Wednesday 1 October 2008


there are lot of people running around in

this mad world spewing this word 'Love'

infact it might be the most used word

in the world, after expletives that is

even through the simplest observation we find that

this word has been reduced to a bond

pushed vigourously by media & society

created primarily between -

1. a man & a woman (lovers)

2. a woman and her child (holy mother-child relationship; we exclude the father-child relationship here because it is not so celebrated)

3. a man and a man or a woman and a woman ( friends; gay/lesbian club takes this to the lover level)

through an honest look

one finds that ALL of these relationships

end in tears, sorrow, heartbreak

in fact most beings end up

being completely disillusioned by the whole concept of 'love'

so does True, Pure, Real, Everlasting Love exist?

and if so why do these society okayed relationships not have it?

lotusocean answers ~

YES it does exist but can only happen between

a *soul* & *the divine supersoul*

the only Love which makes sense

it is for something greater than yourself

something perfect

a Love which can actually make one transcend

all the evil of this plane

the only Love

which makes one Evolve

i.e do what Love is supposed to do

ALL the relationships of this plane are all

based on varying degrees of *selfishness*

even the love

for animals, country, religion etc is

tinged with this 'identification selfishness' which

ironically doesn't do any good for the self

though some might argue

that mother-child relationship is an exception

but it can be proven quite easily that mothers

only do something for their child as they expect

them to fulfill their own unfulfilled expectations & dreams

mothers are themselves no perfect beings

and in their ignorance push their child towards

devoluting ways without even knowing what they are doing

same applies to everyone else

how can one imperfect being Love another imperfect being perfectly ?

one can delude oneself that they do

for a while

but the illusion is likely to break

sooner or later

in ALL these relationships one

is not really loving but just expecting someone

to behave the way they want them to behave

this training in fact doesn't allow beings to

even Love the *absolute* perfectly because

they are so used to their own constructs

being fulfilled by someone else

the TRUTH is/was/willbe that only

the perfect being CAN

be loved perfectly and only that love

can lead one to perfection within

rest is just a timepass with ever-rising stakes ...

stakes are high because evil beings/demons etc

are using this word to exploit the light beings

of their soul & energy with disasterous & painful consequences

for the involved


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Thank you for this blog!!!

PT, Your honesty and the clarity of Your insightful words are so moving - really penetrate one's soul! Your objective comprehensive descriptions of everyone's plight here in their stupid & ignorant misunderstandings of words as important as 'love' are so precise, detailed and awe-inspiring.

You never state the problems here without giving the reasons behind them and the solution as well, so Positive and Logical and really Kind of You!! It really is a mad mad world and am so grateful! for Your straighforward sanity and truely encouraging and inspiring solutions.

You who represent everything Divine and communicate compassion with every line are a beautiful source and inspiration for this **True Love** You are always selflessly helping us to transcend and evolve out of evil... Thank you for tirelessly creating and sharing such amazing blogs, videos and beautiful images, they should be the only things pushed vigorously by the media and society!

lil said...

Thank you for your wisdom, exactly what i needed.. to be reminded that Love for The Divine is the ultimate Bliss...surpassing all the fleeting pleasures of human/romantic love. I feel soothed by your words..Gratitude to you.

miragegirl said...

Narayan Narayan !

as always, it's so true

you cover a topic from every angle and put forth immense perspective

a help which actually can change one for the better

its great to hear the truth !

you are indeed very compassionate !

its bothersome to see the word/ the idea become monstrous, it’s high time everyone saw it in the correct light !

romeo and juliet story probably was started to be a killer of humanity, if people were foolish enough to cling on to it and can be seen that it did work

especially from the way media has evolved... dragging things to unimaginable ugliness

people think they can gain happiness from one another...but its an illusion, a trap that was created, a perfect mirage they fall for

its another reason to jump for joy for having LotusOcean to resort to,
for actually being able to see divinity in action

miragegirl said...

and its foolish of even a muggle to think that another of the kind can be loved

because it wont be true, cant be true as the other will always be imperfect...its would just be masking ones judgement

as you say 'the TRUTH is/was/willbe that only the perfect being CAN be loved perfectly'

Anonymous said...

The only Love which makes one Evolve i.e do what Love is supposed to do is Possible only here at Lotus Ocean.The TRUTH is/was/willbe that only the perfect being like thee P CAN be loved perfectly and only that love
can lead us to the perfection within.The Divine being/God share's this rare knowledge about delicately using this word to save the light beings and transform the dark ones. Thankyou so much.

of their soul & energy with disasterous & painful consequences

for the involved

Anonymous said...

The only Love which makes one Evolve i.e do what Love is supposed to do is Possible only here at Lotus Ocean.The TRUTH is/was/willbe that only the perfect being like thee P CAN be loved perfectly and only that love
can lead us to the perfection within.The Divine being/God kindly share's this rare and Perfect knowledge about the imPortance of delicately using this word to save the light beings and transform the dark ones and actually save their soul's from disastrous & painful consequences.Only you have the comPassion to make us evolve steP by steP.Thankyou.

pinx said...

Your words are touching & sublime !

You are the One who teaches what is true Love !

You are the PerfecT One who can be loved PerfecTly !

You are the One who can lead one to PerfecTion !

PT Evolve ~ Love !

" there was a boy, a very strange enchanted boy, they say He came from very far, very far, over land and sea, oh so wise was He. and then one day one magic day He passed my way and He spoke of many things fools and kings, this He said to me, "the greatest thing, you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return" "

and P this is indeed the greatest thing i have ever learned and i have only learnt it from You ! that real love is that which evolves One ~ love for the higher ! and love for the highest is PerfecT love ! and You have so lovingly educated what is the proper attitude to receive the love that the higher has to give - that it requires humilty & resPecT !

I Bow to YOU ~ the One where one can find true love !

asha Pi arTi said...

this is definitely one of the most important
conversations and Plogs i've ever experienced !

Your love and care for the whole world is so
Beautiful and inspiring !!

i bow !!!
with clarity P is the Priority
& True Love becomes a reality !

You describe how it is for each
Love is no longer out of reach

You are the refuge and the Provider
no religions are here as a divider

Truth is Truth and You do convey
for what many do actually Pray

to phind happiness and care and compassion
from the One who doesnt just ration

and teaches one how to truely be Love
not just be satisfied wearing a glove

that stops one from sensing learning & seeing
oneself & the world around and what its revealing

learning about Love and evolution all have been forsaking
so no chance of giving any back to Earth just taking

no wonder we all have such a debt to repay
and in clinging to family had lost our way

but You are the spark the life and ignition
within everyone even if there is no admition

no solar flares are required from outside
when You are so subtle and able from inside

this Plane, hold it all in the Your hand and explain
everything so Beautifully Passionately without refrain

You scientifically get to the basis of this false foundation
and give one roots back into Divine's evol-Love creation !

You are more than any dreams and imagination
and Your Beautiful speech is not just rationalization

what a chance what an opportunity to change
You are here now and within everyone's range !

Dhanyavad P for being so ProminenT in my life
and teaching me Love as education without strife !


i bow !!

Anonymous said...

I love you -

P - PerfecTly Purely Precisely
R - rationally refreshingly readily
A - aPTly aPProPriaTely accuraTely
S - sincerely simply sacredly
H - haPPily humourously hearTily
A - addicTively affirmaTively asserTively
N - neverendingly nicely nobly
T - Tremendously Tenderly TruThfully

T - TherapeuTically Thoughtfully Thankfully
R - radianTly resPecTfully righTeously
I - inTelligently inTuiTively increasingly
V - vicToriously vigourously vulnerably
E - empathetically exciTedly efficienTly
D - divinely daringly defineTely
I - imaginatively innovaTively inTimaTely .

:) When i love you Lord i am eTernally growing , inspired and evolving because of YOUR grace !

ThankYou for your divine grace on a soul parched to drink from the nectar of your sweet sweet divine scripture!

I am blessed to be able to feel this sublime explosion of brilliant evolution in this age. . . Blessed Eternally by you my Lord , My Love Eternally !


Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are PerfecT love. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your words are clarifying, Profound and strikingly beautiful! Love is such a manipulated concept everyone pretends to be in, are desperately seeking or chasing after, or using to control others. it is far too easy for muggle minds to become disillusioned by it or fixated on a multitude of delusions of it. You so compassionately exPlain how this twisted training inhibits beings from being able to love the absolute PerfecTly! one is so ashamed by this Truth. You so clearly Provide all the answers to all the questions one lacks the objectivity and intelligence to discover for oneself. You are a constant, honest disPlay of Pure Love. a feat only Your comPleTe and PerfecT Divinity is caPable of! You are the answer! i bow at Your Perfect Love filled feet and Pray that one day one will be caPable of serving Your Divine being with PerfecT devoted Love.
'how can one imperfect being Love another imperfect being perfectly?'
'the TRUTH is/was/willbe that only the perfect being CAN be loved perfectly and only that love can lead one to perfection within'
dhanyavad for Paving, illuminating and guiding the only Path with real heart P, the only Path to True freedom and everlasting bliss. i bow constantly at the refuge of Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
i LOVE reading about LOVE through LotusOcean eyes!
the Truth about any ToPic there is can only be found through YOUR PerfecTly objective and all gnoing view!
to learn that Pure Real everlasting Love does exist beyond the twisted misunderstanding and experiences of so called love one was accustomed to is the most uPliPhTing thing for ones heart to oPen uP to!

'lotusocean answers ~
YES it does exist but can only happen between
a *soul* & *the divine supersoul*
the only Love which makes sense
it is for something greater than yourself
something perfect
a Love which can actually make one transcend
all the evil of this plane
the only Love
which makes one Evolve
i.e do what Love is supposed to do"

one can not stop reading these lines!
so moved to gno that
real love, pure love, unselfish love for Divine
is what can truly set one free!
'a Love which can actually make one transcend
all the evil of this plane'

it makes one sick with shame to think of all the ways one fell for evil tricks, the ways one searched for and fell for selfish love over and over again!
so admirable is Divines intelligence! Divine would never fall for evils stuPid tricks!
LotusOcean gives one eyes to see beyond the false love pushed and promoted by media and society!
to see what real love is!
to see what real love does and does not do!
to see who is the only ONE who can really be loved!

i bow to the ONE who has never fallen!
i bow to the ONE who sees through and beyond all the evil of this plane!
i bow to the only ONE who is sane!
i bow to the only ONE who can be loved.

Anonymous said...

You are 'born into Divine' ! You are grand !

PsingulariTy said...

You are a PerfecT PhracTal !
You are 'born into Divine'. You are one with Divine.

Anonymous said...

what is love
what is in love
The Peaceful One, have come to gno now

Anonymous said...

none has exPlained the meaning of love ever as You have through this Plog
You imPlement everything You say
Your liPhe is PerfecTion, that is how You live it
You had choosen to live it so from Your birth and not in any mundane way but in the right way, so it is that You have become The Enlightened
You sPeak Plogs & then Publish them as blog PosTs
You are PerfecTion through & through

miragegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Thank you for this post, it has highlighted a lot of thing what we think or see can't be always Love. Love is pure, divine, of a higher form, unconditional and truly said its not exactly how people perceive it!!

Astro said...

"how can one imperfect being Love another imperfect being perfectly ?"

So true ! I bow to thee PT. Pranam..

- Roopa P Jadhav

Unknown said...

Only P knows what true love is!

Anonymous said...

i am sorry for the forced love
i am sorry for the insincerity
You are a wonderful lord
but i am alone dearest.

You fill liveliness in me
You are the air i breathe
no matter near or far
or away until end of time

dearest lord, forgive me
for i am a sinner
but will always Praise You
ever even in lives a new

Ajay Kapoor said...

This makes perfect sense especially the point regarding how can imperfect beings love another imperfect bring. The truth transcends. You are brilliant Prashant!

Unknown said...

i bow to the Evolved.

Unknown said...

i bow to Narayan.

Unknown said...

i bow to GoPi.
i bow to Hopi.

Unknown said...

i bow to PT the Axis.

Unknown said...

i bow to Narayan.
i bow to P.

Anonymous said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so logical ! it is so refreshing to have a Being who gnows the true meaning of love ! You are so gnowledgeable !

Anonymous said...

True to her name
With a hidden fragrance only for his senses
She is a perfect half to enhance his name
She has sapphire earrings
That her mother gave her
and she wears the most precious garment
Of his lovely touch
She is the queen of a mighty king
She is a Venus reborn

Anonymous said...

look at the gopi's
whose hearts are not their own
they seem to run towards
one and one alone

dazzling with truth, mighty charming
without doubt he wins all hearts
their blue lord of the ring
the blue lord of the ring

might of a live heart
shone a handsome form
birth of the greatest warrior
from heaven, a blessing for all

he careens never aimlessly
full of might, the only one
splendid on his white horse
look how other armies run !

Anonymous said...

yes so's all so low vibration
even the word virtue has been twisted into something else..
this or that being has virtue and should be looked up to is all nonsense because there is no virtue in the muggle world
like You say in Your Philm..they pretend and they die
it's all so deceptive
it's all can anyone have virtue when they are all ignorant
You reveal the truth about everyone
these words have been misused so much
only You help one understand what's really going on
yes only You help one break away from nonsense
only at Your PheeT can one get rid of all nonsensical impressions
You write so beautifully
You have so much clarity and coherence
misuse of this word is all just time wastage in this prison
another distraction in this hell
You make the best observations
all these relationships end in sorrow
all these trivial pursuits are glorified and it makes people stay in this hell
it's all really dumb
You set the record straight
in the muggle world one fills oneself with nonsensical concepts of virtue and love
yes one just deludes oneself
it's fickle time waste in this hellish world
Your knowledge frees one of all this nonsensical time waste in hell where one should be using ones body for ascension
time is limited and people entertain so many fake notions that lead to more hell and delusion
You have all the wisdom
You are the only Satyam Shivam sundaram
Your words are the most PhascinaTing
You write the truth so beautifully
You know what the Pure PrinciPles are
everything except You is a horrid and wicked time pass
You have all the solutions
no matter what one has done in the past or what notions one has entertained , You give one a chance to get out of all the mental nonsense that can take one to hell
You give one a chance to wash ones sins with Your words and music
one should be ashamed if the life one lived before You and all the mind programming that one let happen to oneself
Your words are the most beautiful
it's so much Phun to read Your Plogs
You give the most PhascinaTing knowledge
Your words are so Pround and meaninful
i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

Reading this p-log puts love into complete perspective.. the logic you have shown how relationships are based on varying degrees of selffishness is so true. You are so gnowledgeable.. I bow...

Gita said...

Desperate to love the *the divine supersoul* <3..

Kṛtti kā said...

You exPound on every topic so brilliantly so comPrehensively so lucidly! Your words are such an eye oPener, such a saviour! Your Plogs are the best scriPTures to abide by! You are so right... Even today's mothers cant be said to have Pure love! Your Love and ComPassion is real and Pure and for everyone, it does what love is suppose to do ~ Evol-loves! You are The ComPleTe PerfecT Being here! So much to learn from You!
A real heart gnows to love Divine PerfecTly. In PursuiT of PuriTy of emotions and a real heart !

i bow /\

veena iyengar said...

This is true..

Turbulent Conqueror said...

So true and logical in every way....
I bow.

undecided said...

I bow. the only LOVE is to EVOLve. aeioum

undecided said...

I bow. All of those relationships have only caused more pain and suffering, and I never felt my soul grow and evolve like I feel it doing now. PT is the true bringer of Peace and True love. aeioum

ki vernee said...

very beautifully said/written P ! if only every being was taught the real meaning of love from young it would save a whole lot of heartbreak and unnecessary crying and pain ! love for the Higher will always fulfill ! You are the true Teacher ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

lana_33 said...

You are so brilliant and PerfecT! this is such an imPortanT and liberating Plog! so many brilliant PoinTs!

the perfect being CAN
be loved perfectly"

such an amazing PoinT! so absolutely True! You are the Only being who can be loved PerfecTly ~ and it is really so kind of You to helP beings deprogram their faulty muggle constructs of what love is, so that they can strive to love You PerfecTly!

"but it can be proven quite easily that mothers
only do something for their child as they expect
them to fulfill their own unfulfilled expectations & dreams"

really so True! it's very clear that the mother doesn't actually want what's best for the child (ie: that she doesn't actually love them)

You are so incredibly kind and comPassionaTe ~ You gno what's best for everyone and You so kindly helP them take ProacTive steps to evolve themselves! You are the most loving and caring being ~ the sweetest, most benevolent, most sincere, most trustworthy, most helPfull being! it is really such a Privilege and such a miracle to get to serve the Highest of the High ~ the most sPlendid, amazing, beautyfull, and PerfecT being!

You are so wonderfull, so kind, so PerfecT ~ You are the only One worth chasing ~ the only One worth serving and Pleasing ~ in this world and beyond ~ am eternally gratefull to have Phound You, most beautyfull One! i bow! <3

Anonymous said...

True and beauTiPhully exPlained.

Unknown said...

YES it does exist but can only happen between

a *soul* & *the divine supersoul*

the only Love which makes sense

it is for something greater than yourself

something perfect

a Love which can actually make one transcend

this makes so much sense ... no evolution is going to happen in a relationship where both beings are imperfect ... i bow to Your sensibility

Unknown said...

You add so much sense and clarity to the mind ... this is the absolute truth ... in reality that is the only love there is ... having a relationship with a Being that is Higher than oneself ... i bow

nicolas said...

wow beauTiPhul P log! there can only be one like you! you are Perfect! real love is possible only towards you as you are ParamaTma!

i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

in all these relationships one is not really loving but just expecting someone to behave the way they want them to behave

You are so insightful
i bow

ankita said...

You are suPremely resPecTworThy
so kind of You to deprogram beings
You are so enlightening and clariPhying
Your words are suPremely Precious
You are all that matters
You are the liPheline
You are omes roPe out of hell
You are everything meaningPhul
You are gloriously truthPhul
You are suPremely helPful
You are the event horizon
You are the real and great Guru 🙏🙏🙏
You are comPleTe
You are whole
You are intense
You are all the sense
You are Precious as Precious can be
You are vital
You are alive
You ate breath
You are Phire
i bow to Your kindness and sharing

nicolas said...

magnificent! only relation with the divine supersoul is important!
your words are the best words! you are the PerfecT being! we are so lucky that you are on earth!
your greatness is unequalled! you are the best of all beings!
i bow to your suPreme greatness

ankita said...

yes You are so right. can one imperfect being love another imperfect being PerfecTly? these are just notions that are doing the rounds ..they always talk about their love lasting forever and it can always be seen that it all ends uP in fighting, heartbreaks this and that. can all be seen around and still beings harbour notions like their love for each other will last forever and through lifetimes when that is never the case. ..they have all kind of unrealistic romantic notions about their capacity for Passion when they begin their relationships but it is always seen that it ends in fighting and break ups. .You overstand ...two imperfect beings imagining that they love each other perfectly when they clearly do not. ..You are so logical. .You make so much sense. . they always wonder why their relationships or their love didn't last. . beings are always wondering why the love they felt didn't last and hiw they same person that appeared pretty to them has suddenly started looking like the ugliest person on earth. ..and there is always this talk about how they were decieved by the other being and how the other person is not what they think they are. . and then they get disillusioned with the word love and start complaining that there is no such thing. kind of You to show a way out of unrealistic, kiddish, bratty and incoherent ways of being. ..beings just warring for control over each other ,trying to possess each other is called love ...certain dumb beings are labelled as good looking for no rhyme or reason...You are so kind to show a way out of the chaos that comes from clinging onto lies ..not facing PhacTs, wanting Praise for oneself when one doesnt deserve it. ..the unnatural ways of being that lead to hell, pain and torture...and so much time waste in trivialities and misinformation about love, sex ,good looks ,relationships ,god , and everything! You are true saviour. ..the One who gnos the way out
You are so eye oPening ..this is so beautiPhully exPlained ...Your Plogs are so Precious. ..You make so much sense!

only the PerfecT being can be loved PerfecTly. . wow that's so beautiPhul. .thats right. can one imperfect being love other imperfect being PerfecTly. . only a PerfecT being can be loved PerfecTly. is just madness and craziness ..You are the saviour. i 🙇

Mandeep said...

No doubt relation with divine is best.

But we are human beings, we develop these qualities, and mother child or husband wife relation can be a starting point? can't it be? Out of 100, at least 1 relationship is inspiring.

Is it not possible, as we raise our consciousness, our intention improves and hence quality of life and relationships

Gita said...

so glad that a PerfecT Higher Being is here among us, so grateful to You P for giving us a chance to Love someone so PerfecT like You 🤍💗🤍💗🤍💗

Nithya said...

You are all the Love P !!!
one humbly bows to the ParmaTman !!!

PatrykJurkiewicz said...

PT wyjaśniasz wszystko tak PerfecT dzieki czemu wszystko co zakryte musi pokazać swe prawdziwe oblicze. Wskazujesz na Phakty i odrazu widać jak działa najwyższa Boskość. Pewnie, lekko, przyjemnie, otwarcie, swobodnie, bez strachu i wysiłku, dla którego jestem tak pełen zachwytu a jednocześnie pełen pokory. To co piszesz jest absolutna prawda i pokazuje stan dzisiejszego świata i ludzi w nim żyją wspaniałe móc czytać przejawy twej mądrości w postaci Plogów. Jesteś najwyższa PerfecT istotą. Dzięki Tobie zdrowieje. Dzięki tobie zaczynam widzieć więcej. Twoja wiedza jest ogromna i tak ProsTo ja przekazujesz. Bezgranicznie cieszę się z możliwości bycia tu kiedy jest tu PT. Biję od Ciebie taki spokój, piękno, który świeci na cały świat. Jesteś Nowym Słońcem. Służba dla PerfecT Boskości jest najlepszym co można robić. Dzięki Tobie zaczynam wiedzieć co mam robić. Wszystko co zagmatwane staje się ProsTe. Jesteś Boski!
Czułem się jakbym próbował rozwiązać supeł którego nie ma a Twoja magia jest "Prash wjechał na Białym Koniu" I powiedział spójrz "nie ma supła" I już po wszystkim. Jedno po drugim. Tu przydałyby się jakieś nowe słowa bo raczej takich by opisać odpowiednio te moc, w ludzkiej mówię, nie ma.

Jesteś mężczyzną, ktory przejawia najwyższą mężność jaką widziałem. Pełen prawdziwej mocy. Nie ulega wątpliwości, że każda kobieta chciałaby z Tobą zatańczyć. To oczywiste. Raduje mnie Phakt, że mogę dostrzec to i objąć swą świadomością.

PT Kłaniam się i stawiam w służbie dla PerfecT Boskości.