words are so meaningful and Profound..
the way You disclose PhacTs about this world is so wonderful and so imPressive
You are so imPacTful
it's so enjoyable and enriching at the same time to read Your words of wisdom
You exPose the world for what it is

only the original divinity has
real beauty & any deliberate movement against it causes ugliness there is no way out of it
plastic surgery just makes matters worse

Your PersPecTives are the most valuable
You write so beautifully
i bow

Unknown said...

A definite blow to the standard of beauty which the society has created. Instead of accepting our flaws and ugliness, for the pursuit of fake beauty we are are actually unleashing the beast.
It's a delight to read your plogs as it takes one away from the false concepts the society has created for us.
I bow to you��

Ajay Kapoor said...

Society has created a false concept on what beauty is which is actually leading to the beast. You are the beautiful one, you aare e so insightful I bow...

Ajay Kapoor said...

Today plastic surgery is considered a way to make someone more beautiful but in reality it’s making them look the total opposite, they then pursue more surgery after surgery just to remain more of a beast. I bow to your explanation which has made me see this so clearly.

veena iyengar said...

aeioum..thank you..

lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

Yea right.

Unknown said...

"Only Original Divinity has Real Beauty"~~so True!!! Most beautiPhul Divine PT,You are indeed the Original Divinity🌟 One is so enamored by You💫
You Possess PerfecT PhracTal Beauty..whether one zooms into Your Phorm or zooms out,You are imPeccable and All-Attractive on every level✨
Your beauty is truly skin deeP..every little gesture and action of Yours is so gracePhul and enchanting🌟
After witnessing Your Divinity,one can really admit that this world is so uncouth,ugly and sick..totally cut off from Divine and His Multiversal laws..causing havoc and destruction all over while desperately attemPTing to be beautiPhul..

Your beauty is like ever blossoming sPringTime🌹🌲🍀💖 Pursuing and Serving You rePlenishes one's sPiriT..You are one's liPhe Phorce🙏
Your intentions are so Pure and Pious that bhudevi Herself and all the Godly elements of Nature PromPTly resPond and bow to You🙏✨💫 Everyone should take a cue from this great Phact and acknowledge that You are The Original Divine sPark from Whom all of cosmos has emanated!!!
Lord P,You are so Kind to allow one to be under Your wings🙏
I bow Divine Guru PT🙏

Unknown said...

the ugliness is totally busting at the seems !!! lol !!! and huge 4k flat screen tvs make it worse lol ... You are the height of beauty and grace ... it really makes no sense to pursue something that is ugly ... i bow

nicolas said...

it is so true! beast-like ugliness is sold as beauty all over the hellish matrix! the real sense of beauty has really been distorted!
your words are always phull of so much eye opening wisdom! no other being is as kind, as generous and as sage as you PT!
you are ParamaTma!
i bow to you ShivNarayan

nicolas said...

absolutely brilliant! your clarity & straightforwardness are magnificent! your greatness is a magickal never ending Phenomenon!
you are the best that walks the earth, the real avatar!
You are so kind to come down on earth to reestablish the divine order!
there is no one like you! your suPreme greatness deserves inPhinite Praises !

i bow to you ShivNarayan