Tuesday 11 November 2008

11:11 @ 11/11



Shahid said...

I have been seeing the number 11 almost every day for many years now.

I read on the net that it means that you are on the right divine track and its also a DNA Activation.

Then there are a few that say that
it means you are surrounded by limitations.

Kindly let me know your view on the number 11 and what it means if someone see's it many time's?

miragegirl said...

in video especially at the point when you are in such a deep meditative state, its captivating to watch you

you are a blazing phire yourself

its exhilarating

pinx said...

this is such an enthralling, rocking, magic carpet ride of a sound ! everytime i play this video i get completely transfixed ! i am hypnotised & entranced ! it is so captivating ! I really feel like i am on a magic carpet ride hearing this song ! it is such an amazing journey !

and Your voice is so commanding ! such authority in Your voice ! its very aweing ! really love Your sense of rhythm ! & love how You enunciate every syllable !

just love Your guitar lines too ! taking the arabic scalar system to a whole new level !! very exotic & erotic ! very wakeful & awakening ! very powerful & immense !

the whole combination of voice, guitar, drums, bass and visuals is so apocalyptic ! totally exhilarating & thrilling ! really gives a whole new meaning to 11:11 !

"More than synchronicity !" ♪♫♪♫

Anonymous said...

What an ePic Play! You are the Portal to higher dimensions. i bow. dhanyavad for sharing Your Divine light and sound. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

a very foreboding sound
wow ! great Pic
'more than synchronicity'
all You say & do is so Profound !
wow ! what grand sounds ! so involved Your Play
so Powerful Your energy
Your voice Pierces through the sPace

Anonymous said...

Me too, 11 11 everywhere

Unknown said...

An Aquarian persona talking about Aquarian age is wonderful, your music is really really different!!

undecided said...

I bow. Westerners love saying "11:11, make a wish" The savior has come under the 11th rashi of Aquarius! Your melodies which include the sounds waves of the ocean are always so serene and beautiful. Your oneness with nature is something we should all strive for in this life time. aeioum

Anonymous said...

Only You live up to your ascendanT.

you are the aquarian man pouring the crystal clear water of Pure gnowledge on earThlings.

You are the revoluTionary.

Your Powerful demeanor is so attractive and beautiful.

Thankyou for everything.