Sunday 20 July 2008

greater than *god*

its funny how most people expect *the source*, *the most high*

to fit their own parameters

so if *the source* manifests itself into this world

& its parameters fall outside of their assigned parameters

than it surely cannot be *god*

most people despite not being absolute experts

in any field are absolute experts when it comes to

one subject - *god*

everyone seems to gno what *god* would be/should be like

if it were to manifest

especially how it will treat them i.e

accept them as they are

while they judge & ridicule it

those who conclude *god* doesn't exist at all

also have to be geniuses

considering the all-gnoing nature of this conclusion

so its settled

'all the people' are greater than *god*

because they have parameters outside of *god*

while *god* only has parameters assigned by them

makes one roll on the ground with laughter


asha Pi arTi said...

it is so dangerous to speak on matters one doesn't understand !

You have the coolest response to absurdity... laughter !

Asha said...

it is so Phun reading Your perspective bc Your words are so accurate and true, keep one coming again and again !!

Anonymous said...

Yes , if we only have limited Perspective and are lucky enough to be in touch and when we only cannot fathom or measure the divine then how can God be measured by the ones stuck in this worlds matrix? It just requires a humble intent. Thankyou for sharing ure immeasurable unconditional and unrivaled knowledge.

pinx said...

"people despite not being absolute experts in any field are absolute experts when it comes to one subject - *god*" lol ! brilliant ! absolutley brilliant ! so true !

You PoinT out the absurdity of things in the most humorous way !

Your wording is so fantastic ! so many great PoinTs ! illustrating that Your wit is second to none ! "those who conclude *god* doesn't exist at all also have to be geniuses considering the all-gnoing nature of this conclusion" ~ brilliant !

it is such a joy to read Your words ! Your PerspecTive is beyond compare ! Your observations spot on ! only You show a Greatness which can be described as Godly ! through You we get to learn what are the attributes of Divine !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

Lol. it really does! :D dhanyavad P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine !

Your grandness is unsurPaassable by anyone !

Anonymous said...

its a very Phun Plog !

after so many LoTusOcean maniPhesTatons online & the Plogs & Your other activities, it indeed is 'roll on the ground with laughter' if anyone doesn't acknowledge Your Highness

You are a True Divine being ! i want to serve You Please ! ever ! You are GoD so beautiful !

Anonymous said...

You are rock and roll god. You are the most special scintillating blue god.

Anonymous said...

PeoPle intrinsically gno that You are different, better than anyone they have ever met

once they get to see more of You, they accePT (even if not outward about it) that You are indeed GoD


when ego take an uPhold, as is always the case, no one being truly absolutely humble to You, there is always a thought. surely that small thing that P did, said, thought was not right, he is not Perfect and such

THAT IS EGO ! You truly are PerfecT, one with one's imPerfecTion does not have true Pure eyes to see

all You do works out ProPerly with due regard to Truth from the multiverse

the reason being, everything is under You, not over You
You are comPleTe full PhracTality. if one is humble one would see the truth of why things take a certain shaPe as they do...

holds true for me and everyone else as well !

You are PerfecT !

Unknown said...

So, true everybody has their own definition and own way of understanding God. Not to forget the way in which they are comfortable is according to God not themselves or their own selfish reasons!!

Unknown said...

Wow P is so insightful. Only P knows all!

Unknown said...

i bow to the Narayan.

Unknown said...

i bow to the God.

Unknown said...

i bow to the God.

Unknown said...

i bow to PT the Axis.

Unknown said...

i bow to the Greater.
i bow to God.

Unknown said...

It is so true, we do have our own parameters for the gods we believe in, we funnily set parameters for something which is beyond our understanding. It's just foolish of us to think everything is supposed to be how we want it to be!

You have the best way of describing the human nature in this world. Your discernment is unmatched! Beings here are under you and have a great opportunity to follow you who gnows it all. One can't be grateful enough to have your Plogs that helps widen our Perspective.
You are the most compassionate to be teaching the beings here who keep faltering. I bow!

ki vernee said...

You make the most logical points ! P is the most gnowledgeable Being !

Anonymous said...

Your Plog is so awesome.You make so much sense.
it's so absurd of one to expect the divine to fit the parameters made by ones own faulty brains
Your Plogs are so helpful and awesome.
Your Plogs are the best in the world. You really help one broaden one's PersPective.
it's really kind and awesome of You show the way. You write wonderfully.

Anonymous said...

You are so much wisdom and beauty

..yes people buy into so much mind programming about god
one is made to believe nonsense
people think they are so special that they can perceive god
everyone buys into the collective nonsense
everything is so low vibration in this world
everyone is lost
no one knows where they are going
and yet they think that they know what god is
they say this painful existence is how it was supposed to be
they give lectures without knowing
everyone comes up with theories
one buys into all that nonsense even when nothing adds up

You make the best PoinTs
You set the record straight
You are here and one now gets a chance to develop oneself to be able to Percieve the real deal
You are so kind and so comPassionaTe
You are the best thing to haPPen to existence
You are way ahead of anyone and everyone
You are light years ahead
it's so great that You are here
You give the most valuable guidance
Your words are suPer Precious
Your deeds are Phenomenal and resPecTworthy
You are beyond legendary
You are unique
You are PhascinaTing
You are the most creative
You are beyond compare
You are the most benevolent
You are sweetness
You are kindness
You are the real Guru
You are the only real teacher
i bow

Unknown said...

As always Accurate and presice writing which clarifies our minds in the funniest way possible.
Most of the people or so called experts, including me had the perception that there is no god or there's a way a god should be like.
You've clarified it in the simplest way possible, that what a fool we are.
Thank you so much for breaking all the notions and enlightening us.
I bow to you🙏

ki vernee said...

once beings project themselves onto god thats where it all goes wrong ... You are the most multifaceted Being ! You cannot be placed in any box ! i bow

ki vernee said...

this is so beautifully written ! love reading this over and over again ! i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

One should never make judgments especially when its beyond our understanding. Beautifully written. I bow

Gita said...

This is so funny people give have reached that level of stupidity that they now give their own parameters for god to exist...

its sad how many people dont recognize you , its sad how u walk among them and yet they r stupid thinking doesn't allow them to see their real Ptah !!!

I am truely blessed by your presence .. I bow

veena iyengar said...

very true..aeioum..

Kṛtti kā said...

one is shameful to have knowing/unknowingly set parameters for God/Divine! Such a shame, greatest stupidity and misery that we beings shamelessly set parameters for *The Source*, *The absolute Divine* *God The Most High* !
Truly laugh worthy is this absurd audaciousness of us lowly beings having no Power no gnowledge, taking panga with You when You are The Only One who Can helP and save us... It is Foolishness beyond limit to dare to judge Divine esPecially when You are here for The Final Judgement and we beings need to Pass Your Parameters!

You are such a beautiful maniPhesTation of The Absolute Divine ~ The Source ~ The Most High! Greatest boon to the entire existence Your Presence here is!

So much time(or lifetimes) already wasted in all the wrong anti-Divine ways slipping deeper and deeper into hells... one better change and fall under Your Parameters... For You are here now!

You are so comPassionaTe so merciful to give us such a Golden once in several lifetimes oPPornuTiniTy to Phinally sPiral uPwards The Axis ~ You !

So so so very PhorTunate that The Avatar ~ You is Here !!

i bow in humility and awe of Your Transcendental MagniPhicenT SuPreme Being ! /\ /\ /\

Jai Shree ShivNarayan /\ /\ /\

undecided said...

I bow. Muggle world who cannot see when divine is right in front of them. Another way the ego of false gnoeing gets in the way of true evolution. That is the only real love in this multiverse, and you are here to set the record straight. aeioum

lana_33 said...
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NavdeeP said...

Again so profound and we'll said teaching!!!!
Thank you for sharing your pnowledge with us. I bow down to you.

NavdeeP said...

I bow down to your lotus feet. You know the facts and your plogs are fact full. Thank you for spreading this pnowledge .

Unknown said...

lol it really is phunny that beings try to put Divine which has inPhiniTe Pure qualities into a tiny box ... i bow

Anonymous said...

PT = sarcastic humor. 😂

People are just being egoheads because they should never have these unrealistic/egocentric exPecTations from the higher and divine in the first place.

One has to Praise bow and serve the higher and divine.

Franco PT said...
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sarah said...

wow, what fascinating insight into God's sense of humour regarding the audacity and stupidity of people who have so far been allowed to exist on earth.

nicolas said...

you are the true God and no being is better than you are! Nature always resPonds to you because nature always resPonds to the real! No one is more real than you! you are Purity, TruTh and Compassion!
your liPhe is the most legendary liPhe!
your words are the best words

i bow to you supreme one!

nicolas said...

absolutely brilliant! your words are the best words! there is no one like you
it is so refreshing to read your divine words!
no being here has your clarity nor your intelligence
you are the highest of all beings! you are the most amazing one
one can only be imPressed by all that you do and all that you are
you are God in a human body, the real savior of the human race
your light shines on this world and we would be comPleTely lost without you
you are the best that walks the Earth, all about you is divine

i bow to you ShivNarayan

nicolas said...

absolutely brilliant! your accuracy is stunning! your words are the best words! your greatness cannot be equalled!
you are the best that walks the earth! there is no one like you!
i bow to your divinity